Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Poof and it’s gone - Internship @ Oracle Netherlands

We still remember the first day we walked in the office in September. The moment we walked into the big entrance hall and saw all those unfamiliar faces, we had no idea that we all had such diverse personalities, and still we all had a great time together. At the end of our internship we could all say we felt comfortable working at the office, playing “some” table tennis. Besides, it has been a great learning experience and we look back on a good time. 

We made our own video and it shows you what some of us have been working on during our internship @ Oracle in the Netherlands. 

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Monday Mar 26, 2012

Moving abroad - Relocation advice

Oracle offers graduates from different European countries the opportunity to start their career abroad. Some already have experience with living abroad as they have done an exchange semester or internship in another county, for others it is the first time they will move abroad.

Rui started in October 2011 as a Business Development Consultant in Dublin and moved from Portugal to Dublin, Ireland to start his career. For those planning to leave their home country and who desire to work abroad, he will share some tips and tricks in this article.

When you’re faced with an opportunity like this, there are lots of things that will come to your mind. Sometimes it can be either very exciting, or even stressful.

1. First of all, try to ... 

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Friday Mar 23, 2012


Placement in Contract and Business Practice Services department (50%) - Baden (Switzerland)

This placement in the Contract and Business Practice Services department is challenging and diverse and you will support and contribute to the contract teams with the creation and technical archiving of the documents.

All duties are in close coordination with the account management and several contracts team, so you will need to have great communication skills both in German and English, great organizational skills and the flexibility to deal with different stakeholders. 

You will be working in a very international organization and get the possibility to work out your own ideas and develop your skills and your career in one of the biggest Technology companies in the world!

If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Dublin!

In this third instalment of our monthly topic ‘Spotlight on an Office’, we visit Dublin, Ireland

Oracle has 5 offices in Dublin all in the EastPoint Business Park close to Dublin City centre. In Dublin there are currently 1,000 people working for Oracle. You’ll find, among others, a large part of OracleDirect, our inside sales organization, part of our EMEA Finance organization and employees from Product and Systems Development who work on the heart of Oracle’s products.


EastPoint Business Park is located next ...

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Friday Mar 16, 2012


ERP Pre-Sales Consultant - Malaga

The job as a ERP Pre-Sales consultant is challenging and diverse and you will be working in a multinational environment in our EMEA Presales Centre in the vibrant city of Malaga.

Frequent possibilities to support opportunities in various industries and countries will give you an excellent insight into customer business needs and market trends. You will support the ERP Presales organisation for the Benelux, Germany, UK and Spain (depending on your language) and be trained in the Oracle ERP product portfolio as well as the Presales role.

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Monday Mar 12, 2012

Top 5 reasons to work at Oracle

Besides having an interesting and challenging job, we listed the top 5 reasons why people choose to work for Oracle.

1.            Driven, dynamic, professional and enthusiastic environment:

When you join Oracle you will be part of a driven and professional organisation striving to become the best. Everyone knows that innovation is invaluable in an IT company, so you are encouraged to think outside of the box and come up with ideas in or outside your line of business.

2.            Great training and development possibilities:

What is the number one priority for ...

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Friday Mar 09, 2012


Oracle Core Banking Consultant - Athens

Oracle’s Financial Services Global Business Unit was formed in 2007. It is a world leader in providing IT solutions to the financial services industry. Oracle is the world’s largest enterprise software vendor with 286,000 global customers and USD 22.4 billion in revenue. Oracle’s customers include ten of the top ten global banks, ten of the top ten insurance companies, ten of the top ten securities firms, five of the top five mutual fund companies and four of the top five World stock exchanges.

You will be working on projects to implement and integrate Oracle Flexcube Banking solutions onsite at customers. If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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Monday Mar 05, 2012

From a non-technical background to working in a technical position

Is it possible to come from a non-technical background and have a technical job? You might think that no way, but in the past 10 months I have learned that where there is a will there is a way. Even if you have non-technical studies, but you are interested and willing to work within a technical team, you can do it! I will tell you how I did it.

My name is Yonela and I am working ...

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Thursday Mar 01, 2012

How to gain valuable skills to make it in Sales?

Resilience, ambition, a target driven mentality, and a positive, team oriented attitude makes up a successful Customer Intelligence Representative (CIR). This is the entry level position of Oracle Direct and the first step to succeed in your IT sales career.

