Brace Yourself for this Race by Aarti!!

Guest Author

Like every year the time has come yet again, the month of
August, the season of hiring, the placement process.... Where dreams come true,
where energy levels are high, where tempers fly and tension rises… The only
thing that’s changed is that this time it’s YOU!!!!

Huge I.T. giants like Oracle that are your dream companies
with lucrative jobs and salaries are already pouring in on campus to pick the
crème-de-la-crème, the ‘best-of-the-best’.

Are you the person we’re looking for?

Here’s a quick sneak
peek into what we look for when we’re hiring and what you need to do to help
you prepare for this mammoth task called “PLACEMENTS”

Fundamental technical knowledge: Simple!! You need to know what you’ve learnt
and studied the last 3 years. There’s no avoiding that, now is there?

So ensure you know
your subject well and when asked ‘What’s your best/strongest subject?’ make
sure you know your favorite subject word for word; cover to cover.

Relevant Projects: If you’re looking for a job in the IT industry, we’re really expecting
you to do a project that’s relevant to your area of interest as well as ours!
After all, we’re all in it for the same reason- for you to find the best job
and us to find the best candidate J

Analytical, Problem Solving, Programming Ability: An important and highly demanding skill set
that not just Oracle but any employer looks for. Practice those puzzles,
think about optimizing solutions. Don’t give up without trying and don’t say
‘NO’ when you’re asked to write down the code. Always attempt the problem and
don’t let the fear of getting the answer wrong intimidate you. It’s ok to make
mistakes. We appreciate that you at least tried your very best!

Think out of the box, creative solutions to problems: This is a BIG one! We’re looking to hire
youngsters like you who’ll turn out to be the next Larry Ellison. Creativity,
New Ideas, Exciting Solutions are what we’re eagerly looking for. Freshers’
like you are the ones who bring in newness that large corporations like us look
forward to each year.

Passionate about Technology:  It
goes without saying! We’re not just offering you a job but a career and your
love for technology will show us whether you’re in it to win it! Trust me, this
will go a long way in shaping your future and career path.

Soft skills:  With all of the above points stated, the
human aspect plays a very important role. After all you need to work with other
people day in and day out.  Build on your
communication; keep your attitude in check, show us who you really are as a
person and always wear that smile! It’s the best way to end your day whatever
the outcome.

So remember, your interviewers
are watching you keenly and it’s those 30 minutes they spend with you that
clearly shows them the kind of ‘techie’ you’d be.

Good luck with your
placements and brace yourselves to win this race!!!

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