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Campus Solutions 9.0 October 2017 Bundle #47 available

Lawrence Borgione
Campus Solutions Product Strategy Manager


Campus Solutions 9.0 October 2017 Bundle #47 is now available and includes:


Victoria Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC, Australia) regulatory updates for Admission Year 2016–2017 include 3 new columns: Overseas Equivalent (x2), Post-Secondary Award Name and Proof of Completion. The new Overseas Equivalent field appears in the VIC Results page and the Overseas Equivalent, Post-Secondary Award Name and Proof of Completion fields appear on the Qualifications page in both the TAC Suspense and TAC Candidate Data components.

Campus Community
A new Australia Tax File Number (TFN) verification field is added to the Person Data-Australia Record to indicate whether a TFN has been verified by HEIMS and the ATO. In support of the feature, the Population Update process is also updated with new object items.

Per SEVIS Release 6.33, the following fields are required and now delivered for the OPT Employment Extend event: EIN and Supervisor Information (SupervisorLastName, SupervisorFirstName, SupervisorPhone and SupervisorEmail) new object items.

In accordance with SEVIS Release 6.33, validation errors are triggered for Create Student if an invalid Issue Reason is used or when Issue Reason is Change of Status and a US Address is missing. The SEVIS Master - Employment/SOA is updated with the Extension Employer check box in the Employer Details region.

Financial Aid

2018-2019 Aid Year updates for INAS Federal (FM) and Institutional Methodology (IM) provide computational support and modifications in processing logic to support 2018-2019.

2018-2019 Aid Year updates for ISIR include changes to the file layout, and new pages to help load and manage these ISIR files. ISIR Comment Codes, ISIR Reject Reasons, ISIR/SAR Cross Reference and Federal School Code tables for Aid Year 2019 are also updated.

2018-2019 Aid Year updates for Verification Federal (FM) and Institutional Methodology (IM) include support for tax year 2016 Verification. Deliverables include the ability to enter tax year 2016 information for Aid Year 2018-2019, perform online and batch consolidation, compare and update Federal ISIR applications for Aid Year 2018-2019

2018-2019 Aid Year updates to NSLDS include new fields in staging and application records: Statutory Interest Rate and Actual Interest Rate. Updates also include corresponding online and batch changes.

Where to learn more:

Functional documentation is available for Campus Solutions Bundles on My Oracle Support PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Documentation - Bundles, Feature Packs, Additional Features, and Other Releases (Doc ID 2047464.1).  Scroll to and select the link for CS 9.0 Bundle #47 Functional Documentation.

For information about the latest updates to PeopleBooks you can refer to Most Recent Versions of Campus Solutions 9.0 Chapters (Doc ID 1523915.1)

Current Adviser Webcasts Schedule and Archived Downloads can be found by going to My Oracle Support, PeopleSoft Enterprise Adviser Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 1456265.1).  The webcast related to this bundle is: Oracle Live Webcast for Financial Aid Regulatory 2018-2019 Release 2 (9.0 Bundle 47, 9.2 PUM Image 7)

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