Wednesday Mar 27, 2013

Looking forward to Meeting you at Gartner BPM Summit

Oracle is proud to sponsor Gartner BPM summit happening April 2-4 in National Harbor, Maryland. I am truly looking forward to the event this year. We have a number of our customers joining us for the event, and I personally am excited to meet them face-2-face and learn more about their innovative implementations.

Also, this year San Joaquin County won BPM Excellence award, and they will be presenting their case study at the show. I want to congratulate the San Joaquin County on this achievement and look forward to attending their session.

In our booth stations,  we are going to showcase some cool product capabilities. So if, you are there, do visit us at Booth #314.

On April 3rd 7:10am Manoj Das, VP of Product Management will also lead a breakfast session talking about “High Value BPM Patterns for Business Success”. Manoj will discuss some high value process patterns that will not only make the business more efficient but also help create process solutions much faster.

Oracle BPM team is extremely excited to be at the event and wish all attendees to have an enjoyable show!

If you want to learn more about Oracle BPM Suite before the show, we have many resources available for you.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

Surround strategy is the sound strategy.

Over the years, companies have acquired various applications to run their business. Companies started with accounting and financial systems, then went ahead and implemented ERP and then jumped into CRM and many others like SCM, HRM along the way.

Soon companies realized that these applications need to exchange information and started “integrating” them, which primarily meant updating data across systems. Such point to point integration of applications works for some time and then business changes and companies need to make “customizations” to the applications. That starts another six months to a year cycle of changes, updates, customizations and testing of applications. Application capabilities have always lagged behind the business needs. Business changes at a much faster rate than applications can.

What if all these updates could be done in days, not months? What if we could separate out a layer of business logic that is dynamic, from the layer that remains constant for a long time? What if making changes to applications and extending applications did not take months and years? Can we do that?

Yes, we can, with a Business Process Management System. Surround enterprise application with BPM layer. One of the key values that BPM delivers is extending your applications and providing an agile layer of business logic that can be changed as quickly as your business changes. This strategy of surrounding all your enterprise applications has 4 key benefits:

  1. Fill the process whitespaces created by disjointed applications.
  2. Move customizations to business process management layer for agility.
  3. Extend applications with new business logic.
  4. Extend legacy applications with new capabilities like social, mobile etc.

Let the applications do what they were designed to do. If you need to add capabilities, make customizations, add processes, do that in BPM. BPM will orchestrate the activities across the applications in a unified process without making unnatural and persistent changes to the enterprise legacy applications. When there comes a time to change, model driven BPM process is much simpler to change than, for example, changing the logic inside an ERP system.

Check out the webcast discussing how BPM helps extend enterprise applications.

Tuesday Mar 05, 2013

How fast is the process? Why does it matter?

Processes consume data, processes generate data. Some need a lot of data, like claims or loan, some generate a lot of data like online shopping. And data is generated at a different rates in different processes. Faster the process, faster is the rate at with they need data and generate data, in addition, response times of decisions in the process need to be adjusted accordingly. Some processes need a quick response, like when some highly caffeinated trader presses B instead of M while trading and takes the whole market down or algorithmic trading with a mind of its own. Some processes need continuous feed of data from many sources for continuous course corrections, like managed health care.

In any process, we make decisions along the way. The decisions are based on rules that we have learned and put in place, information generated from historical data, data currently being generated and also events and event patterns emerging. Depending on the type of decision and when that decision is being made in the process we either need to rely on rules, predictive analytics, fast data analytics or complex event processing.

Depending on the required response times and customer expectation we need to utilize these technologies at our disposal to make right decisions at the right time with as much certainty as possible. Whether it is about an up-sell opportunity during an online sales process or it is a fraud management process or a loan origination process, delivering results at the right speed is critical.


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