Friday Apr 26, 2013

Meet our Interns: Sabra, Sales Intern in Oman

1. Please introduce yourself and your current role at Oracle!

Hi! I’m Sabra from the Sultanate of Oman. I have a Bachelor Degree in Internet and E-Security from the Higher College of Technology which is considered one of the most beautiful colleges in the world. I graduated from this course on December 25th 2012 and a couple of months later I started my internship at Oracle! I’m a Sales Intern and I’m part of the Technology Sales team. It’s been a great feeling to finish my Degree and be onboard already finding myself learning about Oracle technologies!

2. How were the first weeks @Oracle?

I enjoyed every minute of my first few days as my new colleagues made me feel very welcomed. It is highly important to have your peers’ support as you’re in the early phase of your career and don’t have much experience with the business environment.

From the very first day at Oracle I came to the conclusion that the corporate life is very different from what we think of it when we are students...

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

Why working in Pre-Sales matches having a Computer Science background

Hello! My name is Roy and I have been working as a Technology Presales Consultant for almost a year now in the Oracle EMEA Presales Centre (EPC) in Málaga. In this article I will briefly outline my background and how I found my way to Oracle. I will also attempt to explain exactly what the EPC is and what makes working for the EPC so exciting.

Working in the EPC gives me the opportunity to work in a truly international environment. Whilst I am assigned to the German market, so far I have spent time working for the Spanish, UK, German, Swiss, Belgian and Dutch field teams. I liaise with my Romanian and Indian colleagues on a daily basis and I work with the engineering and product management teams in the US, providing feedback on the latest product releases. I (try to) speak Spanish on the way into work and use English in the office with my colleagues who are French, German, Polish, Russian, English, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, Swedish and Spanish, I then speak either Dutch, German or English with the field teams...

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A Fresher’s Insight on Fresher’s Training & Induction at OFSS

Hello World! I'm Jatin, a B.E graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University and now a proud employee at 
Oracle's Financial Software Division (OFSS) since 14th Jan 2013. It’s been just few months & it has been a great learning experience being a part of this fantastic organization!

 I have penned down my Induction & Training program experience for you…

Initial Days:

We were given a warm welcome. It was exciting to meet new joiners from different parts of the country and from different institutes like BITS, IIT's, NIT's, etc. It was a great crowd and many have since been good work colleagues!

OFSS has a well structured intensive Training program; which is much beyond what we have studied in our curriculum. It involves Technical as well as Behavioral Training along with regular interaction with senior management...

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Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

Meet Oracle Interns: Robert, Sales Intern in Poland

Hi, my name is Robert! I recently joined the Sales Consulting team at Oracle Poland to be their new consultant on Big Data and Oracle Big Data Appliance. I’m still an undergraduate student at Warsaw School of Economics where I study Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems but my young age wasn’t a problem for Oracle to give me a chance to work on one of its most promising innovations.

It’s especially fascinating for me as the subject of Big Data is amazingly thrilling. Processing Big Data (vast amounts of unstructured data such as blog entries, sensor information, tweets or pictures from the Internet) opens many new ways for enterprises to derive great value and make better decisions. As a technology enthusiast and a business school student it has always been my dream to be apart of such innovations, and that’s why I applied for the internship program here at Oracle. I’m sure it was a perfect decision.

During my first few days at Oracle...

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Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Spotlight on a technical centre: Product Development IT

Hi! My name is Ionuț and I am the Manager of the Product Development IT team based in Romania. As is introduction time, I will also tell you something about me: I have always liked good stories, with passionate people chasing their goals and fulfilling their passions.

 So I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a story

It is about a handful of people who started a new team, with it’s own culture and a new friendship. Each came with the best skills they had and strived to learn the ones they needed. Some came with database skills and learned programming in scripting languages (Perl, KSH), others came with Java Enterprise skills and made those flourish by developing new JavaEE applications, but also stepped up to help others do scripting and operating system administration and learnt new languages.

Others joined with all sorts of qualities, like scripting, database administration, sql programming, user-interface programming skills like PHP and JQuery and others came with Linux knowledge. Some knew more, others less. But they all found that they could learn from each other and from the experience they had... 

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Tuesday Apr 09, 2013

Oracle Graduates See First Hand MySQL Technology


MySQL- the world’s most popular Open Source database had just recently concluded a community event recently in India; an event open to anyone and everyone who uses or works on the MySQL platform. This was a great opportunity for us to meet with our new campus hires and give them a feel of their soon to be workplace. 

They have shared some of their thoughts post the event. Hope you enjoy reading.

I was instantly excited when I received an invite to a MySQL Community Event happening in Bangalore. I took it as a great opportunity to learn about the MySQL platform and also connect with the MySQL team and its new recruits. The event kicked off with the introduction of various teams within MySQL and their respective role in the development of the MySQL platform. I was thrilled to see a sense of passion everyone had in contributing towards the world’s most popular Open Source Database.

