Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Regular open source night in Dublin

Many of us Solaris folks have spent many years working in the open source communities of projects that Solaris either includes (like X11 and GNOME) or originated (like dtrace and ZFS, not to mention OpenSolaris itself), so it's nice to see a regular open source evening happening at the TOG hackerspace in Dublin, starting next week.

If you're in the Dublin area and can either lend some experience or just want to find out more, why not pop along… hopefully it'll be a roaring success!

Wednesday Mar 31, 2010

All my pictures seem to fade to black and white

Tonight we head into town for a few beers, to commemorate the untimely passing of Sun Microsystems Ireland Limited, some 17 years after Sun's operations began in Dublin, and a little less than ten years after I joined.

Tomorrow, at 10.30am sharp, and likely with a few sore heads, we become inducted as employees of Oracle Ireland. See you on the other side.

Monday Mar 10, 2008

Moon on a stick

In an odd twist of 90's nostalgia fate, I had the opportunity to see (and, indeed, briefly chat to) both Stewart Lee and Richard Herring live in Dublin in the past couple of weeks... older readers on this side of the pond may remember they used to be a double act in the BBC TV shows Fist of Fun and This Morning with Richard Not Judy (some of which are archived on Stewart's website). More recently, Stewart Lee co-wrote Jerry Springer-- The Opera.

Enjoyed both their gigs, but Stewart Lee was probably a bit more to my rib-tickling taste-- then again, he is the 41st Best Stand Up Ever. (Julie was rather pleased to get a kiss off Richard Herring, though!)

Wednesday Aug 22, 2007

Meteorological Apology

We're having summer in Dublin today. Apologies to anyone who will have missed it by visiting on any other day of the year.

Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

New toy

Quite liking the 12x optical zoom on my new Canon Powershot S3...

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

Busy old month

First up, the main part of Julie's belated birthday present from me was a spa weekend at the Johnstown House Marriott over in County Meath, still one of our favourite retreats when we want to spoil ourselves. That was supposed to be followed by her even-more-belated Christmas present the next day-- a trial flying lesson up near Belfast-- but it was cancelled for the second time this year due to poor weather. (It's rescheduled for this weekend, but the signs don't look good so far...)

On Bank Holiday Monday, Julie again joined 40,000 or so other women in the Women's 10km Mini-Marathon. Lack of training opportunities meant her time wasn't quite as good as her last outing, but she still raised a tidy sum for the Niall Mellon Township Trust.

Following that, the other 'big bit' of Julie's birthday present was tickets to see George Michael at the RDS outdoor arena in Dublin... not especially my cup of tea musically (I enjoyed Sophie Ellis-Bextor's warm-up set more than I was expecting though-- and not just because of those legs!), but there's no denying he knows how to put on a show, and the weather couldn't have been better. Here's hoping it's as good on Friday for my birthday day out to see Peter Gabriel and Crowded House in Marlay Park, but as it's been tipping it down and blowing a hooley all week so far, that looks unlikely to say the least...

On the geek front, pretty much every gadget I own has given up the ghost this month. First my camcorder, which fortunately was repaired under warranty. Then it was the turn of my ageing Minolta S414 digicam, whose CCD has thrown a fatal wobbler. (I luckily have a bit of birthday money to replace that... price and feature-wise, I'm looking at something along the lines of a Finepix S5700, but I'd prefer the proper image stabilisation and the form factor of a Lumix-- suggestions welcome!) My PS2's optical drive then proceeded to expire noisily; cue a quick trip down to Game to get one of the new slimline jobbies. (And another trip back next week armed with WEEE documentation to take my old one back for recycling again, since they refused the first time.)

Finally, the video cable on my PowerBook G4 has failed to the point of uselessness, after creaking a bit for a few months... 'fortunately', the five-year-old Dell Inspiron 8100 that I was using as a home server also suffered yet another hard disk failure the other week, so the PowerBook can take over those duties when my new MacBook Pro arrives :)

Tuesday Nov 28, 2006

Out and about

Been a reasonably busy couple of weeks on the gig front, here's the potted summary:

  • Colin Murphy: Nor'n Irn comedian, a weel-kent face on the telly over here, but first time we'd seen him do stand-up (as opposed to sitting at his desk on The Panel, of which we've been to a couple of recordings). I remember enjoying it at the time, but I couldn't actually recount any of his routine now... I suppose that means I'm more likely to enjoy it next time we go and see him though :)
  • Deacon Blue: reformed Scottish earnest 80's popsters (half of whom are better known for their television roles on Sportscene and River City these days)... bounced their way through all our favourites (Dignity, Fergus Sings the Blues, Real Gone Kid et al.), although Julie thought the intervening years hadn't been too kind to Ricky Ross!
  • The Feeling: a lively and listenable bunch on stage, even managed to pull off a passable cover of Video Killed the Radio Star... suspect when I get around to listening to the rest of their album, though, it might seem a bit low-key in comparison.

I am a Principal UX Engineer in the Systems Experience Design team, working at Oracle (via Sun Microsystems) since the turn of the century. I currently work on sysadmin user experience projects for Solaris. Formerly I worked on open source Solaris desktop projects such as GNOME, NWAM and IPS.


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