Tuesday Nov 11, 2014

My Oracle Academy Program Experience by Sena Aydogan

My name is Sena and I am an intern within the Oracle Technology Sales Team based in Ankara, Turkey. I also give support to the Oracle Academy Program. I completed mandatory compliance courses to learn Oracle’s ethics and business standards and also various online training modules to learn Oracle Sales Systems and Oracle Academy Root Systems so far.

I support Technology Sales Team by creating reports or PowerPoint presentations on various subjects such as customer requirement analysis, IT budgeting etc. as requested. I carry out extensive research before preparing each report or PowerPoint presentation.

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Wednesday Nov 05, 2014

Talent Acquisition at Oracle

Talent Acquisition at Oracle by Isaac Costa

Although recruitment is the same as talent acquisition, there are connotations to the latter concept. We refer to talent acquisition when it is not only to carry out a simply hiring process, when the process is focused on acquiring assets. In actual organizations Human Capital is considered the most integral part for the development of the organization. That is why recruitment plays such an important role in successful organizations such as Oracle. We do not think of recruitment as a process of filling open positions anymore, it is an entirely tactical process. Strategic talent acquisition is a long term view of filling open positions not only today but also using the candidates that come out of a recruiting campaign.

At Oracle, we approach candidates strategically, in a way that it is not enough to ask if they are qualified according to the requirements or whether are they interested in the position or not. It is more a process of taking into account the career aspirations and expectations of the candidate. We attempt to involve the candidates in a conversation that encourages building relationships in which the potential fit of the candidate is carefully analyzed not only for a certain position, but also to become candidates in future recruitment processes.

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Yes!! It indeed is Oracle in my destiny by Keerthana

The initial process of getting into Oracle was answering an online test for which 450 people had registered. So, the hope of clearing the exam was obviously less. When I got to know that I had cleared it and I was one of those 66 people who were eligible for the next process, again a faint hope arose in my mind. Finally commenced the Oracle day,that was Sept. 18th which began with the pre placement talk which I would say was very informative. It made me feel like if I had desired for something, it was Oracle. Later, once the talk was done, Technical Interview process started. Initially I was extremely scared and nervous as it was my first interview ever. Later when my turn came, somehow tried to build up my confidence level and entered the cubicle. I was welcomed with a very warm smile by the interviewer. There was a very good rapport built between the interviewer and me as both of us had one common matter to discuss apart from the technical stuffs, it was astrology. The interview went on for nearly half an hour. I was very happy at the end of the day because I felt my interview really went well.

After I reached home at around 8’o clock I got to know that I made up to the next round. I was very delighted and at that point of time I felt that I must not come back bare handed. I prepared something on some subjects. Next day, on september 19th was the 2nd technical interview. I was called in the morning itself to the interview cubicle. It was a very long interview. The interviewer explored the very technical knowledge in me. But yes, I would not forget to say that the interviewer was very kind, warm hearted and he made me feel comfortable...[Read More]

Monday Oct 27, 2014

When Joy knows no bounds by Sonakshi

Hi, I am Sonakshi Gupta. I have been recruited by ORACLE UGBU unit through on-campus placements. First of all I am extremely happy that I am going to be a part of an extremely well established, multinational computer technology corporation like Oracle.

On the day of interviews, the presentation given by recruiters was mind-blogging. Through just a half-hour session a complete picture of Oracle was well drawn. The various kinds of products developed by Oracle and its various business units were amazing to know. I was enthralled by the steady growth rate of Oracle in the past few years. The fact that it acquired sun-microsystems in 2010 exhibits its growth in the industry.

I would like to share my interview experience. First there was a written test which comprised of aptitude questions and mcq’s on computer fundamentals. I was shortlisted along with 60 other students. The interviews were conducted one week later. The most wonderful thing which touched my heart was in my first round of interview, when I sat for the systems profile of Oracle unit(Banglore). But after looking through the kind of projects done by me and my areas of interest the interviewer automatically shifted me to the developer profile of UGBU unit. I was extremely happy that the interview took into consideration of all the aspects and chose a perfect profile for me as I was interested more in Enterprise Java development and databases. The entire interview panel was very friendly and encouraging. I got confused for one question in operating systems in my first round but the interviewer took me into a zone where I could clear all my doubts and he carved out a niche for me where I was in a comfortable situation with no tension and nervousness. I thought and gave him answers to all his questions which were mostly on Operating Systems and Computer Networks...

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Thursday Oct 23, 2014

Connecting our Interns across the globe!

Our First ECEMEA Intern video conference by Jan Bureš

On Wednesday, October 24th we joined our first video conference call for the Eastern Central Europe, Middle East and Africa Internship Program.