There was a very good mix of people at the meet which included MySQL developers, freelancers, users and even competitors. The director of MySQL India, Mr. Sanjay Manwani presented a general overview about MySQL, its new feature and technological innovations. He focused upon the recent MySQL 5.6 release as many in the audience were excited about it. I learnt a lot of new things about MySQL throughout the presentation. The Q/A session although highly technical, was very thought provoking and enjoyable.
This was followed by a networking session over high tea which I found to be most satisfying. It was nice to personally interact with the MySQL team as everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. I also had a chance to meet a few alumni from my Alma mater BITS Pilani who were with MySQL. 
A developer community event like this gives developers and users a chance to interact with each other, share ideas and be up to date with what’s new. Being the first I’ve attended, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to its next event.

The MYSQL user camp was much above my expectations.
I was very excited to know that behind the success of every MySQL product there is a combined effort of several hardworking engineers from teams like MySQL server, MySQL runtime and so on. I was intrigued with the new features of MySQL 5.6 like file sort optimization, innodb improvements, multi-threaded slaves and replication checksum and this caught my attention. The presentation given by Mr. Sanjay Manwani about MySQL 5.6 was like a cherry on the cake.
Finally the tea-time interaction with the team members and managers was the best part of the whole evening. The MySQL team members made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I am attending a “family get together” rather than an event. I am very grateful to the MySQL and Oracle community for giving an opportunity to participate in that great event and I am feeling very proud that I will be part of Oracle family soon.

Twas' a great feeling being amongst the MySQL developers at the Oracle office. This was my very first experience attending a MySQL meet in Bangalore and I was over excited.
The talk by Sanjay Sir was really good and helped us know every small detail of MySQL 5.6- the team and technology that I will soon be part of. 
The tea after the presentation was interactive and helpful. I had the opportunity to meet managers of the various MySQL teams and know exactly about the technologies they were working on. 
With only 60 members in the team we got to speak and interact with almost everyone including Sanjay Sir and also our future colleagues (other new hires).
Overall it was a great experience of interaction, learning and a lot of fun!
Looking forward to more such events from the MySQL community

The event was very good. Had a great chance to meet with the MySQL team, even before joining. Everybody was so nice; they made me feel welcomed there! I'm glad that I accepted the offer. Can't wait to join.

Monday Apr 08, 2013

Spotlight on a career path: Paul, Service Delivery Engineer

Hi Everybody! I am Paul and I am Service Delivery Engineer in the Advanced Customer Services team. My position requires technical skills as well as a high level of communication and interpersonal skills.

1.  Please describe the Oracle organisation you are part of.

Advanced Customer Services assist Customers with proactive guidance and reactive services through annualized packages to optimize and streamline operations for Mission Critical Applications running on Oracle Software and Engineered Systems. ACS delivers Customer Satisfaction for the full product lifecycle from Architecture Design to Implementation to Production with a focus on performance, scalability with high level of service through operations optimization.

 I work as expert on BI Solution (OBIEE / BI Applications), my role is to help in designing Architecture, delivering  proactive performance and implementation reviews and knowledge transfer on best practices for OBIEE / BI Applicatoins implementation, deployment, robustness and performance and TCO optimization...

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Thursday Apr 04, 2013

Women’s Day celebration by OFSS Hires @ Sinhgad Institute Pune

International Woman's Day was celebrated globally this year on March 8th.

Keeping this in mind, we the recruits of OFSS 2013 batch from Sinhgad College in India decided to make this special day even more treasured for the women who play a crucial role in our every success venture- our Teachers along with our junior classmates.

The preparations for celebrating Women's Day in association with OFSS started off well in advance. STES Pune & SIT Lonavala campuses were selected to conduct the event. At SIT Lonavala the event was organized in seminar hall which was attended by 150 + participants. The principal Mr. Gaikwad & chief guest Mr P. Kalkar - Director of Lonavala Campus were present for the event.

One Handmade greeting card with lovely Woman's day message, flyers mentioning Women Safety Tips were presented to the female college staff with all due respect and gratitude. The flyers with the safety tips on one side & brief information on OFSS on the other side along with roses were distributed among the young female students of the college. The faculty members & other students definitely did not expect any of this and were overwhelmed on receiving such respect & admiration.

We feel extremely grateful for being a part of Woman's day celebrations and saluting the womanhood in our own possible way. You can view some of the photos from the day on our Facebook Page

Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

How to Ace an Interview with Oracle Development

By Erik Peterson.

Here at our Development Center in Guadalajara, Mexico, we want you to succeed in your interview with us. As a lot of our interviewers see the interview process as an art, your approach to the interview as such can help you a lot.

The following are some tips for your interview with Oracle, and can often make the difference between success and failure:


Make sure to be on time for the interview. We try to run a very tight schedule, and if you are late this may then delay all others. Our interviews can last up to 3 hours, so please be ready to spend at least that time with us. Plan appropriately with your school, current work, etc. Also, if you can not attend please notify us via email or phone as soon as possible.


If you have strong preferences in layers of development or certain projects, please let us know. We have lots of openings across the stack. Be open to hearing about the area that an interviewer might have for you and trying to find areas of common interest in that project.

Data Structure and Algorithms

We are not solving easy problems at Oracle, but inventing new ways of manipulating data that require very strong knowledge of core ...

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