Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

JavaOne 2014 na faixa, 0800, grátis!

Existem muitas coisas interessantes sobre o JavaOne, a maior conferência de Java deste planeta. Talvez a oportunidade de ficar sabendo em primeira mão sobre grandes lançamentos, ou ouvir sobre novas formas de utilizar a tecnologia, ou ainda conversar com desenvolvedores de todo o mundo, ou melhor: conhecer pessoalmente aqueles com quem conversamos somente por redes sociais e mailing lists. E é claro, a oportunidade de conhecer San Francisco, e o Vale do Silício: os escritórios da Oracle, do Google, da Apple, ou até da Microsoft. :D

Se você nunca foi ao JavaOne, mas tem muito interesse, curiosidade, e muita disposição (são várias sessões, e muitos eventos pós-sessões como happy hours, shows musicais, hackathons, etc!), e quer uma ajudinha para ir no evento, um bom patrocínio, existem duas formas de você fazer isso. A melhor opção é participar do JavaOne 2014 IoT Developer Challenge!.

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Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

7 reasons you had to be at JavaOne Latin America 2012

Yesterday was 12/12/12, and everybody went crazy on Twitter with cool memes like this one. And maybe you are now wondering why I mentioned 7 (seven) on the blog title. Because I want to play numbers? Yes! Today is 7 days after JavaOne Latin America 2012 is over (... and I had to figure out an excuse for taking so long to blog about it...).

So unless you were at JavaOne Latin America this year, here are 7 things you missed:

  1. OTN Lounge mini-theatre
    There was a mini-theatre holding several lightning talks. We had people from SouJava JUG, GoJava JUG, Globalcode, and several other Java gurus and companies running demos, talks, and even more. For example, @drspockbr talked about the ScrumToys project, that demonstrates the power of JSF.

  2. Hands On Lab for JAX-RS and WebSockets
    One of the cool things to do during JavaOne is to come to these Hands On labs and really do something using new technologies with the help of experts. This one in particular, was covered by me, Arun Gupta, and Reza Rahman. The HOL had more people than laptops (and we had 48 laptops!) interested on understanding and learning about the new stuff that is coming within Java EE 7. Things like JAX-RS, Server-sent Events and WebSockets. Hey, if you want to try this HOL by yourself, it is available on Github, so go for it! If you have questions, just let me know!

  3. Java Community Keynote
    This keynote presented a lot of cool things like startups using Java in their projects, the Duke Awards, SouJava winning the JCP Outstanding Award, the Java Band, and even more! It was really a space where the Java community could present what they are doing and what they want to do. There's a lot of interest on the Adopt-a-JSR program and the Adopt-OpenJDK. There's also an Adopt-a-JavaEE-JSR program! Take a look if you want to participate and Make the Future Java.


  4. Java EE (JMS, JAX-RS) sessions from Reza Rahman, the HeavyMetal guy
    Reza is a well know professional and Java EE enthusiast from the communitty who just joined Oracle this year. His sessions were very well attended, perhaps because of a high interest on the new things coming to Java EE 7 like JMS 2.0 and JAX-RS 2.0. If you want to look at what he did at this JavaOne edition, read his blog post. By the way, if you like Java and heavymetal, you should follow him on Twitter as well! :-)

  5. Java EE (WebSockets, HTML5) sessions from Arun Gupta, the GlassFish guy
    If you don't know Arun Gupta, no worries. You will have time to know about him while you read his Java EE 6 Pocket Guide. Arun has been evangelizing Java EE for a long time, and is now spreading his word about the new upcoming version Java EE 7. He gave one talk about HTML5 Productivity on the Java EE 7 platform, and another one on building web apps with WebSockets. Pretty neat! Arun blogged about JavaOne Latin America as well. Read it here.

  6. Java Embedded and JavaFX
    If there are two things that are really trending in the Java World right now besides Java EE 7, certainly they are JavaFX and Java Embedded. There were 14 talks covering Java Embedded, from Java Cards to Raspberry.pi, from Java ME to Java on your TV with Ginga-J. The Internet of Things is becoming true, and Java is the only platform today that can connect it all in an standardized and concise way. JavaFX gained a lot of attention too. There were 8 sessions covering what the platform has to offer in terms of Rich User Experience. The JavaFX Scene Builder is an awesome tool to start playing designing an UI, and coding for JavaFX is like coding Swing with 8 hands, one holding your coffee cup. You can achieve a lot, with your two hands (unless, you really have 8 hands, then you can achieve 4 times more :-). If you want to read more about JavaFX, go to Stephen Chin's blog post.


