Thursday Jul 10, 2014

The Shift From an Individual Contributor to Manager – Some Thoughts by David Talamelli

I have been in my current role managing the Campus Recruitment Team and function here at Oracle for the past 3.5 years or so. I was previously an Individual Contributor for 5 years here before I made the shift into a management role. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to take on this current role as I have learnt so much both personally and professionally.

I am constantly challenged (in a good way) to push myself out of my comfort zone and on reflection the last 3-4 years has led to real growth for me. During this time I have made plenty of mistakes and had many growing pains but I think that I have learned from them and I think I am now starting to find my own management style. As an Individual Contributor all the projects I worked on together with my colleagues was done collaboratively and I find that I have taken that approach to my current role as well.

A few things I have observed/learned as a relatively new manager over the past 3-4 years has been that:

1)      Be transparent with your customers and with your team – The best approach is to make sure that people know what is happening and why something is happening. Some people may not like or agree with something but it is better to get this out in the open so at least everyone understands why a certain action is being taken.

2)      Work with People That Share Your Passion/Belief – I love our Campus Team, each Recruiter in the team continues to surprise me with new ideas and approaches they are using to source the best candidates. We have challenges that we need to overcome but we all share the same belief in doing a great job and a team that is committed to each other and believes in their work is so much more successful than those that are just going through the motions...

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Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

My Journey From College to Oracle Redwood Shores by Tushar

Hi everyone,
It feels great to join Oracle Headquarters at Redwood Shores. My journey began in December when I was selected for Oracle on Day 1 of IIT Delhi campus placements for this location. This was the first year that oracle came to IITs for direct recruitment for the Redwood Shores office. It was really exciting for me and there was quite a buzz in the campus. I was on cloud nine when I came to know that I was the only one selected from IIT Delhi.

My formal offer letter came in January and my visa process started. I was in touch with my Hiring Manager the whole time from Jan,2014 onwards. It was really nice of him to answer all my queries, some even during odd hours. All the legal paperwork for Immigration was taken care by BAL and they told me that as soon as I complete my degree requirements, they would file for the visa application. In 2nd week of May, after my final exams and B Tech project presenation, I got the letter from the Registrar, IIT Delhi, certifying that I have completed my degree requiements. As soon as I gave BAL the letter, I got all my documents for my visa interview within two weeks. I got my visa for USA, finished my final packing, boarded the plane and reached San Francisco on 18th June...
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Wednesday Jul 02, 2014

The corporate cross over by Vaishnavi!!

OFSS was one of the initial companies to arrive at our college and as every final year student knows only too well, this isn't exactly an environment that is conducive to relaxation or sanity. As expected, we were put through a series of rigorous tests and interviews, each eliminating more and more candidates until finally 22 out of more than 300 applicants were left standing. Fortunately, the recruitment process was so well-planned and timed that it spared us the mental angst most go through in such scenarios.

After months of anxiety and restlessness, we kick-started our first day in OFSS with excitement and a little trepidation.We needn't have worried as we were in good hands. Considering most of us came from a non IT background we were put through a, much needed, meticulous training process that lasted almost 3 months. Our trainers were extremely (and sometimes annoyingly) sincere and diligent and helped us challenge ourselves...[Read More]

Friday Jun 20, 2014

The secret of my success – by Cais, UK Cloud Solution Consultant

After completing my Masters in Management (specialised in Innovation), I came across an Oracle job advert for a presales position (Malaga, Spain). The advert was located on the Imperial College Business School Facebook page. I was hired in under two weeks! Now that’s an efficient hiring process!

My journey with Oracle began on the 15th of November 2010 two weeks after the EMEA Presales Centre (EPC) Academy launched in Malaga. The EPC academy goal is to nurture the company’s future field presales. My responsibility was to provide primary support to field presales in the UK and EMEA.

Over time I developed the relationship with field presales and their managers at every opportunity. At the EPC I was involved in the following activities, responded to customer tenders, customized demos, and prepared product/solution presentations and demonstrations. 

A year after joining Oracle, we launched a home grown solution called Oracle Sales Cloud...[Read More]

Wednesday Jun 18, 2014

Internship Memories from Latin America

I'm Daniel from Costa Rica and I started with Oracle as an e-Talent in 2013 upon graduating from ULACIT (Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología) in San Jose, where I majored in Industrial Engineering.

