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A quick guide to Campus Solutions 9.2 PUM Image 6

Lawrence Borgione
Campus Solutions Product Strategy Manager
The CS 9.2 PUM Update Image 6 is now available from the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Home Page (MOS Doc ID 1641843.2) by selecting the Update Image Home Pages tab and choosing Campus Solutions Update Image Home Page.  Contents of CS 9.2 PUM Image 6 (CS 9.2.006) are highlighted in the PeopleSoft CS 9.2 Update Image Overview document available at (Doc ID 2116071.1). These links and more are available by visiting the PeopleSoft Information Portal.
Many of the features delivered in CS 9.2 PUM Image 6 are demonstrated in the video: 
Summary of highlighted features delivered in CS 9.2 PUM Image 6: 
  • A new Admissions Fluid Self Service component simplifies an applicant's management of common application-related tasks. Delivered tasks include requesting a deferral of admission, withdrawing an application, and requesting a program or plan change.. Wait-List actions are now also included in Fluid Applicant Self Service. The administrative processing for review and approval of applicant change requests uses the PeopleSoft Approvals Framework.
Academic Advisement
  • Student Self Service users can now view their planners, move planned courses within terms, delete planned courses, and add courses from Course Search and from their Academic Requirements on delivered Fluid pages.  Users can also enroll in planned courses using new delivered  pages. 
  • Fluid Enroll by My Requirements page displays a high-level view of a student’s academic requirements which can be used to add courses to the planner or view a list of class options for the course and select a class in which to enroll directly.
  • Updates to the Academic Advising (AA) Self Service setup options allow institutions enhanced control of how and when AA Report data is refreshed on AA Fluid pages.
Campus Community
  • The setup and display of newly introduced Biographical fields on the Add/Update Person component include the ability to define and deploy data fields, field labels, and valid field values across multiple sections under the Biographic tab on the Fluid Self Service Biographic Details page.  This feature allows customers to configure data fields for Gender Identification, Sexual Orientation, Personal Pronouns and others to meet institutional data collection needs. New setup pages in Campus Community support this flexible feature.
  • National ID prefix data is required for a UK National Insurance number.
  • Campus Mobile 5.3 supports uptake of the latest MAF release 2.4, that includes support for Xcode 8.
Financial Aid
  • New Fluid features enable a student to report aid received from outside sources and see when it gets processed by an Aid administrator. 
  • Students can view information about Need Summary, Cost of Attendance, and Expected Family Contribution on laptops, tablets and desktops.
Student Financials
  • Enabled Common Attribute Framework (CAF) functionality on the Student Financials Waiver table (WAIVER_TBL) provides institutions, the ability to  create and assign data fields without customization. This allows customer to group waivers into specific categories for better financial reporting and planning.
Student Records
  • The Browse Course Catalog feature allows searching for courses using the PeopleSoft Search Framework and the Elasticsearch engine, on mobile phones or desktops and laptops. Users can search the Course Catalog using keywords and can filter search results by Course Career, Academic Organization, Campus, Typically Offered and Units. Utilities and setup pages supporting Browse Course Catalog are also delivered. 
  • The Class Label utility enables deployment of additional information to  users in Class Search and Enroll.  Setup options allow users to configure class sections to appear in class search results. These options include setting the display for the component abbreviation code or a label, adding labels for class number and class section and specifying  a separator character. This setup also applies to View My Classes, Shopping Cart, Drop Classes, Update Classes, and Swap Classes which also use the Class Label utility.
  • Accessed from the Academic Records tile on the Student Homepage, View Unofficial Transcript provides users with the ability to  request and view a PDF version of their unofficial transcript online using smart phones, laptops and desktops. Each time an unofficial transcript request is submitted, the report is stored and can be viewed at a later date or deleted by the user. Students with service indicators on their records can be prevented from generating an unofficial transcript.
  • Activity Management enhancements allow updates to the result status of multiple students in the Self Service and Admin Result Roster pages. Updating the result status for multiple students is allowed only for students with existing results.
As usual, every CS PUM Image delivers a number of regulatory updates and PUM Image 6 is no different and includes updates to: 
  • Admissions: Universities and Colleges Application Service (UCAS, UK) updates for the 2018 admissions cycle allow for the display of New Window and Personalize Page links.
  • Admissions: Regulatory updates for the UCAS 2018 admissions cycle include changes to UCAS and UTT processing.
  • Student Financials: Modifications to the 1098-T processes incorporate 2017 legislative changes.
  • Student Records: Updates to HESA reporting for the Unistats for 2017- 2018 include removal of fields and the Course Stages entity, and updates to field derivations to handle the removal of KISTYPE from the return.
US Financial Aid Updates:
  • 2017- 2018 Aid Year updates for FISAP enable reporting of 2016-2017 Aid Year data in order to apply for campus-based funds for the 2018-2019 Aid Year.
  • 2018-2019 Aid Year updates for PROFILE  incorporate the new schema and the 2018-2019 PROFILE Data File Layout. 
  • Updated session override functions for Return to Title IV funds. Removed override fields in Session Details. When a return funds calculation is performed, you can adjust it using overrides provided in the Period Summary group box.
Oracle Live Webcast for Financial Aid Regulatory 2018-2019 Release 1 (9.0 Bundle 46, 9.2 Image 6) can be found at: Current Adviser Webcasts Schedule and Archived Downloads, My Oracle Support, PeopleSoft Enterprise Adviser Webcast Schedule and Archived recordings (Doc ID 1456265.1).