Monday Nov 04, 2013

What do the participants say about the Open Day in South Africa?

On the 26th of September, a group of students who were specifically selected to attend an Open day at Oracle South Africa, joined us at our offices in Woodmead, Johannesburg. The Conference room was filled with inquisitive minds. What we had in store for them was a detailed presentation about Oracle which was delivered by Zuko - Cluster Leader: Tech GB South Africa.

Here is some of the feedback from the attendees:

Maxwell Moloi: “The open day truly served its purpose and exceeded expectations in the sense that I got to find out more about Oracle and all the different opportunities it has to offer. The fact that Oracle supplies a full solution to a customer and not just part of it and how the company manages to setup professional development for their employees is what entices me to want to join the rapidly growing team of Oracle.”...

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Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

Get Across The Table & Share Your Story By Megha Kapil !!!

I am sure many of you are presently sitting across the table facing an industry expert to prove your mettle.
Generally when you think of an interview; first image is of someone firing you with questions & you trying to hit all the shots right. We make an interview look like a court room where you are a victim & being prosecuted to apply for job: Why have you applied for this job, why do you think you are fit for this role, tell me your strengths, tell me your weaknesses, How, When Where, What..?  
Interview is a process of knowing a candidate & his/her fitment in the system for interviewer; where as for interviewee its understanding the organization & his/her role. We have made this process of interview synonym to Q&A session. However, as a matter of fact the best scenario is when an interviewee initiates a conversation; which seldom happens.
Why don’t we look at our Interview as a meeting to discover a prospect of lifetime, a process to showcase best of our skills, an opportunity to learn while exchanging meaningful dialogue with experts from industry? 
We all get inspired when we get to know somebody’s achievements. We like to listen to interesting life stories of people which are positive & motivating.
Do you have a story? Everyone does…
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Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Lesi, from Graduate Trainee to Territory Manager

It’s the final year, University is now coming to an end. A new chapter now awaits my arrival. This part of my life is called “Looking for a Job”. With no form of experience whatsoever, getting a job at a well renowned IT company is something that every IT student dreams about.

CV: √, Application form: √, interviews: √. Acceptance Call, “Lesi I’m pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to be part of the Oracle Graduate Program for 2012”.

Life would never again be the same.

Being Part of the Graduate Program

Going into the Graduate program, I felt like a baby seeing candy for the first time. The Program gave me the platform to not only break in to the workplace but also to help launch my career. Over the next 3 months, I went through various trainings / workshops / events / coaching / mentorship sessions...[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

The environment that is uniquely Oracle by Phillip Yi

In the past month, I have been given the exclusive opportunity to hire a Legal graduate/intern for Oracle’s in-house Legal Counsel based here in North Ryde, Sydney.

Whilst talking to various applicants, I am asked the same, broad question – what are we looking for?

Time and time I have spoken about targeting the best, or targeting the best fit. I am an advocate of the latter, hence when approaching this question I answer very simply – ‘we are looking for the individual, that will fit into the culture and environment that is uniquely Oracle’.

So, what is the environment/culture like here at Oracle? What makes Oracle so unique and a great place to work, especially as a graduate?...

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Monday Oct 21, 2013

Oracle @Munich Business School

Last Wednesday, Lisa from the Graduate Recruitment team and her colleague Philipp from Sales visited the Munich Business School to talk about IT challenges, Sales and Career Opportunities at Oracle.

Although the talk started at 6:30 pm, the audience of about 100 students was still attentive and curious. First they were provided with some facts about Oracle, then Philipp went into detail and took them through current IT challenges like ‘Social’, ‘Mobile’, ‘Information’ and ‘Cloud’ and how Oracle solutions can help facing these challenges. He also demonstrated what kind of prerequisites and qualifications are required to become a successful Sales person. When talking about his own career, the audience got even more anxious to hear what he would tell them. Finally, students asked questions on career opportunities across Europe or on other topics they were interested in.

If you’re interested in talking to us in person, connect with us on Facebook to get the latest information about events we’re attending and schools we’re visiting.

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Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

JAVA Technical Sharing in Tsinghua University – China by Camilla Wu

We aim to identify the brightest graduating students from selected Universities who will help position Oracle as a company of choice within their University. Our Ambassadors are a bridge between Oracle and their Universities.

Two months earlier, we held an Oracle Open Day Event, the Tsinghua University Ambassador together with his classmates had been invited to walk into the Oracle Offices and on Sept.17th, Oracle had a JAVA technical sharing in Tsinghua University. In total 108 students joined the session, one JAVA technical Manager gave a fantastic presentation to the students, and our recruiting team also introduced Oracle and our campus hire process. A number of students asked different questions related to JAVA and Oracle campus hiring, from this session we has a number of students express interest in roles with us, hope anyone of them could join Oracle in the coming FY14 campus hire program!!!

