Thursday Mar 27, 2014

Why work and live abroad: from Germany to Spain

Hi, my name is Markus. I am a Sales Consultant for Social Media and Marketing in the EMEA PreSales Center (EPC) of Oracle in Malaga. I work together with colleagues across the whole of Europe by delivering product expertise and demonstrations of our solutions. I mainly focus on Oracle's Cloud solutions for Marketing Automation (Eloqua) and Social Relationship Management. I like to work in international teams and being surrounded by colleagues with different cultural backgrounds and ideas.

After my apprenticeship as management assistant for IT-Systems some years ago, I studied Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. When I was about to finish my studies, I started to look for jobs and came across the role as a Sales Consultant for Oracle. From the very first moment, I felt this role would fit perfectly with my skills and interests as it combined both IT and business aspects. The fact that the position was based in Malaga was also a strong argument, as I always wanted to work and live abroad. After several interviews with recruiters and Managers of Oracle, I received a contract offer and decided to take the job and move abroad to Malaga. At the end of May 2013, I flew to Malaga to start my new job on June, 1st 2013...

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Learning Curve By Ankita Bhandary!!

Filled with enthusiasm, a little bit of nervousness and in keen anticipation of what lay aheadI embarked on this amazing journey in Oracle Systems on 4th of July,2013, ready to embrace the numerous experiences on my first job.

Transitioning from college classrooms and assignments to the work place environment withproject deadlines can be a daunting task. But today, as I look back on the past few months, I'mdelighted to say that I've enjoyed every minute of it ! From swinging on a rope like Tarzan tolearning how to fight fires, from fixing bugs and taking up challenging tasks to forging new friendships there has never been a dull moment.Getting an opportunity to interact with extremely talented and experienced co-workers who have worked on amazing products and technology was truly surreal. Meeting other new hires from different parts of the country and interacting with them was an eye opener to the rich diversity of our nation. Interacting with teams from different parts of the world and undergoing various trainings has certainly enhanced my skills...

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Wednesday Mar 05, 2014

The incredible story of Bharti and Bhawna Jain!!!

We were born on 18th Dec 1990 and our family members were thrilled to know about our birth. Our parents accepted us as a great gift from God! They celebrated all our birthdays and make our life full of fun with their perfect guidance and care. Together, we could study well and learnt playing synthesizer, swimming, synchronized dancing and car driving. I was school topper in 10th class while Bhawna was school topper in 12th class. Bhawna got gold medal at graduation level and I was at second position with difference of 0.01CGPA.We have always been together from childhood to graduation.

Then, we planned for post graduation. This time also, we wanted to be together, wanted to make it to same institute. You may not believe that Bhawna with AIR GATE rank 160 couldn't get admission in IIT Kharagpur. My AIR GATE rank was 375. I got admission in IIT Kharagpur in first list with first choice.

 Bhawna did much better in her interview at IIT Delhi and got admission in M Tech...

When placement season begun in December 2013, again our heart-beats raised, we wanted to get back together. I was happy to be selected in Oracle during campus recruitment drive at IIT Kharagpur.

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Friday Feb 28, 2014

Take Journey with Oracle By Ang Sun!!!

This is a fantastic career journey starting with joining Oracle Graduate Development Program. As a member of this program, you will receive a wonderful, enjoyable and exciting experience. It is not only a program about how to work but also a program about personal drive, about self-discovering also combined with about business professional.

As a graduate with limited experience and idea about working position, the Graduate Development Program is definitely valuable for you to know your real career path with solid confidence. Within this program, not only will you participate in fantastic training, but also have rotation opportunities in different departments.

Don’t worry about your non-technical background; Oracle will provide all of you a fertile field to learn, to experience, and to grow. In this program, you will meet your colleagues from diverse educations, cultures and backgrounds; during the first-phase of foundation training, both your technical background team members and substantial products training courses delivered by our senior presales accelerate speed on learning Oracle information technology; and the second-phase of rotation will also consider your characters, capabilities, intelligences and follow a mutually supplemental principal.

My first and second rotations were in Government Affairs team and Business Planning team respectively; by experiencing different working positions, business style, team environment and considering my personalities, finally I find my real career interest and decide to join Government Affairs team as the final placement.

Take opportunities, take challenges, and take journey. Join us to embrace tomorrow!

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Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

La vida es corta by Phillip Yi !!!

La vida es corta – life is short. A very simple, yet powerful saying. So, life is short for what? Short to waste it away? Short not to do what you want to do? Short to be unhappy? Short to not give everything a go?

La vida es corta can be adaptable and applied to everyone, in each individual way. As Steve Jobs once said to ‘live everyday, as if it was your last’. Too many times have I looked back with regret, not having done something that I wanted to do, not pushing for an idea to be heard, not trying out new things or new ways/approaches...

