Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

Thoughts from IIT Kharagpur Campus Hires

One of the many qualities of Oracle that strikes me as brilliant is its recruitment process and the confidence it has in its training process. True to its name, the hiring process of the company has an incorporated feature to be able to foresee and recognize talent irrespective of the academic background.

The technical training was self sufficient to take care of the convergent work and was designed to be inclusive in nature. Moreover, the trainers are really helpful and try to resolve all doubts to the maximum extent possible...

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Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

Intern's Diary: Arnold, Intern @South Africa

We have asked our Interns that are part of the Sales and Presales Programme currently running across Eastern Central Europe, Middle East and Africa to share with us their thoughts around the major lessons and challenges at Oracle. We'll be posting a series of articles that will give you an insight into their experience with working for one of the biggest companies in the world.

Arnold is one of the Sales Interns in South Africa and has been with Oracle for almost 6 months now. Here's what he confessed for our "Intern's Diary" series. 

"I have learned that being in a corporate environment requires a person to be on time for work every dayand you don’t wait to be told what to do, and always make means to add value to your team...

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Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Spanish Interns @Oracle Kick off 2014

Spain's ‘Kick Off’, which took place on July 4th, was a blast!Watch this great video featuring our Spanish Interns and learn about their achievements in 2013 and their plans for the new fiscal year! There are around 40 interns taking part, all with different anecdotes and stories of the first day we joined the company.  We decided to represent the mind-set of what most of us newcomers felt when we joined Oracle in the beginning.


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Wednesday Aug 21, 2013

Oracle Open Day – China Event

Oracle Open Day is an event that is being held by the Oracle China Campus Recruiting Team and is held in the Oracle offices. There are normally between 20-40 students who attend each time, usually from one University. The event takes approximately 2 hours and during the session the Campus Recruiter would invite 1-2 hiring managers to introduce the business they’re working in and talk about what kind of graduates they would hire.

The recruiting team would also introduce students to Oracle and talk about the Oracle Campus Recruiting Program and timelines...

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Tuesday Aug 20, 2013

Spotlight on a career path: Alina UK Deal Management Team

Since September 2012, I am the manager of the UK Deal Management team in the the Bucharest Shared Service Centre. I have a team of 13 members, amazing people with whom I work daily and spend more time than I spend with my family. Like we all do at work. At least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

My team and I work with three main countries: UK, Ireland and Israel. We are part of a wider region that is made up of all the southern countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. In the end we are all part of the EMEA Deal Management team (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

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Wednesday Aug 14, 2013

Fellow Freshers Hear me out !!! By Sugandha Banga

What is it that one ideally expects from their first job? 
Opportunities for growth and learning?
Decent pay?
Cool brand name?
Employee-friendly work culture?
Suppose you get all of that on a single platter. WHAT NEXT?


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Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

The year that Was by Phillip Yi

Once again, I find myself sitting on Level 7 Tower B in Oracle's Sydney Office. Today however, marks exactly one year since joining Oracle. Looking back at my first day – the first time I stepped into the Oracle North Ryde Office, to 12 months later as I gaze to the brightly lit red Oracle sign on top of Tower B. What a journey it has been!

I have gone from Agency Recruitment to Internal Recruitment.I have gone from a direct autocratic management style with layers and layers of hierarchy, to a more consultative and mentoristic approach.I have gone from hiring level ½ Help desk, systems administrators, software engineers, business analysts, testers, application analysts to sourcing and building pipeline for  graduates, interns, associate consultants, associate application developers, business development consultants and internet sales reps.

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Friday Aug 02, 2013

How to prepare for an interview presentation!

During an interview process you might be asked to prepare a presentation as one of the steps in the recruitment process. Below, we want to give you some tips to help you prepare for what might be considered a daunting aspect of a recruitment process.

Main purpose of the presentation

Always keep in mind the main purpose of what the presentation is meant to convey. Generally speaking, an interview presentation is for the company to check if you have the ability to represent and sell the organization (and yourself), to the internal and external stakeholders in the position you are applying for. A presentation is often also part of the recruitment process to check whether you can structure and explain your experience and thoughts in a convincing manner. If you are unsure about the purpose of the presentation, feel free to ask ... 

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