Friday Jan 25, 2013

Spotlight on a new Hire - Jacob

This year we will have a new monthly recurring topic: Spotlight on a new Hire.

In this regular topic we will focus on a new hire from a different country within EMEA. This month we start with the story of Jacob from the UK.

What is your background and what is your position in Oracle.

My name is Jacob; I am a student studying Web Design at Stafford University and I began my year’s work placement at Oracle on the 1st August 2012. At Oracle I work with the Expenses team within the Finance department. The areas of work I cover include a range of things such as, data implementation, application setups, application testing and debugging and many more.

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Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Oracle Assessment Days in Dublin

To hire the best graduate candidates for our EMEA Sales Operations Centre in Dublin, we organise Assessment Days for the position of Business Development Consultant. Our next Assessment day will be held on the 22 January 2013!

Twenty-four driven and motivated candidates from all over Europe have the opportunity to come to Dublin and get to know Oracle. They will interview with Senior Management for the role of Business Development Consultant. But of course the day will be more than just the interviews! 

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Monday Jan 07, 2013

8 ways to get your social networks recruiter-ready

With the arrival of the New Year you might be nearing graduation or looking for a summer internship .

While we are still grappling to establish who is in charge of social media privacy (social networks, government, the public?) Here are some ideas for you to consider to get your social media profiles recruiter-ready. It’s not about compromising who you are; it’s about showing you at your best and demonstrating that YOU as your own brand-ambassador will most likely show the same intelligent discretion and common-sense as an employee. Got anything to add - leave us a comment!

Tip #1 Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ keep the party pics for you and your friends. This leads us nicely into Tip#2: Adjust your privacy & visibility settings on Facebook to select what content (posts, photos, tagging) can be seen and by whom. To see how your profile appears to certain connections, click the Activity Log then View As option on your profile page.

Tip #3: Get on LinkedIn - it’s a great way to establish yourself and make connections in your industry. Optimize your profile using relevant keywords to ensure you “pop out” when recruiters are searching for talented people with your expertise! Tip #4: Leverage that Twitter bio - it’s one of the first things a potential employer sees when they view your profile. Keeping it lighthearted and including what you are passionate about is fine but steer clear of offensive content or wording.

Tip #5 How about a quick spring clean of your posts/tweets? If you have been ranting about controversial topics or have been involved in heated exchanges at 4 am then it might be time to delete them or think about limiting your audience. Don’t be this guy. Or his friends:

Tip #6: Go beyond Facebook & co – There is a constant stream of networks cropping up and it is hard to keep up so seek out the most relevant communities to your industry and get talking! Google + has a large tech community and Pinterest can offer visual insights into company values and culture.

It sounds obvious, but Tip#7 would have to be to watch your spelling! Just like your professional profile photo and selectively shared content, correct spelling is part of the package when it comes to creating a good impression.

 Last but not least Tip #8: Incorporate both online and offline methods into your job seeking. Go to networking events and open days for the chance to meet potential colleagues and employers face to face and stand out from the virtual crowd!

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