After meeting the Oracle team onsite at a University event, I knew immediately that the e-Talent program was for me....[Read More]

Monday Jun 16, 2014

Engage, Inspire & Lead as Oracle Campus Ambassador By Megha

Oracle Campus Ambassador Program encourages enthusiastic, dynamic & outgoing young techies to exhibit their potential & explore Oracle World of Opportunities

Who can be Oracle Campus Ambassador?

Oracle Campus Ambassador works as a communication bridge between the Institute & Oracle. He/ She is the one who knows the knack of stealing limelight, is well known in college circuit, clubs & events. If you are social media enthusiast, active, boisterous & demonstrates leadership, presentation & excellent communication skills all of this; while maintaining CGPA of 7 and above; then you can be the one.

Perks of Being an Oracle Campus Ambassador

As an Oracle Campus Ambassador you get exposure which many of your counterparts can only wish for. There are only few who get to add phenomenal experience at Oracle on their resume much before their first job...

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Thursday May 29, 2014

Not so long ago in a city not so far away by Carlos Martin

This is the story of how the EMEA Presales Center turned an Oracle intern into a trusted technology advisor for both Oracle’s Sales and customers.

It was the summer of 2011 when I was finishing my Computer Engineering studies as well as my internship at Oracle when I was offered what could possibly be THE dream job for any young European Computer Engineer. Apart from that, it also seemed like the role was particularly tailored to me as I could leverage almost everything I learned at University and during the internship. And all of it in one of the best cities to live in, not only from my home country but arguably from Europe: Malaga!

A day at EPC

As part of the EPC Technology pillar, and later on completely focused on WebCenter, there was no way to describe a normal day on the job as each day had something unique. Some days I was researching documentation in order to elaborate accurate answers for a customer’s question within a Request for Information or Proposal (RFI/RFP), other days I was doing heavy programming in order to bring a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a customer to life and last not but least, some days I presented to the customer via webconference the demo I built for them the past weeks. So as you can see, the role has research, development and presentation, could you ask for more?

Well, don’t worry because there IS more...

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Wednesday May 28, 2014

Work at Oracle as a Fresh Student by Ang Sun

The past months have flown by since I started working at Oracle; but at the same time it feels like I’ve been here forever. I came to Beijing to find a job after I graduated from The University of Southampton with a MSc in Software Engineering. I got an offer the next day after I had an interview with my manager.

This new style of working life hasn’t been a problem with me. The atmosphere here is fantastic and everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to. I am the first member in our AIE China Team. We do appreciate those colleagues from Core I/O team who helped us a lot to familiarize ourselves with the new environment. After hire orientation training I got to know many new people from various teams including Middleware, People Soft and Solaris. Also Oracle provides weekly system online training as additional training for those people who need it...

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Monday May 19, 2014

My Journey-Foreign Internships By Chandana Neerukonda

Like any other 9+ pointers,  I too applied for Foreign Internships in my 3rd year.  The process starts by mailing Professors who are working on your area of interest.  It is bit easier to get replies from Professors if you start mailing by July or August.  In case of Germany ,  once you get acceptance form a German Professor to act as a host for DAAD Scholarship,  you should start the process of application for DAAD scholarship.  Once you get it ,  then the voyage begins.  

I worked as a summer Intern at TU Dresden,  Germany on "Temperature  Control of hydrogel-basd microfluidic valves" for 2 months in collaboration with CfAED (Center for Advanced Electronics Design).  It was my first flight  and I was actually nervous and forgot to get excited !!  As I reached Deutschland on 1st of May 2013 , a holiday  - people were  enjoying on the roads.   I felt that was super-welcoming.   After that reaching the guest-house,  where I booked a room in a shared flat for two months,  city registration and opening a bank account all are done with the help of an Indian PhD student in TU Dresden... 

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Friday May 16, 2014

Intern's Diary: Nqobile, South Africa

We’ve asked Nqobile, Tech Sales Intern who has recently joined Oracle as part of the Graduate Program in South Africa, to share her thoughts about her experience at Oracle in the very first weeks!

 “Well where do I begin?

With my first days at Oracle I actually didn’t believe that I was finally here and that it was really happening, It really felt unreal!

 After signing my contract I eased into the feeling that I was a graduate and that I was interning at a multi-national company. I caught up with other fellow graduates who I have met last year during the Oracle Open Day, fortunately we had maintained those relationships. It was interesting to meet the other graduates I hadn’t known because during induction they shared knowledge and ideas that I wasn’t familiar about, knowledge on banking, on having a credit record and other general stuff, It was really enlightening.

