Monday Mar 25, 2013

ECEMEA Sales and Presales Internship Programme

Our new generation of Sales and Presales Interns have started in key locations across Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa (ECEMEA). The intention behind the ECEMEA Intern Programme is to build capacity with a view on talent building by continually investing skills development in high potential countries within ECEMEA.

The Internship period runs for 12 months and the Interns have a unique opportunity to develop not only their technical skills, but also their soft skills, organisational awareness and on-the-job experience. We aim to develop young talent to be Oracle’s future leaders...

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Thursday Mar 21, 2013

Intern Life @ Oracle: Linda - PreSales Intern

Hi Potential Oracle Interns,

I am Linda Mathumba, an Oracle 2012 Intern from South Africa. Joining the big red team (Oracle) has been a phenomenal experience for me from day one!

As a graduate from the University of Johannesburg, I have an Honors degree in Taxation and Accounting. As an intern, I joined the Presales Application Team with a focus on Supply Chain Management (SCM), as a Presales SCM Consultant. Although throughout varsity my focus was Accounting and Taxation, Oracle afforded me the opportunity to explore the exciting field of SCM. With a substantial amount of training, Oracle has invested toward the development of my SCM capabilities. This has put me ahead of other interns on the market by now having two specialties- Accounting and SCM.

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Wednesday Mar 13, 2013

First Innings: A Graduate's Reflection by Sanjay Kumar

Hello Everyone!

I am Sanjay, completed B. Tech from NITK Surathkal, and joined Oracle in June 2012 in the Oracle Fusion Development Team.

It was time to say good bye to the splendid years of college life and get ahead with a new journey. Yes, those were the feelings I had year ago. Leaving home with the pride of placements in hand and yet thoughts of what the nature of job would be and how I would fit

 On my first day at Oracle, there were new faces all around except for a couple of faces which definitely were from my college, but at the end of the day we all were as if we knew each other for a long time! Just a couple of sessions and I made a comfortable transition to corporate life. I always heard that there could be virtual managers as well and didn't expect I myself would get one. But in the past 10 months I realized that I have been guided closely with discussions almost at every doubt by virtual managers and virtual peers.

Does CS/IT Background Matter?

Some may feel that being from a CS/IT background gives an upper hand over technology, but every effort is made by the technical training provided which alleviates all such differences and there no longer remains any doubt.

Nature of Work?

After training, comes the time when I got to express myself at work. Some may prefer development to bug fixes, but as someone has remarkably said, bug fixes are one day series which give much more challenges and excitement as compared to development which turns out to be test matches. And yes, definitely solving bugs initially are the best way to get familiar with the domain. Even now I realize that what I have learnt is just a part and a lot of it still to go. Inside the assigned teams, internal sessions are conducted to help you to familiarize with each and every part of the product so that I can work on any part of it. Cooperation and help at every stage helped a lot. I always got time on the assigned work to explore, review and take the right approach.

Technology and its Relevance

With regards to the technology which I work with in Fusion Applications is ADF - Oracle Application Development Framework which is making its move towards the Cloud Environment, - a growing trend in recent years where one pays as per usage. The frameworks have been customized so that not much time has to be spent on the backend task and focus more on the development.


Enough of work, do we have time for fun? Yes, activities are held year round - be it cricket, basketball tournaments or social activities. One of the sessions as part of training, Go Plus was one of the best experiences and taught us a lot. In addition team outings and lunch are always welcomed.

At the end would say that the initial few months are in fact probably the best to learn and get familiar with the technology. With the developed potential and skill we can always keep our banners flying high.

Congratulations to the 2013 batch of hires and hope to see you all soon!


Monday Mar 11, 2013

Spotlight on a Career Path: Former German-speaking Business Development Representatives about their career with Oracle

“And what´s in it for me after I have joined Oracle as a Business Development Representative in Dublin?”

As a recruiter for German-speaking graduates I am often faced with this question as career progression plays a pivotal part in choosing the right employer. And luckily, I can tell each of my candidates that career progression is THE Unique Selling Proposition (USP) when joining our Business Development Group in Dublin. Why?

Well, we hire graduates in order to qualify them quickly for the next career step in Dublin or Potsdam or Malaga or other key locations across EMEA. The choice is yours and we are happy to provide you with the right skill set in order to achieve your goals. But paper doesn´t blush – let´s have a look at the career progression of some former German Business Development colleagues. It´s time to get a picture of our USP and to see what´s really in it for you.


Sofia started her career in 2004 when she joined Oracle as Customer Intelligence Representative – a position that is generally aimed at interns – and that provides you with a first feeling of how it is to work in a sales-related environment. After 6 months she was promoted to Business Development Representative for the German and Swiss Market. 

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Monday Mar 04, 2013

What Some of our 2013 BITS-Pilani Oracle Hires Have to Say About the Road Ahead By Sinam Singh

Educational institutes play a key role in the knowledge economy by producing, disseminating and imparting knowledge to prospective students. We believe knowledge is the key factor that differentiates one organization from the other. An organization’s ability to leverage this knowledge will give it a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run. We believe in building strong relationships with educational institutes where the future leaders are being nurtured and provide the opportunity to Gen Y to go out and conquer the world. The Oracle graduate program provides an immense opportunity to college graduates to achieve their goals with its variety of world class products and technologies, in simple words there is something for everybody who aspires to be an achiever.

Here is quote from our CEO about Oracle Graduate Program:

“Individually and collectively, they continue to validate our stringent hiring standards through their attitudes and achievements. Our selection criteria are extensive and demanding. We look for the kind of people with whom we want to work on a daily basis: people with track records of exceptional achievement in school and business, people with strong self-motivation and an uncommon drive to excel, and, every bit as important, people who are well-rounded and fun to be around.”

-Larry .J. Ellison, CEO

We are proud by the fact that Oracle is one of the most preferred company at campuses in India. Listen to what some of our BITS Pilani hires from 2013 batch has to say after being placed with Oracle. We are excited to welcome to you into the Oracle family, congratulations again to all on your selection.


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