It was a unique opportunity to get in touch with our colleagues all around the globe. The aim of the call was to share our experiences at Oracle so far, exchange ideas in relation to succeeding in Oracle as an intern and to give us a chance to get to know each other - despite our geographical differences.

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Oracle Geek Chic(as!)

My name is Karina, and I’m proud to be a woman working in IT!....[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 15, 2014

Oracle South Africa 2015 Graduate Programme Open Day

We at Oracle South Africa couldn’t express what a pleasure it was to host the Open Day for the 2015 Graduate Programme. We hope this day inspired all future candidates that will soon have the opportunity to join the red team!

The open day took place on the 9th of October 2014 and although we were excited to meet the prospective candidates, there was no telling how the day would go. The day began with a few blank stares, some chatter about which universities they were enrolled in, obviously some friendly rivalry about which school was the best and some debate on why anyone would willing choose to study Applied Mathematics.

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Prayers Answered,Wishes Came True by Sapna!!

It was on 18th of September, 2014 when the team of Oracle –CLOUD SERVICES had come to our college for recruitment. Everyone was tensed and so was I. We were 66 in number and everyone wanted to get into ORACLE. There was a pre-placement talk conducted which was followed by the interview process. Everyone was eagerly waiting for their turn to come and when my turn came I went into the interview cubicle with only one motive that “I have to do it at any cost”.

My First technical interview was completely based on 6th semester subjects and puzzles. I managed to clear the first technical round and was one among the 30 students who cleared the first round.

The second technical round was based on my favorite subject i.e Operating Systems and I managed to answer the questions based on it. I was also asked regarding my final year project. Then came the third technical round where I was asked about certain UNIX commands, UNIX architecture and Computer Networks and puzzles too. I was self-satisfied and was hoping for the best.

Finally I was called for the HR interview where I was asked to tell about myself and she even asked me to sing a song. I especially enjoyed the HR round a lot.

Finally we were waiting for the results to be announced. As the results were being announced my heart was beating faster and I was praying that my name should be one among the several names and luckily my name was the last name to be announced. So I was one among the 16 people who made it into ORACLE-CLOUD SERVICES and now I can proudly say that I’m an ORACLEite.

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Friday Oct 10, 2014

My Big Decision in Life : Choosing Oracle by Prabhakar

INTERVIEW!! A phase of life which every engineer has to go through at least once in life. Like all students even I was very excited about my first interview. Since I belong to a non-IT background, I did not have any hopes of getting placed in  ORACLE!

Before the interviews begun, all my friends were nervous, studying so many thick books, discussing all topics, preparing for the interview, checking files, resumes, dresses etc.., But my story was different, I was not at all nervous, wearing a simple white shirt and my dad's pants and shoes ,I was looking at my friends and I felt very lonely. People say that books are our best friends so I searched for books in my bag, but to my surprise  there were no books! Just a file with certificates.

I recalled what I studied, I started with my nursery classes, A for Apple, B for Ball... upto Z, later few rhymes. Still I was getting bored so started playing games in my mobile phone. Then I was called in for the interview, I went there with full confidence because I knew that I can answer any question from my field which is electronics and I also knew that people will ask me C++,#,JAVA etc which I had no idea about.

But they asked me about my favourite projects and subjects like Microcontrollers, Power electronics, Circuits and even Electrical Machine Design, I enjoyed answering their questions. I liked the way they respected my field and my knowledge. And most important is the second technical interview where he clearly told me to choose one,either my core company or Oracle...

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Thursday Oct 09, 2014

The Moment When Your Dream Comes True by Anjali !!

ORACLE in our college campus! Nothing could have made me happier than that news ,for it was my dream company that was in our college.

Well, the first step in the process of me being an ORACLEite commenced with an Online Test conducted for hundreds of students in our college campus, out of which few made it to the next round and I was one among them. After which we went through a short, yet informative pre placement talk where we got a clear picture of what ORACLE was and what would our responsibilities be as an ORACLEite. The next, was the most anticipated....

The Chain of Interviews. On the first day I went through a technical interview where I was asked questions regarding my favourite subjects and projects. After a long wait, I got to know that I had made it to the next round while I was on the bus on my way back home. Thrilled, Excited, Confident, I was all set to face my next round of interview the very next day.

It was a technical round and it went really well. As I was the first person to finish my technical interview I was immediately sent for HR interview, which was short, comforting and informative. At the end of the day, results were out and Yes ! I was an ORACLEite !Friends congratulating, Teachers blessing , Parents feeling proud, that moment was the most memorable moment of my life ....

