Friday Aug 31, 2012


Today, we interviewed Aarti, who recently organised a flash-mob for Oracle Campus, which you can see on our facebook page

Hi Aarti, perhaps you could give us a quick introduction of yourself, and what you do at Oracle?

I’ve been with Campus Recruitment for just over a year. I’ve been with Oracle for three years. I was keen to get into the campus role after having watched other colleagues working in campus and when the opportunity arrived I jumped at it. The journey has been fantastic thus far. I’m responsible for the GBU hiring at Oracle.

Why did you record the flash-mob video - what were your goals?

Flash-mobs were one thing that took off really big in India after the first one in Mumbai. It’s the hot thing in the student community at the moment. A better way to reach out and connect with students. I think that it is also a good way to demonstrate our openness and culture at Oracle – demonstrate that we are very flexible and that we have a cool culture. I knew the video could be shared on our social media pages and reach out to a wider student community

What was the preparation and rehearsal for the video like?

When I decided to do the video, I had to decide who I would like to do the flash-mob. The new campus hires to Oracle would be ideal for this. We were 2 teams at 2 different locations and Each team took 2-3 songs and choreographed it themselves. Every day at 5pm, each team would meet up and every other weekend the whole group met. Practicing went on for about a month like this.

How was the video received by participants and by students on the University campus?

The event was well received. We did it during the lunch break at the University so that there was a large presence of students around while the flash mob took place. We set up about an hour beforehand to get everything ready. The break-bell sounded and the students came out, that’s when the flash-mob started. The students were pleasantly surprised that a company was doing this. They also recognised some of the participants involved as former graduates.

Since the flash-mob and the video of it that you recorded, have you had much response due to it?

We have, especially in the past two weeks. We went back to the college to make some hires. The flash-mob was still fresh in their minds and they knew well who Oracle was as a result.

Would you like to repeat this kind of creative initiative again with the recruitment team?

Yes, absolutely! I’m over the moon with the flash-mob. My mind is working overtime now with ideas about the next things to do!

Monday Aug 27, 2012

Business School graduate joins Oracle

My name is Mathias, I work as an Applications Inside Sales Rep for the French market, and I’d like to give you a brief snapshot of my experience at Oracle.

First things first, how did you hear about Oracle? Where have you seen the sharp and recognizable red logo? Was it in Charles de Gaulle Airport when your eyes crossed the 20-metre banner with a picture of a strange big machine in the middle? Was it through reading the Forbes 10 top IT companies worldwide ranking? Or is it because IT is your thing and you cannot but know one of the “big four”?

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Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Should you accept the first job after graduating?

When we graduate we are usually very eager to get our first job, earn our own money and live the life we’ve dreamed of. We want to be on our own, be independent and make the first step towards a successful career in the business we choose. We start applying for the jobs we would like to have, hoping we will receive a call. It might happen that we don’t only apply for the jobs we dreamed of, but also for some other jobs that aren’t so appealing to us. We are motivated to work, so we might be tempted to apply even for jobs that don’t fit our personality or who aren’t exactly what we want. What if we receive an offer for one of these jobs? Should we say yes just because of our willingness to work and be employed?

We would say that the answer is neither yes, nor no. There are several aspects that you should take into consideration before accepting the first job offer and even before applying for jobs.

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Thursday Aug 09, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Paris

For this month’s “Spotlight on an office” we head over to (Oh La La) Paris, the city of romance, luxury, croissants and baguettes. Our Paris office is located in La Garenne Colombes, only 5 minutes from Paris’ infamous business centre, La Defense. This beautiful, recently constructed office is the headquarters of Oracle France and hosts close to 1200 colleagues, out of the 1800 employees in France.

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