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Thursday Feb 13, 2014

Get Over Engineering! Get Over MBA! Foreign Language is the Next Big thing!!By Karthik SV

In the current market scenario where the IT industry is expanding drastically, it’s not only the engineers or management graduates who drive the organization, for the globalization of any industry it’s always the native language experts who play a very integral part. The demand for IT experts in IT industry is enormous and it is met with the volume of engineers who graduate every year. But supply for foreign Language graduates are very less and industry is badly in need of it. We need to strongly agree that there are only very few handpicked universities in India for Language experts.

Predominantly languages are classified into 2 broad categories i.e. Asian Languages & European Languages. It depends on the organizations as in where they want to expand and what kind of volume which they want to build.

Foreign language skills make you interesting and attractive, Knowing a foreign language shows that you are curious about other cultures or that you have a connection to another culture. When your credentials are identical to other candidates, having foreign language skills can help sway the hiring manager in your direction...
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Thursday Feb 06, 2014

From College to Corporation - First Steps at Oracle Sales Academy

College is considered by most to be the best years of their lives.

When one looks at college, what does s/he recall? Alumni often reminisce about friends and fellow students as well as a few impactful classes and organizations to which they were overly dedicated. I personally wasn’t ready to leave college. My Fourth Year was by far my favorite and sadly that bittersweet graduation day loomed large. Fortunately, before I left the cocoon in Charlottesville, I received an offer from Oracle which on paper appeared to have everything I could want from an employer. It included intensive training in a social, team-oriented yet competitive atmosphere where there was plenty of room for professional development. The problem was, while I worked countless internships, I still had no clue what I really wanted to do. I simply had an expensive piece of paper denoting college’s end.

Nevertheless, armed with a couple bags, an almost dead phone, and a plane ticket to a side of the country I had only viewed through the lens of Hollywood and MTV, I was off....

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Wednesday Feb 05, 2014

Why we love Hiring Campus Graduates !!!By Aarti Kumar

ORACLE, not just the world’s #1 database company anymore but #1 in a hundred other categories. A company that has left its competitors far behind and is rapidly gaining ground. It’s not just in the name but a host of things that we offer that makes us the preferred employer. Who wouldn’t want to join a company such as this? From experienced candidates, top management, students, fresh graduates, everyone wants to be a part of this amazing organization at some point or the other in their career.

While we’re constantly on the lookout to hire the ‘best talent’ for our company, one of our favorite ways to bring people onboard is through campus hiring. Have you ever wondered why we love to hire campus graduates @ Oracle, when there’s an ocean of highly experienced people available outside?

Well, here’s why. Some of our Managers and Vice Presidents at Oracle have shared their thoughts on why they simply love to hire graduates like you to work with us.

Campus hires bring in high energy and a lot of enthusiasm into the team with their willingness to experiment and think out of the box away from the established methodologies. Campus recruitment helps us get the brightest talent from various institutes.”

- Senior Program Manager, Oracle Retail

 “Oracle is a company that is at the forefront of technology and we sustain our market leadership through innovation. We look for engineers who have bright ideas and have the passion to challenge the status quo and innovate. Over the years we have been successful in attracting the “best and the brightest” from the campuses in India and we count on these talented engineers to apply their ignited minds to our business and technology problems and drive the next generation of innovation”

- Vice President, Oracle Managed Cloud Services...

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Monday Feb 03, 2014

We are NO different

The Times South Africa recently published an article about the German exchange students who have been attending Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School in Ivory Park, Midrand, North of Johannesburg since November last year. Laura Fricke and Joschka Geczy, both 17 years old, arrived in South Africa last year and have been living with host families in Tembisa, East Rand and Kaalfontein Midrand. They may be different from everyone else in the township, but they say the only thing different about them is their skin colour.

“I am very impressed by the level of discipline at the school”, Geczy said. “The teachers here take their work very seriously, ultimately leading to pupils taking their work very seriously”. Fircke said the uniform gave them another sense of belonging. “It does not make us look and feel any different from the rest of the pupils and the teachers don’t treat us any different from them”, she said...

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Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

Working is challenging here and everyday is a fruitful day by Ang Sun !!!

Would you like to start your career in a top leading company in the world? Would you like to work with more than 100 thousand talented individuals? Oracle Corporation is definitely your right choice to kickoff the career.The Graduate Trainee Program is divided into three parts. For the first week, we attended local induction training. We had to familiarize ourselves with many Line of Business (LoBs) and the huge product portfolio. After that, we went on our first business trip to Beijing for another 2-week training. It was definitely one of the highlights in the whole Program. I had the opportunity to meet new friends from different cities in China - Beijing, Chengdu, Shenyang. It was such a valuable experience to work with different colleagues with various backgrounds. We had to complete assignments and projects from time to time. And all requires teamwork. We were emphasized to work as a team. Some of us may be strong in programming, coding, visual arts, presentation skills, etc. We had to collaborate and fully utilize the strengths from each of us, so that a high quality piece of work could be delivered. The 2-week training certainly benefits my professional and personal development for interacting with people, presenting ideas from mind effectively and confidently and enhancing product knowledge...
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Monday Jan 27, 2014

Business Relationship Consultant role @OracleDirect

My name is Dominik, originally from the Frankfurt Area, Germany and now working and living in Dublin. I joined Oracle in April 2013 as a Business Relationship Consultant (BRC) and would like to share my experiences over the first good 9 months.

