Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Oracle Open World: The Path to Process Excellence: Notes from the Trenches

We always say that BPM is not just a one-time application development project but about continuous process improvement. Organizations that have success with BPM have evolved their BPM initiatives from a single project to an enterprise-wide program.

In this session, we heard from three industry leaders and Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite customers who have traveled the path to process excellence. These customers shared their experiences and best practices for developing a successful BPM program.

First up was Seven Butz from Siemens AG, Germany accompanied by Benjamin Huskic from Opitz consulting. They talked about 30 human resource processes that they developed, and integrated with ERP system, to have better visibility and transparency for HR processes. Currently they have approximately 140,000 users in Germany and with 200,000 process instances initiated in a year.

Next we got to hear from Alejandro Alba joining from the leader in contract manufacturing and business process leader Flextronics from Mexico. Working with hundreds of suppliers, manufacturing units, and customers requires processes to be highly efficient. Since the business changes constantly, processes need to be agile. With many acquisitions, it becomes a challenge to consolidate systems and create consistent and efficient processes. Oracle BPM helps them in creating such agile and efficient processes reducing the processing costs and ensuring compliance.

Last but not least Shakir Awan from San Joaquin County took the stage and spoke about modernization of Law & Justice applications at San Joaquin County (SJC) using Oracle BPM. They won “BPM Excellence Award” from Gartner for being “Best BPM Organization”. Today SJC is processing 240,000 court cases electronically and managing 500 daily citation payments on-line. They have also realized quick time to develop applications with new Interfaces built in 1/6 the time saving 20 weeks per Interface and developing applications in 3 months versus 12 months with traditional tools. They are also deploying Oracle Process Accelerators like travel request management.

Some key takeaways from the session:

§ Think big but start small.

§ Get top management sponsorship, ensure business alignment.

§ Plan data modeling, design patterns and testing strategy.

§ Measure your results, revisit or establish KPIs early in the project.

§ If your organization has six-sigma methodology in place, align BPM with it

§ Different layers of the architecture change at different pace, design accordingly. Keep process, rules, integrations, data objects independent so that if you have to change one you do not have to change all.

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San Joaquin County: The Path to Process Excellence

San Joaquin county presents their award winning BPM solution with Siemens and Flextronics to showcase that BPM is far more than a one-time application development project. Come and share notes from the trenches on continuous process improvement and analyze with us how successful BPM evolves from a single project to an enterprise wide initiative. You will hear from customers who have traveled the path to process excellence by adopting Oracle BPM to manage the business processes across the organization. Learn best practices and participate to develop your own successful BPM strategy. 

Title: The Path to Process Excellence: Notes from the Trenches

Date: Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013

Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Moscone North - 130 CON8227  

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“BPM Excellence Award” from Gartner for being “Best BPM Organization”.


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