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  • January 27, 2017

Campus Solutions 9.0 January 2017 Bundle #44 Available

Lawrence Borgione
Campus Solutions Product Strategy Manager

Campus Solutions 9.0 January 2017 Bundle #44 is now available and includes:

Financial Aid
Updates to Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) processing include moving 2014-2015 ISIR components to FINANCIAL_AID_HISTORY. 
Updates to Institutional Need Analysis Systems (INAS) processing include moving 2014-2015 INAS components to FINANCIAL_AID_HISTORY. 
Updates to Verification processing include moving the 2014-2015 Manage Verification component to FINANCIAL_AID_HISTORY.
The 2017-2018 Financial Aid Shopping Sheet introduces an Institutional Metric to provide information regarding Repayment Rate, which replaces the Loan Default Rate metric.  

Campus Community
Updates for the Australian regulatory requirement Unique Student Identifier (USI), include implementation of the USI Agency's Technical Services Contract (TCS) version 2. 
Updates for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (US, SEVIS), Release 6.30 include batch processing requirements and Optional Practical Training (OPT) Employment.

Victoria Tertiary Admission Center (Australia, VTAC) regulatory updates for Admission Year 2016–2017 include a new column Scholarship application (via VTAC). 
Updates to the Studielink (Netherlands) functionality include support of the Selection and Placement process.
Regulatory updates for internship processing for BRON-BVP (Netherlands).  
Updates to BRON Professional Education (Netherlands) include a new interface based on web services. 

Student Financials
Legislative changes for HECS-HELP (Australia) for 2017 include options to defer payment (201) or pay up-front (204) and remove the option to receive discounts for up-front payment. 
Legislated changes for CHESSN (Australia) for 2017 include a new application record   (SSR_STDNT_DATA) configured to use the Population Update process. 

Student Records
Activity Management: Activity Registry supports the ability to configure different result scales for each activity and the ability to convert the marks from different result scales (parent/child) in primary result calculation. 
Activity Management enhancements allow users to set the weighting multiplier of an activity to zero, and also exclude specific activities from the primary result calculation of the course.
Activity Management enhancements also include updates to the supplemental exam resit feature.
Higher Education Statistics Agency (UK, HESA) updates for Student Return 2016-2017 include changes to seed data, data capture page changes, application package code changes, XML generation code changes for the student and ITT HESA returns.

Where to learn more

Functional documentation is available  for Campus Solutions Bundles in  My Oracle Support PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Documentation - Bundles, Feature Packs, Additional Features, and Other Releases (Doc ID 2047464.1). Select the link for CS 9.0 Bundle 44.
For information about the latest updates to PeopleBooks you can refer to Most Recent Versions of Campus Solutions 9.0 Chapters (Doc ID 1523915.1)
Current Adviser Webcasts Schedule and Archived Downloads can be found by going to My Oracle Support, PeopleSoft Enterprise Adviser Webcast Schedule and Archived recordings (Doc ID 1456265.1).  The webcast related to this bundle is: Financial Aid Regulatory 2017-2018 Release 3 (9.0 Bundle 44,9.2 PUM Image 4)

 (To our blog readers:   Sometimes we get questions about CS functionality in our blog's comments.  For responses related to CS feature functionality, we suggest submitting an entry on the PeopleSoft My Oracle Support Campus Solutions Community. It's an easy and fast way to connect with the experts on our Global Support team who will respond to you in a timely fashion.)

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