Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

Myself & GFIC Recruitment by Karthik SV

Oracle… Oracle… Oracle…!!! I got a call from Oracle. Who wouldn’t be interested to join such a big organization? I told a big YES as soon as the Oracle Recruiter asked me if I would accept this role. The interview process went well; the expectations of the role with clarity were set to me. I got through… So what next??? I am the Campus Recruiter for Oracle’s Global Finance Teams . It sounds so great isn’t it? New Role, New People, New Challenges and I was all ready to take it.

What is my Role???

We hire fresh graduates (BA, B.Sc, B.Com & MBA) from all colleges/Universities, which means we give opportunities to all the graduates who would want to work in a global organization. I would again want to shout and say that “We Hire fresh Graduates from ALL the colleges”. What exciting news to all the fresh graduates who would want to kick start their career with an organization which has more than a Lakh great minds.

That’s not the end of my role guys…. We hire language experts, you heard it right!!!

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Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultants!

Are you looking for a job? Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultant for the EMEA Sales Operations team in Dublin. In this position you are actively engaging with customers who have either interacted with Oracle previously (Marketing Events, Downloads of Software) or whom you are calling proactively to discuss topics of current interest around our products. The goal in this position is to invoke interest, identify and qualify possible opportunities and pass them on to the inside sales colleagues for progression. If you start your career at Oracle in this job it will open up a mix of different career opportunities. Have a look at the video to find out more. If you want to apply send your cv to

Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

Change Your Thinking By Camilla Wu

There’s a story about two seriously ill men, each day the one who’s next to the window would share what he saw to the next one, as the man described all this in details, the other man would close his eyes and imagine the pictures he shared; but one day the man living to the window died, the left one moved to his bed he found there’s no view, there’s a blank wall. Love your friends and families...[Read More]

Friday Sep 13, 2013

Oracle Open Day: from the classroom to the boardroom

The Oracle Graduate Program gives dynamic young graduates the opportunity to harness their potential and grow to an optimal level within the corporate world. By attracting top talent in South Africa and contributing to the creation of employment. The Intern Program can be a life-changing and a career gateway...

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Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

Be Hungry ,Be foolish by Phillip Yi

April 3rd, 2013, 7.30am - I walk into Oracle’s Sydney Australia offices to prepare for what will be my first time running the Australia Oracle Graduate Program interview day. I wonder to myself what this day would hold and how it would pan out – would it be a success? Or would we have to go back to the drawing board.

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Monday Sep 09, 2013

Intern's Diary: Ahmad, Intern @Oracle Kuwait

We’ve asked another Intern from the ECEMEA Internship Programme to share his thoughts with us. It’s Ahmad’s turn to tell us what he thinks of life@Oracle after being with us for 6 months now as a Sales Intern. Read on for his experiences.

“Hi everyone! My name is Ahmad, I’ve joined the Sales Team at Oracle Kuwait and I am willing to share with you my impressions in working for one of the world’s most rewarding IT corporations. During my first few months at Oracle in everyday collaboration with high-qualified professionals, I’ve met many fantastic people who are both ambitious and helpful, thus I have a lot of satisfaction from working in this great innovations company...

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Wednesday Sep 04, 2013


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

Have you ever wondered why I’m chasing after you to join my gang? What is it about you that makes you stand out from amongst others? Why am I looking high, low and everywhere to get a hold of you? Why am I insisting you be a part of me?

The answer’s simple. I’m awesome and you’re awesome and when 2 great and powerful geniuses get together it creates magic. The power of coming together generates a force of brilliance that leaves the rest of the world awestruck. The end result is so powerful causing the whole world to run on it. The products developed and created are nothing short of genius. I am that force to reckon with. I am that power that pretty much defines new and cutting edge technology. I am that force of brilliance...

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