Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

IIT Bombay Preplacement talk by Ankit and Megha

Students in India who are now in their final year of studies have so much to look forward to. Not only must they focus on their studies but their thoughts also lean towards the beginning of their careers. Once students finish their degrees they start work and companies who are hiring are visiting colleges to select students to join them. This can be a stressful period for students as they must decide which company to begin their career with. In this regard, a pre placement talk by a company would be the one way for students to get a clear idea of what the company has in offer for the students, the different job profiles, the location of their job posting etc.. It is an opportunity for both the company and students to interact with each other.

 Oracle took the opportunity to visit IIT Bombay and help educate students about what a career at Oracle may be like for them. Our recent Pre Placement Talk was well received by the students as they sat glued to their seats with their eyes wide open as Ankit Garg, an alumni of IIT Bombay who is a Senior Software Development Director at Oracle spoke to the students. Ankit helped explain what a career here at Oracle would be like, from the technical aspects of the roles we have to the fun activities we promote as well...

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Wednesday Sep 24, 2014

"Putting our best step forward " by OFSS Selects from NIT Hamirpur

Tensions ,stress and pressure all around, Interview phobia,job phobia everywhere in the campus ,,and when we sat with tempers high in the presentation hall came "Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS) ".

Their first words came so soothing to our tensed minds,they made us feel comfortable,walked us through the presentation in a very neat,detailed and precised way.The interview phobia in us reduced to a greater extent .

We then were ready to face the interview battle,"The clash of titans:We knew we would compete with our best of friends for the job,but we had to do so",The interview process was even more relaxed and comfortable,and again after the interview our stress levels started pumping high.

Results were to be announced.We prayed to the mightiest god ,giving all promises of favours if we get placed.

Finally thanks to the Allmighty ,yippeeee we were selected ..Now we are putting our best foot forward and stepping into the corporate world to become part of a new family "Yes,We are Oraclites "!!
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Tuesday Sep 23, 2014

Oracle & I - Graduate Recruitment Intern Diary

Our Love Story

It’s our 6 week anniversary tomorrow. And by anniversary I mean Oracle & I have been in a committed relationship for 6 blissful weeks. Like most new-age relationships, we met online. Through LinkedIn as it happens. Oracle’s advert was looking for someone to support them through what can sometimes be described as a long and complex process called Graduate Recruitment.

Our first encounter was quite a blur; there was a mass mixture of emotions – nerves, excitement and anticipation. Our day was spent getting to know each other, meeting friends, and learning about Oracle as a person. We had a dinner party in the canteen of P5 where we ate glorious food from a buffet and drank free cappuccinos...

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Wednesday Sep 17, 2014

Scaling New Heights with Oracle Campus Recruitment Team by Abhinav

Hi, I am Abhinav Shankar having about 4 years of work experience in hiring freshers across India. And Today am all set to scale new heights in my career and the reason being..... "Yes I have just joined The Campus Recruitment Team at Oracle", I am super excited and happy to be a part of this great Organization. As a part of the Campus Team I will be actively hiring fresher's for Oracle and not only that. On a broader note I will be hiring the Fresh Top Talent's of the Nation. it is going to be highly challenging and fun. What else will a Campus Recruiter look for, in his role. Amazing isn't it?

On a usual working day something unexpected happened, I got a call from the Oracle Recruitment team. Then it all happened. The interview process went on well and I enjoyed the process completely as the interviewer- My current manager was very friendly and appreciated exchange of thought process. One thing I find really interesting about the Organization is that, during the course of the interview and upon joining the Organization is so employee friendly and encourages employees to come up with new ideas. The work culture is awesome here and that is the reason why Oracle is the Best company to work...
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Wednesday Sep 10, 2014

Oracle Pre Placement Talk at the IIT's by APAC Campus Placement Team

Like every year the time has come yet again, the season of hiring, the placement process.... Where dreams come true, where energy levels are high, where tempers fly and tension rises… The only thing that’s changed is that this time it’s YOU!!!!

Oracle is here to make your dreams come true with fabulous job profiles and salaries that are beckoning to pick the crème-de-la-crème, the ‘best-of-the-best’.

