Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

Oracle – The journey begins by Shambo Chatterjee:Campus Hires’13 from BIT-Mesra

Hello I am Shambo Chatterjee better known as SAM. As a campus hire I joined Oracle on 1st July 2013 in Oracle IDC Hyderabad. I feel myself really lucky and good to be in a company which is the world’s largest enterprise software company, (Oracle).

On the first day we were directed to the conference hall where we had our induction program and got introduced to each other, apart from that we were gifted with goodies that made the day special. Next day we were about to begin the journey into the world of corporate where we would be sitting on the cubicles leaving our college classroom benches, a totally new world with the aroma of expectation, excitement and freshness.

On the day of the GO program we were taught some oracle values and many other things. There was a lot of fun waiting for us with the ‘Kick-off’ of the GO plus program...

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Monday Jul 29, 2013


We are pleased to announce first ever Oracle India student video contest.

Since regular users are the best people to explain the technology we would like to invite you to show us the first person perspective on creative use of Oracle technology.

The theme for the contest is illustrating:

1. How ORACLE TECHNOLOGY can change the world or

2. How ORACLE TECHNOLOGY is involved in your daily life

So here’s an excellent opportunity for you to lit up your imagination, give life to your ideas & concepts through video and showcase it to all. And there are prizes to be won too!!!...

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Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

Knowing your market = Understanding your community

State of Origin is the pinnacle of rugby league in Australia. The best Rugby League players from NSW take on the best Rugby League players from QLD, in a tradition that spans over 30 years. Professional players in the NRL (National Rugby League) gut it out every week, hoping that they get that one chance to be selected to represent their state. The NSW and QLD coaches endure months of deliberation, trying to pick the side that they believe will win. Coaches are continuously training and conditioning their players to be the best, always providing words of wisdom to inspire them to bring out their best.

How does this relate to recruiting and more specifically to campus recruiting. Each coach has the duty to pick, select and recruit 19 players whom they believe are the right profile for their side – who’s been consistent, in form, gives 110%, team work and leadership qualities...

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Friday Jul 19, 2013

Meet our Interns: Michal, Oracle Poland

Hi everyone! My name is Michał and I’ve recently joined the Presales Security Team at Oracle Poland where I take part in the ECEMEA Internship Program. I want to share with you my first impressions with regard working at Oracle, as well as the skills which, in my opinion, are essential for those who want to work in this company.

I’m still an undergraduate student of Warsaw School of Economics where I study Finance and Accounting. As I am on the second year of my bachelor studies, it was a great achievement for me to become part of my Presales Security team. Security is becoming ever more important nowadays as new regulations (both international and internal) are to be introduced soon...

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Oracle EMEA Football Tournament

On the weekend of the 5th-7th July 2013, the 15th annual Oracle EMEA Football Tournament was held in Munich, Germany. With 15 Oracle teams from different countries, the teams battled to become this year’s Oracle champions!

The weekend started off on Friday evening with the draw for weekend matches in one of Munich’s typical “beer gardens”.  After the dust settled from the draw, the group stages promised some nice clashes between ...

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Wednesday Jul 17, 2013

There is more to a Graduate Role at Oracle Than Just Work by Lu Guo

Hello all. I’m Lu. As a fresh graduate I joined in Oracle in April 2013 in our Oracle China offices. To be honest, I was not sure whether I made the right choice for me to work for Oracle at the beginning. But after three months, I realize that this is really a huge lucky choice and definitely the right choice. :P Let me explain.

At first and as a fresh graduate, I want to introduce the best thing so far for recent Oracle Graduates – The Oracle College Hire Program (All the graduates are divide into classes to attend this program). In official words, this program helps us understand Oracle’s culture and value; it helps get new college hires quickly acclimated and productive on new and innovative work; it provides meaningful events that engage new college hires and contributes to their retention; it gets college hires so motivated about Oracle that they act as ambassadors of Oracle to their alma mater.

