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Quick Guide to Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM Image 7

Lawrence Borgione
Campus Solutions Product Strategy Manager

The CS 9.2 PUM Update Image 7 is now available from the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (MOS Doc ID 1641843.2) by selecting the Update Image Home Page tab and choosing Campus Solutions Update Image Home Page.  Contents of CS 9.2 PUM Image 7 (CS 9.2.007) are highlighted in the PeopleSoft CS 9.2 Update Image Overview document available at (Doc ID 2116071.1). These links and more are available by visiting the PeopleSoft Information Portal.

Many of the features delivered in CS 9.2 PUM Image 7 are demonstrated in the video: Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM Image 7 Feature Highlights.  Look for all our Campus Solutions videos on the Oracle Higher Education channel

Summary of highlighted features delivered in CS 9.2 PUM Image 7: 


  • Fluid Approvals and the Fluid User Interface provide an easier, more intuitive way for an Admissions administrative user to take action on admissions applicant requests. Along with Fluid approvals, approval pages have been created with Page Composer, allowing for  modification of the page layout. Three Fluid approval pages are delivered to support approval transactions: Defer Request, Change Program/Plan, and Withdraw Application.

  • New setup controls enable institutions to permit applicants to change their responses after having either accepted or declined an offer of admission. Institutions can set up a date or time period during which this action is permissible

Academic Advisement

  • Updates to the self-service Academic Advising Setup page include the option for real-time processing to automatically create an advisement report if one does not already exist.  This update applies to both the Classic and Fluid user interfaces.

  • Configurable access control to advisory notes provides the  ability to manage and restrict user access on self-service and administrative Advising Notes pages.  Access control is provided at each note category and can be based on user, role or primary permission list. Access can be granted to view, update, and create notes with additional super user access to the back office advising notes page.

Campus Community

  • The Fluid User Interface is updated to enable more Fluid pages for use with activity guides: IPEDS Ethnicity, Ethnic Background, Privacy Restrictions, and Biographic Details.

  • New Fluid pages enable students to view their completed agreements that were deployed to them with activity guides.

  • The Fluid Task Details page is updated to display variable data fields for Checklists. The Organization is displayed for checklist items with an Item Association of Organization.

  • Updates to the Ethnicity Setup page for Fluid self-service allow the display of ethnic groups from regulatory regions besides the US. This enables non-US institutions to utilize the Ethnic Background page.

  • Biographic fields can now be defined in FERPA Control which in turn allows students to set up privacy restrictions.

  • Enhancements to the Constituent Transaction Management (CTM) staging component and processing supports the collection of Gender identity data and other data from external sources using CTM.

Financial Aid

  • The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is a standardized form that simplifies the information that prospective students receive about costs and financial aid when making  informed decisions about enrolling in a school. New pages in Financial Aid Fluid Self Service support a student's ability to view their Financial Aid Shopping Sheet.

Student Records

  • Faculty Center and Milestone List Details are updated to display the preferred names of students, instructors and advisors in classic pages.

As usual, every CS PUM Image delivers a number of regulatory updates and PUM Image 7 is no different and includes:

  • A new Australia Tax File Number (TFN) verification field is added to the Person Data-Australia Record to indicate whether a TFN has been verified by HEIMS and the ATO. In support of the feature, the Population Update process is also updated with new object items.

  • Per SEVIS Release 6.33, the following fields are required and now delivered, for the OPT Employment Extend event: EIN and Supervisor Information (SupervisorLastName, SupervisorFirstName, SupervisorPhone and SupervisorEmail).

  • In accordance with SEVIS Release 6.33, validation errors are triggered for Create Student if an invalid Issue Reason is used, or when Issue Reason is Change of Status and a US Address is missing. The SEVIS Master - Employment/SOA is updated with the Extension Employer check box in the Employer Details region.

  • Victoria Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) Regulatory Updates (Australia): Regulatory updates for Admission Year 2016–2017 include 3 new columns: Overseas Equivalent (x2), Post-Secondary Award Name and Proof of Completion. The new Overseas Equivalent field appears in the VIC Results page; and the Overseas Equivalent, Post-Secondary Award Name and Proof of Completion fields appear on the Qualifications page in both the TAC Suspense and TAC Candidate Data components. 

US Financial Aid Updates:

  • 2018-2019 Aid Year updates for Verification Federal (FM) and Institutional Methodology (IM) include support for tax year 2016 Verification. Deliverables include the ability to enter tax year 2016 information for Aid Year 2018-2019, perform online and batch consolidation, compare and update Federal ISIR applications for Aid Year 2018-2019.

  • 2018-2019 Aid Year updates for INAS Federal (FM) and Institutional Methodology (IM) provide computational support and modifications in processing logic to support 2018-2019.

  • 2018-2019 Aid Year updates for ISIR include changes to the file layout, and new pages to help load and manage these ISIR files. ISIR Comment Codes, ISIR Reject Reasons, ISIR/SAR Cross Reference and Federal School Code tables for Aid Year 2019 are also updated.

  • 2018-2019 Aid Year updates to NSLDS include new fields in staging and application records: Statutory Interest Rate and Actual Interest Rate. Updates also include corresponding online and batch changes.

Oracle Live Webcast for Financial Aid Regulatory 2018-2019 Release 2 (9.0 Bundle 47, 9.2 PUM Image 7) can be found at Current Adviser Webcasts Schedule and Archived Downloads at My Oracle Support, PeopleSoft Enterprise Adviser Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 1456265.1).  

A comprehensive listing all new features, enhancements, regulatory updates, and fixes for this PUM Image are contained in the downloadable  CS 9.2.007 Update Image Contents List on the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (MOS Doc ID 1641843.2),  Campus Solutions Update Image Home Page, CS Update Image Link.


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