  7. GlassFish and Friends Party, 1st edition at JavaOne Lating America
    This is probably the thing that I'm most proud. We brought to Brasil the tradition of holding a happy hour for all GlassFish, Java EE friends. This party started almost 7 years ago in San Francisco, and it was about time to bring it to Brazil! The party happened on Tuesday night, right after JavaOne General Keynote, at the Tribeca Pub. We had about 80 attendees and met a lot of Java EE developers there! People from JUGs, Oracle, Locaweb and Red Hat showed up too, including some execs from Oracle that didn't resist and could not miss a party like this one.

    Lots of caipirinhas, beer and food to everyone, some cool music... even The Fish walking around the party with Juggy!

    You can see more photos from the party on an album I shared with the recently created GlassFish Brasil community on Google+ here (but you may be more interested in joining the GlassFish english community). There's also more pictures that Arun took and shared on this link.

So now you may want to consider coming to Brazil next year! Java EE 7 is on its way, and Brazil is happily and patiently waiting for it, with a lot of enthusiasm.

By the way, GlassFish and Java EE 6 just celebrated a Happy Birthday!

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

GlassFish and Friends Party, 1st Edition at JavaOne Brasil

Estamos muito contentes em anunciar que iremos realizar a primeira edição da tradicional  GlassFish and Friends Party neste JavaOne in Brasil.  
O problema é que os ingressos já esgotaram!

Então decidimos realizar um concurso para dar mais 5 ingressos para a comunidade! Aqui estão as regras:

  1. Escreva um post no seu blog sobre o GlassFish
  2.  Poste no Twitter o título e o link do seu post com a hashtag #GlassFish para que possamos saber do seu post
  3. Os 5 melhores posts serão selecionados e anunciados aqui no dia 3 de Dezembro às 19:00 (GMT-3)
  4. Selecionaremos um post de cada autor
  5. Cada autor receberá um ingresso para a festa

Agora corre para a sua plataforma de blog e escreva sobre o GlassFish!

------------- en_US --------------- 

We are very happy to announce that we are going to host the first edition of the traditional GlassFish and Friends Party at this JavaOne in Brasil

The problem is: tickets are already SOLD OUT! 

So we decided to run a simple contest to give away 5 more tickets to the community! Here are the rules:

  1. Blog about GlassFish
  2. Tweet the title and link of your blog post with the hashtag #GlassFish so we can know about your blog post
  3. The best 5 blog posts will be selected and announced here on December 3th at 7pm (GMT-3)
  4. We will select one blog post per author
  5. Each author will get one ticket
Now run to your blog platform and write about GlassFish!

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

JavaOne 2012: Camel, Twitter, Coherence, Wicket and GlassFish

Before joining Oracle as Product Manager for WebLogic and GlassFish for Latin America, at the beggining of this year I proposed two talks to JavaOne USA that I had been presenting in Brazil for quite a while. One of them I presented last year at ApacheCon in Vancouver, Canada as well in JavaOne Brazil. In June I got the news that they were accepted as Alternate Sessions. Surprisingly enough, few weeks later and at the same time I joined Oracle, I received the news that they were officially accepted and put on schedule.

Tomorrow I'll be flying to San Francisco, to my first JavaOne in the United States, and I wanted to share with you what I'm going to present there.
My two sessions are these ones:

  1. Wed, 10/03, 4:30pm - CON2989 Leverage Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel and Twitter

    On this one, you will be introducted to the Apache Camel framework that I had been talking about in Brazil at conferences, before joining Oracle, and to a component I contributed to integrate with Twitter. Also, you will have a preview of a new component I've been working on to integrate Camel with the Oracle Coherence distributed cache.

  2. Thu, 10/04, 3:30pm - CON3395 How Scala, Wicket, and Java EE Can Improve Web Development

    This one I've been working on for quite a while. It was based on an idea to have an architecture that could be as agile as frameworks and technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP or Python, for rapid web development. You will be introduced to the Apache Wicket framework, another Apache project I enjoy working with and gave lots of talks at Brazilian conferences, including JavaOne Brazil, JustJava, QCon SP, and The Developers Conference. You will also be introduced to the Scala language and how to create nice DSLs to boost productiveness. And last but not least, the Java EE 6 platform, that offers an awesome improvement from previous versions with its CDI, JPA, EJB3 and JAX-RS features for web development.

Other events I will be participating during my stay in SF:

  1. Geeks Bike Ride
  2. GlassFish Community Event
  3. GlassFish and Friends Party 


If you have any other event to suggest, please do suggest! It's my first JavaOne and I'm really looking forward to enjoying everything.

See you guys in a few days!!


Bruno has been having fun working with Java since 2000 and now helps Oracle on sharing the technology accross all Latin America. Also plays videogames, does trekking and loves beer.

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