Best Ways To Excel In Internships By Karthik

Guest Author

Arrive on time. This is such a minor thing, that I'm
sure you've labeled it with 'work hard' and 'be proactive' but seriously, when
you arrive on time it does so much for your reputation and even just being late
a few times can hurt your reputation. Also due to the fact that as an intern,
you may be in the situation where your supervisor checks in with you in the
morning and then leaves you to a project (while they do their own job) and
checks back in with you later in the day. So they're looking for you first
thing, and if you're late, you're actually keeping them from their own

Ask for help, but problem solve first. In your first few weeks, of
course you're going to ask for a lot-where's the color printer? How do I access
this information? However, once you get into the work, the interns that really
make an impact, find a problem, and attempt to solve it before they go for
help. "I couldn't update this data, I tried using the online portal, but
it gave me an error, do you know what I should do?"

All work is needed. The downside of internships, is that sometimes
you end up doing the work that nobody wants to do. Presenting to 100 people,
and somebody needs to collate the print outs? Yes, that's boring and you're
overqualified for it, but your boss will never ask you to do something that
isn't needed. The interns that normally get full time offers, it's usually
about 50% doing their job, but also about not complaining when they got the
short end of the stick. It doesn't matter how you get through it-whether it's
getting zen and completing each task to the best of your ability, or it's
making a game out of how fast you can photocopy, you want to smile and get the work

Work is an Opportunity to Prove Yourself. This is an addendum to my
last point. Interns are often given boring work in order to prove themselves.
Yes, you interviewed and got the job, but if you're a good intern, you'll get
basic work, if you do a good job they'll consider giving you more. This means
you will always have easy tasks to start out with-and for some managers this is
a test. So even if you think the work is something you can do with your eyes
closed, make sure you do it to the best of your ability (and a positive
attitude). Day one of your internship is usually work that is simple, make sure
that day fifty has more intensive work because you proved yourself on the first
day. There are those interns who never make it past day one work-don't be one
of those people. 

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