My first day at the office was rather interesting, I got there before my Manager and I had to take the initiative I had spoken about during the interview. When my Manager got there...[Read More]

Thursday May 15, 2014

Career at the speed of light - by Ben, EMEA Social Solution Specialist

When I came to Málaga (Spain) to work for Oracle – fresh out of university and still finishing of my master thesis – I rented a nice, but small apartment in the heart of the city. I made sure to live close to public transport which would take me into the office and close to where the party was going on. Looking back today, it seems ages ago, but no: My journey started only 3,5 years ago and loads of things have changed. Things have changed in my favour in ways I couldn’t even dream about.

EMEA Presales Center

As said, I came out of university with hardly any professional experience. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to be hired by the EMEA Presales Center (EPC) at Oracle. The EPC is a great department, which – in case it doesn’t exist yet – should be introduced into any enterprise of the size of Oracle.

The idea is simple: Graduates take on back-office presales activities in order to free up customer-facing time for the field team. If you are a field presales expert, you are supposed to be out in the field, aren’t you? Constantly on the road visiting customers together with your sales representatives and not spending hours in the office. Yes – but you will also need to prepare for all of those meetings, which is very hard, not to say, impossible to manage. And that’s where the EPC comes into the game...[Read More]

Wednesday May 14, 2014

How does Oracle recruit in Social Networks?

Oracle is one of the many companies who have adapted their recruiting strategy to the Social Media trend. We use multiple Social channels to source and to reach candidates across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Some of the most common channels we use are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but also local tools such as for the Russian Market or Xing for Germany. We are continuously promoting life at Oracle and our career opportunities and also engage with the audience.

If you are wondering why companies are integrating social recruiting into the talent acquisition strategy we need to analyze the importance of this trend with some statistics.

According to a report by the Human Resources company Adecco, many companies think that active candidates in social media have more employment opportunities than those who are inactive in them...

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Wednesday May 07, 2014

Oracle Internship: Rise.Explore.Drive your career!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2014 Oracle Internship Program in key locations across Eastern Central Europe, Middle East and Africa. We’re looking for talented IT students and motivated Business students in Russia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Nigeria.

We know moving away from the comfort of books and lecture rooms into a corporate environment is a challenge, but putting the acquired skills into practice is a must! Our Internship program is a great opportunity for students to experience the smooth transition to the labour market. The intention behind the program is to build talent by continually investing in skills development in high potential countries within the region. Oracle helps you rise, explore and drive your own career!

We are looking for people with an IT, Financial or Marketing background interested in building a career within Sales or Presales. We’d like you to have a high level of energy, drive and enthusiasm because we want you to become the future IT and Sales Leaders of Oracle...

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Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

Dealing With Things, One Thing at a Time by Vaibhav Gupta!!

There’s a lot to be said about the work we choose to do, and the work we want to do. Three years ago, when I graduated from high school, I chose to start a personal blog. The original reasons escape me, but I believe it had something to do with expanding my horizons and engaging in meaningful, satisfying projects. When I am at my blunt best, one of my favourite life theories is to view your own timeline as a series of projects. I believe people do something similar with what are referred to as “phases”, but I prefer the term project because it indicates the need and passion to get involved and do work yourself.

Back to the personal blog, my very first post was a simple summary of where I thought I stood, and I indicated a feeling of being lost when I realised that I was not on vacation, but was unemployed. At the time, school was all I had known, and there is a limbo between graduating from school and getting accepted to a college. Thankfully, I did not go through a similar experience recently, because the collegiate system allows us to sit for placements and get accepted into a company (hopefully of choice) well before graduating, and I did with Oracle...

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Wednesday Apr 02, 2014

From College to Corporate World!!By Tojin Joseph

" Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me...."-Steve Jobs” .

I remember the day I started my Engineering, like everyone, I too dreamed to get placed in one of the top companies. Now at this point of time I thank God Almighty, all the crew members of SCT, my family, friends, Jesus Youth Family & everyone who helped me achieving this.

I cleared my interview and landed in my dream company and was all set to explore corporate life. As exciting as this opportunity was, it made me extremely anxious having heard my seniors experience tight schedules and intense stress. Moreover I was to switch over to becoming a software / programming geek from a Mechanical engineer.

On 13th January 2014, as a pleasant surprise I became a member of ORACLE family, the company that moves world with Java in everything. From the very 1st day, I began to experience the real beauty of Oracle life. Now completing almost two months here with amazing work culture and friendly colleagues each day is unforgettable...

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