Actually, these sentences are too official that I cannot quite understand what they mean. But in the past two months, what this program means to us is Play, Play and Play :D. Also the program gives us a lot help on our work, but this is ‘Top Secret’, so I cannot talk more. Only one, it makes us happy working here. OK, let’s focus on the Play’ part.

In the first activity, Class Kick Off, we went to the Great Wall in ChengDe and we got a courtyard house as our base at the foot of the hill. In the daytime of first day, we climbed the Great Wall...

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Tuesday Jul 16, 2013

Spotlight on an office – Munich (Germany)

I’ve recently started working at the Oracle Munich office and I’d like to introduce myself for our series “spotlight on an office”.

I’m Lisa and I’m part of the EMEA Graduate Recruitment Team. Within this team, I’m responsible for all campus related topics across Germany, such as career fairs, campus events, open days and social media activities. With these measures, I’m helping to build up a strong Oracle employer brand. 

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Friday Jul 12, 2013

Meet our Interns: Darlington, Technology Sales Intern

For this week, we have interviewed one of our interns in Nigeria about his first number of weeks at Oracle and how students can maximize their chances of being hired into a position in our company.

Hi everybody! My name is Darlington, I’m an intern here in Oracle Nigeria and my current role is as a Sales Intern in the Technology General Business sector. I went to St. Murumba College School and I completed my CCNA in 2005. I was then admitted into the University of Jos where I studied Computer Science and graduated in 2010.

My first week in Oracle was really awesome; it wasn’t what I really expected because the staff here were so friendly and open to always offer assistance to someone who needed help...

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Wednesday Jul 10, 2013

DECODE ORACLE by Megha Kapil

The countdown has begun; shortly we will again begin the hiring season to meet the young talented pool of 2014 graduates. I believe this is the right time for me to assist bright aspiring graduates like you to be a step closer while preparing for your dream job with Oracle.

Whenever I visit campuses across India the obvious scenario is everyone knows about Oracle as a big brand. However, what students know about Oracle is “It’s a Database Company”.

Is that it?

Yes, Oracle is a database company and we are number 1, but we are also NUMBER 1 in 50 another product categories. Oracle is the only company who provides full End-to-End IT solutions to its customers.

Oracle’s goal is to unleash innovation and simplify I.T. Oracle is simplifying I.T. by engineering hardware and software to work together, upending the longstanding industry practice of cobbling together different components, the traditional IT acquisition model.

Oracle’s technology stack consists of Application, Middleware, Database, Operating System, Virtual Machine, Server and Storage. Each of these layers—and all the products within the layers—have been designed and engineered to work together according to open standards. We create best of breed components at every layer of the hardware and software stack.

Oracle has spent $24 billion in R&D since 2004, spent $9 billion in 2011 and 2012 alone.

Oracle doesn’t work with the latest technology because we CREATE latest technology for the globe across different software and Hardware vertical. This is proven by the fact that 100 of fortune 100 companies are customers of Oracle – they run their businesses on Oracle Technology!

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Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

Koffee Konnect with Tom Fisher

The Cloud Services Koffee Konnect event was a super hit. The selected students had the opportunity to meet and interact with Tom Fisher, the CIO for Cloud Services at Oracle and get to know more about the organization prior to their joining.

Press play to hear what they had to say about the event!!!

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Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

Meet our Interns: Adam and Hanadi

This week, we’d like to introduce you to two of our ECEMEA Interns, Adam and Hanadi. They’re based in different countries and are part of different teams; however they both have the same enthusiasm in being an Intern at Oracle.

“Hi! I’m Adam (Bachelor of Accounting Science & CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting), a member of the Oracle Applications Pre-sales team in Johannesburg, South Africa. Joining Oracle has been a truly inspiring experience thus far. My first week at Oracle has been one of insight and learning. I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with industry leading software solution professionals....

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