Monday Jan 26, 2015

Cloud Online Forum: Scoop on Oracle Process Cloud Service

BPM on the Cloud! Are you eagerly awaiting the latest news on Oracle Process Cloud Service to understand how you can take your digital transformation to the next level? Join us at the Cloud Online Forum live on January 28, 2015 10am PST/1:00pm EST. You can attend live online sessions and hear what IDC Research, innovative clients, and Oracle's leading experts have to say about Platform as a Service and Cloud and in particular the Business User track has a session on Oracle Process Cloud Service you simply cannot afford to miss!

We will kick off the Forum on January 28 at 10AM PST with Robert P. Mahwold, IDC Research Program Vice President as he leads a “Cloud Platform Market Outlook” discussion with Rex Wang, Oracle Vice President.

They will provide useful tips and solid strategies you can consider as you drive your cloud platform initiatives. They will discuss how to decide whether public, private or hybrid cloud is best and how your organization might approach moving to the cloud. You’ll hear IDC and Oracle best practices to developing a roadmap that will get you on your way to cloud computing. Join us for this inspiring session.

The Middleware General Session begins at 11:30AM PST. 7 Eleven's, Greg Haertling, Chief Enterprise Architect and Sr. Director of Software Development will you how 7 Eleven “Accelerated their Digital Transformation with Oracle’s Platform as a Service.” He will be joined by Oracle’s Siddhartha Agarwal, Vice President, Product Management and Strategy.

They will discuss how Platform as a Service is driving efficiencies for development, operations and LOB, including highly scalable and cost efficient development & testing in the cloud, delivery of enterprise class cloud & mobile apps, rapid integration of cloud & on-premise investments, and seamless workload portability between on-premises & cloud.

Afterward, you can watch these additional Middleware Sessions in the following tracks. Of particular interest to you would be the "Rapid Business Process Automation in the Cloud" session in the Business User track to hear all about Oracle Process Cloud Service.

1) Application Developer Track: Build, Test, Extend Cloud Applications

· Java App Performance at the Speed of Cloud: Hot Tips for Successful Cloud Development

· Jazz Up Your SaaS with Oracle PaaS Solutions

· Mobile Development in the Cloud

2) Middleware IT Operations Track: Integrate, Secure, Manage your Cloud.

· Simplify SaaS and On-premises Integration

· Extend Your Identity Management Services to the Cloud

· Top Tips for Managing Your Application PaaS

3) Business User Track: Connect, Collaborate & Analyze in the Cloud

· Next-Gen Enterprise Content Management in the Cloud

· Rapid Business Process Automation in the Cloud

· Unlocking the Power of Business Analytics in Oracle Cloud

You can find the agenda for these sessions here.

There will also be a Database General Session and Database Cloud Platform sessions that you can attend as well.

I hope to see you online for this exciting Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum.  Don’t forget to REGISTER so you can discover the right strategies for your organization's journey to the cloud!

January 28th, 2015 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST
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Monday Nov 10, 2014

Where do you learn more on Oracle BPM 12c?

Oracle BPM 12c has emerged as a leader with a complete, business oriented, solution driven offering. It can form the foundation of digital transformation for business processes with the following capabilities to help:

  • Optimize and automate processes, build connections that will drive engagement
  • Capitalize on disruptive technologies like mobile, social, big data and cloud
  • Transform your business and drive innovation

 In particular, with the 12c release, Oracle has taken intelligent BPMS to the next level with key capabilities. It provides dynamic case management technology to analyze business processes, detect events, and guide people to respond accordingly. It helps close the process "gaps" with interconnected, adaptive cases and workflows and streamline collaboration by facilitating real-time decision management.

To learn more on Oracle BPM12c  download the Oracle BPM12c resource kit today. It includes, white papers, webcasts, datasheets, customer case studies, and more.


Tuesday Oct 28, 2014

Oracle's View of Intelligent Business Process Management

Abstract from New White Paper:
Create end-to-end business processes on top of existing applications and deliver unique, important capabilities
Executive Summary
Digital businesses embrace technology to optimize business operations, fuel innovation, and
ultimately increase profit margins and service levels. They design information systems that
empower customers, partners, and employees to interact more efficiently and productively. A
big part of this effort entails re-engineering business processes so that workers can avail
themselves of current information to increase service levels and become more responsive,
while reducing cost and risk. Change is inevitable and nimble organizations use intelligent
business process management (BPM) systems to automate operations, make better decisions,
exploit opportunities, and react to changes in the marketplace.
With the impact of new business paradigms that leverage mobile, social, and cloud
technologies, a new approach is needed to bring enterprise applications into the modern age.
This paper explains how to create “intelligent” business processes that automate operations
and boost productivity. It describes the key capabilities of an intelligent BPM system and offers
examples of how such systems improve business operations. The featured product is Oracle
Business Process Management Suite 12c (Oracle BPM Suite 12c), a comprehensive solution
for modeling, analyzing, executing, and optimizing business processes across divisions,
systems, and applications.
Intelligent BPM systems use dynamic case management technology to analyze business
processes, detect events, and guide people to respond accordingly. These systems help close
process “gaps” with interconnected, adaptive cases and workflows, and streamline
collaboration by facilitating real-time decision management.
To read more download the white paper today: Deliver on Intelligent Business Process Management

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