After my previous work experience within the financial sector where I received the “Bachelor of Banking” degree, and the online marketing industry as well as having studied a year in the US, I was looking for a new challenge for my international career.Oracle offered me the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and to develop my professional skills further, so I was impressed. I chose Oracle because I believe it provides me with an unrivalled opportunity to work in an exciting and challenging environment whilst affording excellent progression opportunities.

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Wednesday Jan 22, 2014

Why Oracle?A Graduates Perspective By Sinam Lenin Singh !!!

"What type of career I should shape for my life?" This is the question that most of the freshers keep asking to themselves, a few of them get the answer but a significant number of fresher do not.

Choosing the right career at the right time is very important to your growth as an individual.

To be in the IT field, what are many graduates – working environment, a good exposure to grow, work timing, and a decent enough salary etc..

This is where I would like share some of the points here that will make you (Fresher) realized how cool is to join Oracle.

  • Oracle Footprint- Across industries we provides complete business solutions to help companies to run their business successfully.
  • Team - You are going to work with best minds in the industries which comprises individuals which are from best colleges in various levels.
  • Technology - Here in Oracle we not only work on latest  Technologies but we create the latest technology.
  • New Ideas - Oracle gives lots of encouragement to employees across level for innovations and patents. If you are a person who wants to innovate you have the platform to do so without limitation...
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Thursday Jan 16, 2014

Foundation Training @OracleDirect

My name is Arlene and I am a Business Relationship Consultant for HCM. I had always heard about Oracle and knew it would be a fantastic company to work for, but so far they have really exceeded my expectations. This was my first job for a huge organisation and the mix of nerves and excitement was bursting out of me. I couldn’t wait to get started.

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Wednesday Jan 15, 2014

2014, make it your year By PhillipYi !!!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2….1! Happy New Year! As I counted down to the new year, many thoughts and images raced through my head – the absolute roller coaster ride that was 2013, the significant highs and the deepest lows, the fondest memories and those that I wanted to erase. Then as the new year drew closer and closer, much like everyone else I thought about my new years resolutions.

1. “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying”. If you have an idea, a new approach, an innovation – do it, try it out. It is always better to have tried and failed, then to have not tried at all. You will never know if something will work, if it will be successful, or if it will ultimately change and shape the way you work until you have tried.

2. Finish everything that I start. Whether it be a book, self learning, picking up a new sport/hobby, any new project – to just stick with it, give it my all and see it through till the end.

3. Embrace change. In 2013, too many times have I found myself resistant to change. Always stuck in my comfort zones and not wanting to move at the worlds pace. The world is so dynamic, constantly changing – this change has to be embraced to break up routine, continue to challenge yourself and to continue to move forward.

4. Prioritise ‘me’ as number 1. Selfish as it may sound, you need to put your interests above anyone else’s. You need to let go of anything that may be holding you back, dragging you down and to ensure that whatever you do, you, yourself can gain from.

5. Positiveness. Always something that I have needed to work on – always seeing the glass as half full. I’ve trained myself to always see the negative so that if the outcome is not the desired outcome, at least you have set yourself up for disappointment and have managed expectations...

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Wednesday Jan 08, 2014

Don’t Wait Create an Edge!!By Megha Kapil

Wish you all a Healthy & Gratifying 2014 ahead!! What a wonderful opportunity is this for me to write the first Campus blog for this New Year. My last blog was at a time when you all were in midst of interview season & so it focused on some simple ways to be a Hero of your life story & get your Dream Job. I am sure most of you would have made through the recruitment process & are celebrating the beginning an exciting career soon.

You have the offer letter in your hand & one last semester to go between moving from Campus to Corporate. Few months of “Wait” for you to; open the door of your office. Apart from clearing exams, going for vacation, spending time with family & friends; what is your plan for this “Waiting Period”?

My dear friends, this phase from now until your joining date is not Waiting period; this is Gestation period, Development period or Constructive period. This is the time you develop yourself, prepare yourself for the professional world. This is the time you should work to sharpen your Sword (skills/ talents / knowledge) for the War (Competition / to deliver your best in Corporate world).

Don’t stress out. You don’t need to enroll for any courses or spend nights memorizing professional jargon's or crunch numbers from organizations balance sheet...

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