Thursday Oct 06, 2005

Calling Cantabrigian Logibods

The first place I ever worked (if you don't count a crappy summer job typing in the size of graveyard plots), the Logica office in Cambridge, is closing at the end of this month. They're planning a reunion dinner there on Friday October 21st (not sure if I'll be going over for it myself yet), but so far they've only tracked down about half the people who've worked there... so if you know anyone who did and would like to be involved, please ask them to contact Clifton Hughes at

[Update: got my cities mixed up in the subject... s/Cantabrian/Cantabrigian...]

Thursday Sep 29, 2005

Top 50 Web Searches of the Decade

Well, according to Lycos, anyway.

Monday Sep 19, 2005

Looking for Lindos

Been back from our holiday to Rhodes for a week now, but only just getting around to putting up a couple of snaps.

Didn't start too well with a 2-hour delay on the flight (well, just under unfortunately, so no compensation), which got us into Rhodes in time for a late dinner. We were staying at the Avra Beach resort in Ixia... clean, quiet, and, because it's all-inclusive, all the poolside cocktails, ice-cream and cakes we could lay our hands on :)

Fitted in a few excursions along the way... first up was a sail over to the island of Symi, where we failed miserably to find the 500 steps up from Gialos to the old town of Chorio-- probably not a bad result in the 30 degree heat, to be honest. After a quick scoot around to the other side of the island to take in the monastery at Panormitis, we were back in time for tea.

After taking the next day to ourselves to brave the local buses, wander round the UNESCO world heritage site of Rodos old town, and dispose of an ill-chosen bottle of local retsina down the sink (doing little to dispel our fear that we'd accidentally bought a bottle of J\^HCif instead), our next package-tastic guided tour took in a trip up the cross at Filerimos, some wine tasting at Emery's in Embonas, the Valley of the Butterflies (which are really moths) at Petaloudes, and two hotels and a house at Profitis Ilias that were built for Mussolini.

Final outing was another boat trip down the coast to Lindos, with its impressive acropolis that, like most things in Rhodes, involves a long and occasionally precarious climb. How we cringed as some poor tourist girly fell headlong halfway down the majestic stone steps. (Doing no serious damage to either, fortunately.)

One day left to sit by the pool, another evening of entertainment in the form of a bizarre French 80's disco for kids, and that was it-- we were off home again. (On another delayed flight.)

Monday Sep 12, 2005


So, England (with the help of their man of the match, who's South African) have won some burned sticks of wood because, essentially, it rained a lot. According to the all the media hype, this is about as exciting as cricket gets, which says it all really.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2005


The first instances of Bluetooth-inspired pillaging since the man himself roamed Scandanavia...?

Wednesday Jul 20, 2005

Out of this world

Heh, Google's Apollo logo is worth clicking on today. (If it's gone by the time you read this, this link should work too.)

Wednesday Jul 06, 2005

It's London in 2012

London have won the Olympic bid for 2012. Probably a good time to start avoiding the super-smug BBC sports output for the next 8 years... although at least it might stop them talking about 1966 for a while :)

Tuesday Jul 05, 2005

Beevering Away

Julie sent me some photos of Julian Beever's anamorphic pavement art this morning... it's not a new technique, but I'd never seen it done on a pavement before. Very cool.

Wednesday May 04, 2005

Respect my Authority

Since it seems to be the thing to do at the moment, here's my South Park Studio lookie-likie...

Thursday Apr 21, 2005

Challenge Everything, especially your patience

Having not been able to play Burnout 3 online for weeks ("Unable to open communications to other players"), and never having managed a full game of FIFA 2004 (disconnected after the first few minutes, on the rare occasions I got a connection to another player in the first place), I spent the last couple of evenings looking into why my connection to EA's flaky-at-best-anyway servers was so poor. I disabled firewalls, opened every port going, put the PS2 in the DMZ, all to no avail. The only thing that ever worked for EA games (while other games were working just fine) was running a wire from the PS2 straight into my modem, bypassing the router altogether-- and having splashed out for a wireless bridge, I didn't want to do that.

I think I've hit on the solution eventually, though. I chanced upon a couple of posts like this one yesterday that said some people were having to turn off UPnP support in their router to have Xbox Live games work. Since it was about the only thing I hadn't tried, I investigated... and it turns out my router had UPnP turned on, but my DSL modem had it turned off. So I turned them both off.

Result 1: A happy evening of online car crashing. (Most of the time; there are still some players I just can't ping, resulting in a disconnect.)

Result 2: France 2 Brazil 0. Arse. Maybe I should stick with PES after all.

Tuesday Apr 05, 2005

Stable relationship

Charles and Camilla are having no luck at all with their wedding. First they had to postpone it because of the Pope's funeral, and now Camilla's friends can't make it on Saturday because they're running in the Grand National.

Wednesday Feb 23, 2005

Dead Beatles

I know Macca's a bit irritating, but this headline on IOL's homepage today seems a bit extreme even for Gerry Adams:

Friday Jan 28, 2005

I'm feeling spammy

Hmm. Since I was given a gmail invite before Christmas, I've used it to send precisely one email, to a work colleague. Nonetheless, I checked my account this evening out of curiosity, and I've already accumulated 36 items in my Spam folder-- still, at least it was all correctly identified I suppose...

Tuesday Jan 25, 2005

Fair fa' yer honest sonsie face

Burns Night tonight (never quite sure why he doesn't merit a whole day)... have yet to find a butcher in Dublin that will do us a haggis, but fortunately Marks & Spencers do a fine substitute.

Tuesday Jan 04, 2005

Twelve Days of Christmas

Back at work again today after an extended holiday break.

Tuesday 21st: Christmas Lunch for the Desktop Group at Sun Ireland. Normally this would have developed into an all-nighter, but this time I had to scoot off early to get to a gig-- The Thrills were playing at The Point.

Christmas Eve: We consumed the mulled wine that I'd bought in Lidl because it was easier to buy something than find a security guard to let me out through the alarmed "I haven't shoplifted anything honest" gate.

Christmas Day: Breakfast in bed, opened some pressies, coffee, opened some more pressies, dinner, opened the rest of our pressies. Remarkably (given that I've never really seen it snow properly in Dublin in the four years I've lived here), we had what would have qualified as a white Christmas in the UK, by dint of three fairly heavy snow showers. Apparently though, there has to be half an inch lying at Dublin Airport or something before you can collect your winnings from the bookies over here-- good job I'm not a betting man.

Boxing Day: Still trying to get used to it being called St.Stephen's Day here.

Monday: Scooted off to the shops to buy a network adapter for our PS2, for which I'd specifically been given some dosh by Julie's parents. Got one for the requisite amount in Game, with a copy of TM:B Online right there in the box-- no namby-pamby coupon-sending for me!

Hogmanay: We saw in the New Year at the Portmarnock Hotel, who were doing a dinner (or masked ball, but that sounded too scary) and accommodation package. While I'm not sure the price tag was entirely justified, it wasn't any more over the odds than any other (mostly mankier) hotels were charging, the food was excellent, and it's always nice to get a night off the washing-up.

New Year's Day: Drove back home down the coast road, at exactly the same time as a mini-tornado hit land. We had to pull off the road momentarily, but almost as soon as we did it had passed again.

Last night: My first real blast at online gaming, with a few sessions of SSX 3, TOCA 2 and Burnout 3. Have a stunning 100% online win record (2/2) at SSX, but am going to need rather more practice at the others...


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