There's a saying in Hindi which goes like this "Kehte hai sache dil se mango toh bhagwan bhi mil jata hai....". So yes ! Finally, I got what I had always prayed for and dreamt about ...BEING AN ORACLEite.

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That Awesome Feel by Prashant Pinto !!!

It was the morning of September 13th 2014, The 4th floor at NMAM institute of technology was packed with final year engineering students, anxiously waiting for the online test to start. The online test was the first round in the recruitment process for Oracle on demand, one of the largest companies to visit our campus and me and my friends were all set to make it into this company. The test went well for most of us. Following this was a 5 day wait before the results were out and it was such a delight to have my name among the 66 selected students.

On the morning of September 18th we had a wonderful and encouraging pre-placement talk by the Oracle recruitment team. Soon after this, the interviews began. I fell in the last batch which meant that my interview would be taken pretty late. The waiting time was spent in revisions and puzzle solving to keep the nervousness at bay. Finally at 7 pm I was called in for my interview. It was a 15 minute Q&A session encompassing most of my academics which I believe I answered with confidence and clarity.

30 students were selected for the second round of interviews and I was one among them. The very next day I was one of the first few to be called in for my interview. This one consisted of a quick technical round which I was able to clear comfortably. By this time my confidence level had risen pretty high. I was then called in for my HR round, which was quite a pleasant and comforting discussion.

In the evening came the results. All of us listened with our fingers crossed as 16 names were called out. What an awesome feeling it was to hear not just mine but also my friends names being read out. Nothing could hold me from jumping around with joy. Congratulations and good wishes followed.

That awesome feel is still there and it will take a while for this feeling to subside. Looking forward to some great times at Oracle.

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One of a Kind Interview Experience at Oracle by Ashni

A rejuvenating experience, the interview with the Oracle team in NMAMIT, Nitte brought out the best in me. The interviewers were warm and open thus instilling a sense of confidence to give my best shot at the technical and HR interviews.

The technical interview I faced on day1 enabled me to present a clear view about myself, my projects and my capabilities to the interviewer. I answered all queries and questions put forward to me holistically and every word of mine was keenly perceived which I loved the most. On day2 I had a clear picture about my role and responsibilities at Oracle. The HR interview was a part of my life that will remain in my sweet memories forever. I will always remember speaking and singing through my first ever HR interview.

If I have to sum it all up in a phrase I would say it was a “One of a Kind” experience I had. Thank you for giving me a chance to put my best foot forward.

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Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

Good Times by Ila Bhide

At first, I was really thrilled at the thought of Oracle arriving at our institution for Placement drive. We had to answer an online test on Saturday, September 13 2014 and it involved Analytical and Technical questions. Next on September 17 Wednesday, a list of 66 students was declared as eligible to the interview segment. I was ecstatic to find my name in it and rushed home to share it with my Parents.

The next day, we were welcomed by the exciting team of Oracle and I was amazed by the clarity of the Pre placement talk.

Soon, all the 66 of us were rushed to the placement hall and the grinding task of First Technical Interview was on wheels.

It was a daunting experience to wait for the interview...

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Excitement of becoming an ORACLEite by Ashwini Shanbogue

It all started in the first year of my engineering, some of our seniors got placed in Oracle. I heard it is a good company, then did some research on net, by which I came to know that it was one of the best companies in the world. Since then it was my dream to be placed in Oracle, which came true on 19th Sep 2014.The placement process consisted of an online test, on clearing which two technical interviews and an HR interview.

On 13th September was the initial online test .Interviews were supposed to be on 18th and 19th.I went for the online test praying all gods to help me pass the test. I was cool did not have any nervousness since it was just an online test, I wrote the test, now comes the critical part i.e. wait for the results. After a long wait on 17th morning 11.00 am they announced the results and there it was my name in the cleared category. I was so happy and at the same time started getting nervous. The next day was the interview, I was nerevous, I wanted to get in to my dream company ORACLE and I couldn’t let it go!! I bunked the noon classes went home and started preparing for the interview, went through all my projects, all the subjects I had and did some meditation to control my nervousness.

Finally the next day 18th September, I’m all dressed up and ready for the interview. We assembled at our auditorium and there came the Oracle recruitment team. The four panelists and a HR. They start the pre-placement talk and I listened to them very keenly, and after that they announced the batches according to which interview would take place and yeah I was in the first batch. I could hear my heart beat and was very anxious. . The interview went well starting with the introduction, questions on my projects, I was comfortable answering the questions, hoping to clear this round. Results of this round were put up in the late evening and I had cleared it!!...

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The Cheer Box : Oracle Cloud Services Hires from NMAMIT Nitte

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