Tuesday May 29, 2012

How to get the most from an Oracle internship?

Do you know how many people work within Oracle? More than 100.000! It’s quite a huge company and being an Intern among all these people might seem a small thing. I would say that it’s a great opportunity to learn, experience new and important things for your development. When you are part of a corporation you want to give your best and let them see you want to stay even after your internship ends. Do you agree with me?

My name is Andreea and I am an Intern within the Oracle SSC Admin Team. When I joined the company, the corporate environment had a great impact on me as I didn’t know what to expect of this experience. I was suddenly part of a professional team, learning, working and willing to prove they made the right choice. There are 6 other  interns that started at the same time as I did, which made the situation more comfortable for me. If you think of yourself, what would you do if you were an Intern? You would probably do the same as us. We’ve tried to do our best in learning and assimilating as much as we could from this new experience.

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Thursday May 24, 2012

How important is the work environment for you?

What criteria do you consider when you receive a job offer? Responsibilities? The salary or the manager? What about the work environment and all those things that can make you motivated in the work place?

My name is Marie and I am a Partner Intelligence Support Intern. I’ve realised how important this last aspect is when I joined Oracle. I am in the final year at the Charles University in Prague, studying Social Geography and Regional Development. If you’re thinking that my studies are actually quite different from what I do at my job, so it is. Fortunately, the faculty helped improve some of the skills required in this position and this is how I got to Oracle. I first thought that I would have a career in Social Geography, but eventually I prospected the job market and realised there are other jobs I would like to have. Joining the Partner Intelligence Support team has definitely been a good decision, especially because of my colleagues and the environment I am working in.

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Tuesday May 22, 2012


Sales Support Representative –Oracle Direct Sales Team (based in Dubai)

My name Zuzana di Biase and I am the Business Operations Manager  for  Oracle Direct & General Business Eastern Europe & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Oracle Direct is a state-of-the-art, multichannel sales operation bringing to life the benefits of Oracle’s E-Business technology.

Your Challenge - Name 10 industries that don’t use technology? Difficult, isn’t it?  Media, entertainment, retail, banking, communications, life sciences, airlines, water companies, law firms.  You name it, they need IT, and you can be part of it. My team currently has an opening for a Sales Support Representative to be based in Dubai.

You will be working with....

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Friday May 18, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Johannesburg

South Africa is by far one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the Oracle office in Johannesburg is a true reflection of that. Unfortunately we may not be as fortunate as our Cape Town colleagues who can see Table Mountain (one of the wonders of the world) from outside their office window but that does not take away from the charm we get to experience in Johannesburg.

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Tuesday May 15, 2012

A Day in the Life a Social Media and Branding Coordinator

As I arrive in the morning, I turn my computer on and grab a cup of coffee while I’m waiting for it to start up. Then it’s straight to the emails.I usually list whatever tasks are required from my colleagues in a notebook and set about prioritising them to be done during the day, unless of course there are any urgent requirements. Then its’ onto social media.

Twitter and Facebook

I have installed the Tweetdeck application on Chrome, which is an indispensable tool. I can view pretty much anything anyone is saying to us on Twitter via this one location. Usually, I go to our Facebook pages first and check the updates since the previous day. I’ll respond to these comments and messages and then move to publishing our daily post on each Facebook page.

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Tuesday May 08, 2012

Communication in an international company

Hi, I am Sofia and I am a Contract Specialist within Oracle. I’ve always wondered how things work within big corporations from a communication perspective. There are some specific things I consider relevant when talking about this topic. We’re social beings and thus communication is an important part in our lives. We are part of a community and interact with those surrounding us. Since we were little kids, we’re used to being part of a group or more. Your working place is also a community that you join when accepting an offer. What is so different when working in an international corporation?

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Friday May 04, 2012


Solution Services - Pre-Sales Consultant

The 20 junior consultants in the NAA Presales Team in Bucharest Romania are now looking for a new colleague. His/her role will be to support the Presales Field Consultants based in US with specific pre-sales tasks, specialising in enterprise performance management applications with a focus on budgeting and planning. The position is an excellent opportunity for graduates of Business Universities, with a finance background, who are willing to learn thoroughly and constantly and to develop a career in a young but professional environment.

If you want to know more about this job, read more here! If you want to try your chances, send us your resume in English at lavinia.protopopescu-at-oracle.com.

For all of our other vacancies and internships, please visit https://campus.oracle.com.

Monday Apr 30, 2012

A fulfilling year with Oracle

My name is Johan. I have been working as an eBS Financial Consultant for Oracle since November 2010. After graduating from Cass Business School in London, I was looking for a company that was internationally oriented and active in several industries. When Oracle came into the picture it was the answer to my needs. Specifically the role as an Applications Consultant gives me the opportunity to use my international background and allows me to gain an insight into a wide range of industries. This I find intriguing and developing and I feel Oracle is the perfect start to my career.

The induction period at Oracle was intense but at the same time extremely useful. I was sent to Belgium and the Netherlands for a three week Bootcamp...

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Thursday Apr 26, 2012


Apprenticeship - Recruitment- Paris (France)

Do you want to learn more about recruitment processes? We currently have an opening in Paris for an apprentice to join the EMEA recruitment team. This apprenticeship offers you an insight in recruitment of graduates and interns from sourcing candidate to organising assessment days and developing the relationship with the Universities in France. The roles is based in paris and you will be working closely together with the Graduate Recruitment Consultant responsible for French speaking vacancies across EMEA.

