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Additional supplemental documentation for CS 9.2 Upgrades

Lawrence Borgione
Campus Solutions Product Strategy Manager
The re-certified PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 to 9.2 Upgrade was released on January 12, 2017. We announced the availability of the recertified upgrade and provided relevant information in the blog post Campus Solutions 9.2 Re-certified Upgrade Now Available. The PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade Source image CS 9.2.001 contains any delivered fixes, regulatory updates, enhancements and new features delivered into the CS 9.2 code line through PUM Image 3.  CS 9.2 PUM Image 3 (released on 11/1/ 2016) is equivalent to CS 9.0 Bundle 43 (released 10/28/2016). Using a certified upgrade ensures that your upgrade is predictable and successful. Campus Solutions 9.2 re-certified upgrades are targeted to be delivered once each calendar year. However, many of you have asked the obvious question, “How do I manage the upgrade when my CS 9.0 bundle level is higher than the one aligned with an upgrade source image?”  In this case, many of you have applied CS 9.0 Bundle 44 (released 1/27/2017) to your production database, but you’ll want to use a copy of that for your upgrade.  Since re-certified upgrades are only delivered once a year, this will be a pretty typical scenario.
Good news:  help is available!  The Campus Solutions Upgrade team has produced two documents which you can download from My Oracle Support that are contained on the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 2078564.2, CS 9.0 to 9.2 (Through Update Image 3) tab, Upgrade Documentation and Templates Supplemental Documentation).

 First, Maintenance Guidelines for Campus Solutions 9.0 to Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade provides instructions on applying  maintenance updates against your source database depending on your Copy of Production database’s regulatory/maintenance update level. Second, Campus Solutions 9.2 Update Images Release 9.2 Upgrade Impacts contains lists of fields and records (starting with CS 9.0 Bundle 39) applied to your Copy of Production database, but that do not exist in the Campus Solutions 9.2 Demo database.  This is a dynamic document in that it will be updated each time we release a CS 9.2 PUM Image.  These documents are designed to provide you with information that will allow you to manage the upgrade at the point you wish to start it so that you can avoid losing data and to stay aligned with the certified upgrade image. 

Thanks to these contributors to this blog post: Steve Thorsen, Ken Williams, and Myrna Fitzpatrick



(To our blog readers:   Sometimes we get questions about CS functionality in our blog's comments.  For responses related to CS feature functionality, we suggest submitting an entry on the PeopleSoft My Oracle Support Campus Solutions Community. It's an easy and fast way to connect with the experts on our Global Support team who will respond to you in a timely fashion.)


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