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Monday Oct 14, 2013

Gradstalk @Oracle Berlin

As we did in 2012, we’re inviting students and graduates to visit us and get to know more about Oracle and the career opportunities we offer. This year, we’re welcoming you in the newly inaugurated Oracle Customer Visit Centre in Berlin. We’ll talk about challenges the IT industry and Oracle are facing at the moment and give you an insight in to our sales techniques. You’ll also be able to network and chat with managers from sales and pre-sales to learn more about possible career paths. Some of our new hires will answer your questions regarding a successful start at Oracle. Felix and Lisa from the EMEA Graduate Recruitment team will be there to inform you about the recruitment process and to be at your disposal for all other questions you might have.

Read what last years’ attendants said about the event:

‘The event exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to some similar events of other companies, with Oracle it has been quite fast and easy to get in contact with managers and learn more about different roles... [Read More]

Wednesday Oct 09, 2013

Career Kickoff @ Oracle in Dublin

My name is Martin, originally from Stuttgart, Germany and now working and living in Dublin. I joined Oracle in February 2013 as a Business Development Consultant (BDC) and would like to share my experiences over the first couple of months with you.

New Beginnings

As an ‘International Business Management’ graduate with previous work experience for two global players in the automotive and IT-industry, respectively, I was looking for a good place to start my international career. Oracle offered me the opportunity to work abroad in a multicultural environment and to develop my professional skills, so I was intrigue...[Read More]

Tips to Become Employable By Mrinal Das !!!

From my little experience in the field of recruitment and more precisely university hiring for technology (IT) companies, I see a huge gap between the industry needs and the syllabus or curriculum that are taught in colleges.

Due to the rapidly changing dynamics facing the 21st century and increasing competition day by day globally industry demands ready to deploy resources or expect minimal training requirement for the new hires to become productive and start contributing to the job. While I understand the fact that for a country like India with 1.25 billion population and so much complex diversity, it may be difficult for the education systems to catch up with the industry and do short periodical revision on curriculum. However, there are certain key skills that can be taught and practiced while you are still in campus and become employable...

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Monday Oct 07, 2013

What do the participants say about Oracle Summer School?

Oracle Summer School was definitely a fantastic experience for both participants and organizers and also a great way to close the summer season. Oracle is organising every year a Summer School, for Romanian students and graduates of IT&Business Universities to learn about the corporate environment and the various career opportunities. Our goal is to provide them with the core knowledge they need for starting a career in a multinational company. Oracle Summer School lasts for 1 month and includes business presentations, meetings with Oracle specialists, soft skills trainings and a mentorship programme.

Here is what a few of this year’s participants had to say …

Andreea Sia: Oracle Summer School is an extraordinary experience that involves making contact with many people but in contrast, awakes an insight. Oracle Summer School challenges you to actively participate in your learning process and discover that what you love can become what you do. Information gained during the program is dense and challenges are there every step of the way... 

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Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

“Best, or Best fit” By Phillip Yi

As the regular season for Rugby League in Australia draws nearer to a close, clubs are poised with a very important question – have we got the right talent to be competitive for the next season?

As transfer windows open, players and managers are approached by rival club recruiters and scouts to lure them into their team. So, what recruitment strategies do coaches and clubs utilise in an attempt to further their strength for next season?...

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Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

Myself & GFIC Recruitment by Karthik SV

Oracle… Oracle… Oracle…!!! I got a call from Oracle. Who wouldn’t be interested to join such a big organization? I told a big YES as soon as the Oracle Recruiter asked me if I would accept this role. The interview process went well; the expectations of the role with clarity were set to me. I got through… So what next??? I am the Campus Recruiter for Oracle’s Global Finance Teams . It sounds so great isn’t it? New Role, New People, New Challenges and I was all ready to take it.

What is my Role???

We hire fresh graduates (BA, B.Sc, B.Com & MBA) from all colleges/Universities, which means we give opportunities to all the graduates who would want to work in a global organization. I would again want to shout and say that “We Hire fresh Graduates from ALL the colleges”. What exciting news to all the fresh graduates who would want to kick start their career with an organization which has more than a Lakh great minds.

That’s not the end of my role guys…. We hire language experts, you heard it right!!!

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Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultants!

Are you looking for a job? Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultant for the EMEA Sales Operations team in Dublin. In this position you are actively engaging with customers who have either interacted with Oracle previously (Marketing Events, Downloads of Software) or whom you are calling proactively to discuss topics of current interest around our products. The goal in this position is to invoke interest, identify and qualify possible opportunities and pass them on to the inside sales colleagues for progression. If you start your career at Oracle in this job it will open up a mix of different career opportunities. Have a look at the video to find out more. If you want to apply send your cv to

Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

Change Your Thinking By Camilla Wu

There’s a story about two seriously ill men, each day the one who’s next to the window would share what he saw to the next one, as the man described all this in details, the other man would close his eyes and imagine the pictures he shared; but one day the man living to the window died, the left one moved to his bed he found there’s no view, there’s a blank wall. Love your friends and families...[Read More]

Friday Sep 13, 2013

Oracle Open Day: from the classroom to the boardroom

The Oracle Graduate Program gives dynamic young graduates the opportunity to harness their potential and grow to an optimal level within the corporate world. By attracting top talent in South Africa and contributing to the creation of employment. The Intern Program can be a life-changing and a career gateway...

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