We are looking for interns with a passion for Recruitment, who already have some recruitment experience in a previous apprenticeship and are fluent in English and French. The ability to multitask is very important for being successful in this role. Also problems solving skills, drive and enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial mindset are required.

We offer you a great opportunity to work in a enthusiastic and goal-oriented recruitment team. You will learn to build relationship across international and organisational boundaries and develop your interpersonal and communication skills. Next to that you will get an insight in recruitment best practices in an international company.  If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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Monday Apr 23, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Postdam

As we have recently been presenting several astonishing Oracle locations, we would like to continue with the most historical one: Potsdam (Germany).

In 2002/2003, the business division OracleDirect – more precisely 60 employees from the European Headquarters in Dublin - moved into the reconstructed coke separator of the former gas works in the Shipbuilder’s Lane. This area has become a modern place for contemporary culture and innovative business in and around Potsdam. Today, the numberof employees has almost tripled to 160 employees – reflecting Oracle´s strong business growth.

The majority of our Inside Sales team in Germany is based in this historical building. Our teams are spread over 7 floors and can, to some extent, enjoy the gorgeous view on the Lake Tiefer See and Schloß Babelsberg from their desk; starting with the General Business Unit for North Germany (please note that we also have an office in Stuttgart that covers the Southern region), to our sales teams for Industry, Financial Services and Public Services as well as the respective teams for Middleware, Channel & Alliances or the PreSales area. Not only does the view make this a unique location, – it also boasts an engaging history.

It was not until the beginning of the 19th century..

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Friday Apr 20, 2012


4 Apprenticeships - Field Engineering- Milan/Rome (Italy)

Looking for an Apprenticeship in Italy? Oracle Italy has launched an apprenticeship and employ-ability initiative for young and bright Graduates. The Italian Systems Support Team is looking for 4 Apprentices to provide on-site technical support and service engineering to our customers. The roles are based in Milan and Rome. Systems Support provides all aspects of break/fix and installation services on Oracle's Hardware and Solaris business with Field and Site engineers deployed throughout Italy.

We are looking for graduates with a passion for Technology, who have experience with Hardware and Operating Systems (Windows and Linux). A genuine desire for learning, enthusiasm and professionalism are required. Next to that an excellent level of English is important and having a car and driving licenses.

We offer you a great opportunity to work in a mission critical environment under close support and supervision to develop your technical skills in hardware and software troubleshooting. If you are interested in this position, read more here!

For all of our other vacancies and internships, please visit https://campus.oracle.com.

Thursday Apr 19, 2012

How important is your body language at a job interview?

Candidates usually think that Recruiters are focused on their words and their replies to questions, but actually what interviewers are trying to do is to understand the person in front of them better, through their answers, but also through their body language. Your gestures, your posture and your eye contact can emphasize what you are saying, convincing the interviewer with your truthfulness, but can also contradict your statements. Imagine an introverted person trying to convince you that he/she enjoys speaking in public and interacting with many people. Would she or he be convincing? Furthermore, your body language expresses different sides of your personality. Let’s take as an example of a person who is fluent and whose voice is not trembling when answering even the most difficult questions. Would you say that person isn’t nervous? It might be, but we could also think that person has a good control of his/ her emotions. What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview?

What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview? 

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Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Express your personality and potential @ Oracle

Ciao, my name is Michel and I am a 24 year old guy from Forlì, Italy, working as a Business Intelligence Business Development Consultant in Rome. After I completed the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Bologna University, I took a Multiple Master of Science in International Management organized by three European Universities: Bologna University (IT), ICN Business School of Nancy (FR) and Uppsala University (SE).I therefore had the chance to travel a lot and, most important, to study and meet hundreds of people from all over the world.

This experience enhanced the passion I foster for international environments, different cultures and countries; not to mention the learning of foreign languages. Working for such a structured multinational as Oracle totally reflects my desire to be surrounded by a multicultural and international atmosphere, having the opportunity to grow from the personal point of view and to endlessly boost my career path.

Demand Generation

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Monday Apr 02, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Denmark

Hi, my name is Michael. I work as an Intern at the Danish office in Ballerup. My job is a part-time position beside my bachelor study in International Business at Copenhagen Business School.

I joined Oracle end of February last year, and what a thrilling ride it has been! Last year, when I was offered the position, there was no doubt that I wanted to go for it. Back then, I only had little idea about Oracle as a company and what kind of exciting assignments lay ahead of me.

My main role is internal communications, i.e. editor of a monthly employee’s news letter; Newszone.

It is an interesting task, since...

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Friday Mar 30, 2012


Help Desk Support Specialist - Budapest (Hungary)

Do you have French and English languages skills, and are living in Hungary? Then this could be the role for you to start your career with at Oracle. We now have an opening as Help Desk Support Specialist in our office Budapest. In this role you will respond to requests for technical assistance by phone, email and/or using our help desk management system

We are looking for candidates with a passion for Customer Service. Next to that planning & organizing, problem solving, time management are important competencies to have for this role. If you already had some exposure to Bio Pharmaceutical or Clinical companies that is a big plus.

It is a great opportunity not only for graduates, but for all who want to start their career at Oracle and a unique chance to work in multinational team together with colleagues from all over the world!

If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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