Are you the person we’re looking for? Are you set to take your place here with us, at the world’s No. 1 company in over 50 product categories.

We’ll be visiting your institute soon to meet with you, walk you through the profiles, answer questions that you may have and generally get to know you better.

We look forward to spending some time with you and hope that you’re excited and eager too!!!
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Monday Sep 01, 2014

Campus Selects from NIT Trichy for Application Development and OFSS

Hearty welcome to all our Oracle hires from NIT Trichy for APPS and OFSS..Great going guys.All the best for your career ahead at oracle.We are sure you enjoy great learning here !!

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Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

Oracle College Rehire Program -China by Camilla!!

In China,for the R&D campus hire, we launched a Oracle College Hire Program, all the new graduates in R&D team could join it, the purpose is to let them understand Oracle’s culture and value, get them quickly to be familiar and productive on their new work, provide meaningful events and get them engaged.

 They’re divided into classes by location, each class would have around 20 people, and each class would have a monitor, who is in charge of the whole class activity, the program has 3 modules, including social activity, Speaker Series and Career Development.

The pictures show one class, which is having the social activity session,exciting isnt it?  

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Monday Aug 18, 2014

We are Cool Oraclites : Selfie Contest Part 1 by PSG College of Technology

Excitement,Happiness,Fun and frolic all around.We students from PSG College of Technology Coimbatore are all set to enter a new phase in life.Crossover from Campus to Corporate,Crossover from naughtiness to professionalism.Anxiety all around,but yes we are sure our journey to awesomeness is about to begin.We are going to be a part of an Organization we dreamt off..Our dreams are taking colors and we are all set to fly.Here we come with millions of hopes and dreams all the way from PSG to Oracle .[Read More]

Thursday Aug 07, 2014

ACM-W India,ACM-Goa Chapter and Oracle Academy Presents Lady ADA:1st National Level Programming Contest for Women

Open Only to girls :Win Prizes :Ramp Up Your Resume :Deadline :31st August 2014

Objective: To promote Programming Skills among girls

Eligibility: Any Girl student enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master's or  Research degree programs under the Faculties of Science,

Engineering and Management.  

The contest will consist of three rounds.

First Round: Online contest on 6th Sept. 2014.

Second Round: Technical interview via Skype on 13th Sept. 2014.      

Final Round: National Finals at Goa University on 25th Sept. 2014...[Read More]

Wednesday Aug 06, 2014

Brace Yourself for this Race by Aarti!!

Like every year the time has come yet again, the month of August, the season of hiring, the placement process.... Where dreams come true, where energy levels are high, where tempers fly and tension rises… The only thing that’s changed is that this time it’s YOU!!!!

Huge I.T. giants like Oracle that are your dream companies with lucrative jobs and salaries are already pouring in on campus to pick the crème-de-la-crème, the ‘best-of-the-best’.

Are you the person we’re looking for?

Here’s a quick sneak peek into what we look for when we’re hiring and what you need to do to help you prepare for this mammoth task called “PLACEMENTS”

Fundamental technical knowledge: Simple!! You need to know what you’ve learnt and studied the last 3 years. There’s no avoiding that, now is there?

So ensure you know your subject well and when asked ‘What’s your best/strongest subject?’ make sure you know your favorite subject word for word; cover to cover.

Relevant Projects: If you’re looking for a job in the IT industry, we’re really expecting you to do a project that’s relevant to your area of interest as well as ours! After all, we’re all in it for the same reason- for you to find the best job and us to find the best candidate...

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Thursday Jul 31, 2014

Confessions of an Oracle CX Technical Consultant

Hi! My Name is Maria and I am a Customer Experience (CX) Sales Consultant at Oracle UK based in London, one of the most vibrant, energetic and coolest cities in Europe. My journey here has been fun, interesting and full of new experiences.

It’s not unusual to have a recent University grad not know what they want to do right after college and of course that is exactly what happened to me. But let me tell you a secret: you don’t have to! It’s your attitude that really matters. What do you do when have new opportunities in front of you? Do you ignore and walk away from them or do you accept them and welcome change? Like Paulo Coelho would say “The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats” (The Pilgrimage).

