Thursday Apr 04, 2013

Oracle BPM Suite New Release: Business Driven. Complete. Best Practice.

The first time I had a look at this release, I immediately fell in love with it. Everything was right where it belongs and worked as I expected. I am talking about the new release of Oracle BPM Suite 11g. The official release name is and some call it PS6, but I call it best one yet.

A fully Business Driven suite that lets business users in discovery and design of process models as well as creating web forms and data with quite an ease. My favorite feature here is the Process Player that lets users fully run the process, in composer itself, before moving to testing or production environment. You can use it for validations, collaborative discovery sessions or users training. The animated view tells you how the process is flowing while invoking all the rules and forms, just as it would do in production.

Oracle BPM Suite is a Complete process management platform. With it, you can define any type of process - system or human, rules or events, decision or document - no matter how simple or sophisticated. It brings the business process management and adaptive case management capabilities together in a single platform. Now you can manage structured and unstructured processes with equal ease - another one of my favorite capability.

Business process management is as much about principals and methodology as it is about the tooling. Even with the best tooling some early adopters of BPM are challenged with determining right constructs and patterns. This is a key difference in companies where BPM remains a single process solution to companies that have adopted BPM as an enterprise wide program. Oracle BPM suite offers you such Best Practices in the form of Oracle Process Accelerators. These have been designed keeping in mind our years of application design experience. Built with Oracle BPM Suite these pre-built process applications can give you a head start in your BPM implementations. To check the currently available accelerators and request downloads go to Oracle Technology Network page for Process Accelerators.

See what some of the early evaluators had to say about this release of Oracle BPM Suite:

Capgemini is pleased to see that case management is now added to the Oracle SOA and BPM stack. This small addition broadens the already rich BPM architecture, making it possible to combine BPM processes into cases based upon lifecycle, milestones and events in a very fast and agile way.

When implementing our processes, Capgemini needs tooling that supports design workshops and plays a part in closing the loop between analysis and development. Oracle Process Composer is the browser-based business analyst tool used in workshops to design processes. Oracle developed this tool spectacularly with human task form design capabilities, simulation, and, process player, which permits running processes in situ in the browser. Leon Smiers, Capgemini

[ipt] is convinced that these two features will significantly reduce the development life cycle and create solutions of higher quality.  The adaptive case management solution will put skilled end users in the position to decide which steps they will have to take next in the process based on the current contextual information. This is a common requirement in the public insurance and health sector. Richard Schaller, [ipt] Innovation Process Technology AG

Joins us for the webinar where we will discuss more about this release and also show you a quick demo..


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