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    July 31, 2014

Confessions of an Oracle CX Technical Consultant

Guest Author

Hi! My Name is Maria and I am a Customer Experience (CX)
Sales Consultant
at Oracle UK based in London, one of the most vibrant,
energetic and coolest cities in Europe. My journey here has been fun,
interesting and full of new experiences.

It’s not unusual to
have a recent University grad not know what they want to do right after college
and of course that is exactly what happened to me. But let me tell you a secret: you don’t have
to! It’s your attitude that really matters. What do you do when have new
opportunities in front of you? Do you ignore and walk away from them or do you
accept them and welcome change? Like Paulo Coelho would say “The boat is safer
anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats” (The Pilgrimage).

I will let you know a
bit about myself and my background, so you can understand how I’ve come to be
where I am at today. I was born in the US from Spanish parents and grew up
between Spain and the US. My father’s career involved us moving every 3 years
to a new city. So you can imagine that adapting to change for me is second
nature. After finishing high school in Madrid, I decided to go back to the US
to study Business Administration and International Business Management. So I am
not your typical Engineer or “IT geek” who dreams about a job in IT. After I
graduated I honestly did not know what field or industry I wanted to focus on.

When I moved back to
I got a job at a big international company where I was working on
implementing Siebel CRM. I made really good contacts with Oracle consulting
experts and learned to love the product. I realized that my role as a
Consultant and my daily tasks were too technical and data entry was not making
me happy. So thanks to my Oracle Colleague who referred my CV, in the summer of
2010 I got a call from Oracle. Do you see the trend...the importance of
networking and building honest and good relationships

I joined the EMEA Presales Centre (EPC) in Malaga on
November 2010; the weather was still so warm you could go the beach and I
joined a small team that soon started to grow, with more young, talented,
motivated professionals joining. We all shared the same energy and enthusiasm
to learn and prove ourselves. While we were all very different (aside from
being each from a different country in Europe) we immediately became friends,
we enjoyed traveling and we made sure we didn’t miss any popular events, like
the Carnivals in Cadiz or the different Ferias’ in Andalucía. My 3 years in the
EPC were full of fun; the atmosphere in the office is always relaxed and
outgoing, and yes there is still room for professionalism.

One of my favourite things about Oracle is all the different
to collaborate and volunteer with their “Leadership in Society”
the fact that the company not only lets you take time in your day for
helping other but it encourages and supports such initiatives is great. I
participated and even coordinated many different events from many different
fundraisers; to family fun days with all employees and their friends/family. My
favourite was collaboration with the Junior Achievement program, where we went
to a local high school and had a session on the importance of education and
staying in school, making career decisions, and writing CVs.

Now back to business; our role was to support the Presales
teams in the field, so in my case I had to provide support to the team in
Madrid and soon grew to also support UK and other English speaking
opportunities like the Nordics. We provided back-office support, which consists
of answering functional requirements for Oracle’s Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) suite of products, and creating deliverables for the different
customer opportunities.
While the field presales consultants are in front of
the customers presenting the Oracle solution and building rapport with the
customer. But what I found to be a big difference to my previous role and which
has made me love my job, is that it’s not Technical even though I’m still a
product expert. It’s all about understanding
and learning how a product functionally fits a customer’s needs. It is all
about knowing how an end-user will USE the product. So with the appropriate
product trainings which we received on a continuous basis, a person with no IT
background can be a Presales Consultant.

Only two years in my EPC role and thanks to an excellent
relationship with the UK field and the advice and support of my mentor and
manager, I was offered the position I am in today and switched sunny Malaga for
the not so sunny London
, to continue growing, learning and living new

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