I will let you know a bit about myself and my background, so you can understand how I’ve come to be where I am at today. I was born in the US from Spanish parents and grew up between Spain and the US...

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Wednesday Jul 30, 2014

Individuality VS Collaboration By Phillip

The past month – lots of sleepless nights, national pride, arguments with friends and fans, constant questioning of referee’s decisions and ability of coaches, blaming players and lack of team chemistry. And of course mistaking anger, poor decisions and moments of insanity to passion for football. Yes, the World Cup – an event that stops the world, brings nations together – the world stage to showcase some of the worlds top talent, putting football clubs across the world into a bidding and recruiting frenzy to secure this talent.

Watching each match, whether in the group stages, knock out or finals we see individual brilliance from players that can steer a team to victory – or teams that have excellent team chemistry, working in unison to work towards the same goal and team glory.

So, from witnessing these matches can Campus Recruitment take a page from the World Cup? When targeting talent, are we looking for brilliant individual players that may or may not fit into the teams culture? Or are we looking for those team players that can work in unison with the rest of the team and work towards the same goals (figuratively of course)?...

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Thursday Jul 24, 2014

My first weeks at Oracle by Keneiloe

Hi  everyone,

My name is Keneiloe a Graduate Recruitment Intern based in South Africa. My first weeks at Oracle have been mind blowing and exceptionally interesting. The first day was slow and really all about getting a feel for everything and getting to know everybody. The days following that I can really say I enjoyed as I am an individual that likes to get involved, learn new things and really immerse myself into something. I know my mentor saw this in me from the beginning and she really did nurture the urge I had to get involved.

I found that the environment was nothing close to what I expected. People were really friendly and yet very much focused on their own tasks and I established very quickly that this is how people worked in Oracle. You work interdependently and you can always ask and receive help when you need it. What fascinated me the most was discovering that the person your most likely getting help from wasn’t just down the hall or even in another province but from a different country and assisted you as though they were sitting right next to you.

In my second week at Oracle unfortunately my mentor was called out of office to attend to some personal matters. This was both a blessing and curse for me as we really did establish a solid working relationship she was able to trust me in handle matters while she was away, while also teaching me things I wouldn’t have learnt otherwise...[Read More]

Wednesday Jul 23, 2014

Big Ideas Are Good, but Every Plan Needs Building Blocks by David Talamelli

A few years ago I attended a training course which was designed to help participants understand how they think and behave to help them make better decisions both individually and as part of a team. In this training I completed an Emergenetics Profile which helps you understand the way you think. There are 4 Distinct Categories which are Analytical, Structural, Social and Conceptual which are fairly self explanatory. The training was really insightful and helped me better understand the way I tend to approach situations and also better understand how others approach situations as well...


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Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

Best Ways To Excel In Internships By Karthik

Arrive on time. This is such a minor thing, that I'm sure you've labeled it with 'work hard' and 'be proactive' but seriously, when you arrive on time it does so much for your reputation and even just being late a few times can hurt your reputation. Also due to the fact that as an intern, you may be in the situation where your supervisor checks in with you in the morning and then leaves you to a project (while they do their own job) and checks back in with you later in the day. So they're looking for you first thing, and if you're late, you're actually keeping them from their own work. 

Ask for help, but problem solve first. In your first few weeks, of course you're going to ask for a lot-where's the color printer? How do I access this information? However, once you get into the work, the interns that really make an impact, find a problem, and attempt to solve it before they go for help. "I couldn't update this data, I tried using the online portal, but it gave me an error, do you know what I should do?"

All work is needed. The downside of internships, is that sometimes you end up doing the work that nobody wants to do. Presenting to 100 people, and somebody needs to collate the print outs? Yes, that's boring and you're overqualified for it, but your boss will never ask you to do something that isn't needed. The interns that normally get full time offers, it's usually about 50% doing their job, but also about not complaining when they got the short end of the stick. It doesn't matter how you get through it-whether it's getting zen and completing each task to the best of your ability, or it's making a game out of how fast you can photocopy, you want to smile and get the work done...

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