These skills will be taught through the day-to-day tasks of identifying key contacts to be utilized in the sales process of all of Oracle Direct in EMEA. As you are constantly challenged on the job, as well as in the vast trainings available from Oracle, they will become second nature. Hence if you don’t possess them now, you will definitely, when you are ready to move into the Business Development Consultant role.

Through the day-to-day work as a CIR, your ... 

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Monday Feb 27, 2012

The Extreme Performance Tour

My name is Jorge and I work in the Public Relations and Corporate Communications Team in Iberia. I joined Oracle 3 years ago, and I started as a Marketing Trainee in the Iberia Applications Team. Then, when FY11 started, I began my current job. My duties include managing all corporate information, as well as internal and external campaigns, to our Media and key influencing relationships, that includes press release distribution and corporate public relations. My main challenge is to support the marketing teams in generating demand and developing business by making awareness through different media tools and PR Campaigns.

Our commitment to support marketing teams is based on building awareness of events and campaigns by press releases, media invitation, video promotion and social media ‘buzz’.

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Monday Feb 20, 2012

How to get noticed by the right people on Facebook.

Nothing new can be said about the popularity and importance of social media sites such as Facebook. However, how can you use Facebook to be noticed by the right network connections?

If you are new to Facebook, you can set up a profile here in about a minute.

If you already have an account, you may want to increase your chances of being found and noticed by the right industry connections. You can also actively search for companies who are hiring on Facebook.

I’ve structured this blog in three short parts;

1. Set up your profile and be found by the right people,

2. Share content on your profile which enhances your personality and skills

3. Finding and making the right contacts

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Sunday Feb 12, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Malaga!

Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read this! First of all, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Carlos Martín Martínez and I’m an Associate Sales Consultant in the EMEA Presales Center based in Málaga. This leads me to explain two things: what is the EMEA Presales Center or EPC and why there’s an office in Málaga.

The EPC is a virtual resource for EMEA’s Presales organizations to assist them with all the back-office and remote work a Sales Consultant normally does, like preparing demos, presentations and delivering webcasts, in order to let the more experienced Sales Consultant spend more time delivering demos and spending time at the customer’s site. It started some years ago in Bangalore and was called iTech back then, then it reached Bucharest with the name of Presales Center (PSC) to be in a better time zone for European organizations to be later renamed as what we know now as EPC and finally starting in Málaga in 2010 for an even more localized service.

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Wednesday Feb 08, 2012

Study and work or study to work?

Hi everyone,

My name is Sofia and I am currently working as an Analyst for the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), based in Bucharest, Romania. I would like to share my opinion on a topic that is always on the mind of young students: should we study and work or better study to work?

Whether it is a couple of weeks in Sales, a year in Contracts or just every Monday afternoon with a Consultant, any work experience you might gain is invaluable. First, it provides you with an insight in the areas you are studying about and give you a good idea of what you do and do not enjoy, even more, of what you are good at and at what you are not. This kind of experience is priceless when you start thinking about a long-term career path.

Secondly, it will make your CV stand out and give you an edge over other candidates, it will say something about your person. Being able to work during the studies does not only show that you have gained experience and a set of skills, it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile, are good at time management and are prepared to sacrifice a bit of your spare time in order to gain experience. No one said that this would be easy, but it is definitely worth it.

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Friday Feb 03, 2012

Working for an IT Sales team in Prague

Do you see yourself working within an IT company? What about working within a team that sells hardware?

I have never imagined myself being part of an IT team as I was part of another world. My name is Violeta and I started my career one year ago within Oracle. I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and I studied International Trade. You can see that I didn’t have any IT background, but I definitely wouldn’t miss the opportunity of getting a job within Oracle. This was actually my dream: working in a big international corporation.

I am a young lady that is working within the Hardware team. Does it seem challenging?

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Monday Jan 23, 2012

Spotlight on an office – Romania

Have you considered the importance of the working environment in choosing your future job?

We all would like to enjoy the 8-hours spent in the office and once we start working we realize what a great impact the environment has on our daily activity.  This particular aspect is highly valued at Oracle, so we invite you to travel with us and have an insight on how the working environment is in our offices from different sides of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Every month you’ll discover a new location and new people. First stop is Romania, Bucharest...

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