Friday Sep 28, 2012

Oracle BPM overview and roadmap session on Monday, October 1st

Bhagat Nainani and I, Manoj Das, will present a session on Oracle BPM overview and road map on Monday, October 1 2012, from 12:15-1:15 PM at Moscone South - 308.

Since last OpenWorld, many good things have happened. Many customers have gone live with their BPM 11g deployments, some of whom were nominated for the Innovation Awards. From a product perspective, we delivered and is just around the corner. We will discuss some of the highlights related to both customer successes and product features.

In particular, we will present some of the exciting new capabilities that we are introducing in around business analyst driven model-to-execution, more comprehensive unified BPM suite, more flexible and manageable BPM.

Another significant development is the release of Process Accelerators. We have not only released accelerators, we have ourselves deployed and are using them internally. We will talk about accelerators as well as our learnings.

As the title suggests, we will also share some aspects of our roadmap - there are some very exciting things brewing that I can't wait to share with you on Monday.

Hoping to see you on Monday. Again, the session is in Moscone South - 308 from 12:15-1:15. Looking forward to your tweets on the session - remember to use #oraclebpm and #oow. Finally, as always, feel free to ask Bhagat and me any questions you have, during the session as well as after the session.

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

Customer Experience and BPM – From Efficiency to Engagement

Over the last few years, focus of BPM has been mainly to improve the businesses efficiency. To create more efficient processes, to remove bottlenecks, to automate processes. That still holds true and why not? Isn’t BPM all about continuous improvement?

BPM facilitates and requires business and IT collaboration. But business also requires working with customer. Do we not want to get close to and collaborate with our customers? This is where Social BPM takes BPM a step further. It not only allows people within an organization to collaborate to design exceptional processes, not only lets them collaborate on resolving a case but also let them engage with the customers.

Engaging with customer means, first of all, connecting with them on their terms and turf. Take a new account opening process. Can a customer call you and initiate the process? Can a customer email you, or go to the website and initiate the process? Can they tweet you and initiate the process? Can they check the status of process via any channel they like? Can they take a picture of damaged package delivery and kick-off a returns process from their mobile device, with GIS data?

Yes, these are various aspects to consider during process design if the goal is better customer experience and engagement. Of course, we want to be efficient and agile, but the focus here needs to be the customer.

Now when the customer is tweeting about your products, posting on Facebook and Yelp about their experience with your company (and your process), you need to seek out that information. You need to gather and analyze the customer’s feedback on the social media and use that information to improve the processes and products. This is an excellent source of product and process ideation.

So BPM is no longer only about improving back-office process efficiency, it is moving into a new and exciting phase of improving frontline customer facing processes, customer experience and engagement.

Let me know how you think BPM can enhance customer experience.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

Process Rules!

One of the key components of a process is “Business Rule”. Business rule takes many forms inside your process definition and in a way is a manifestation of your company’s business policy. Business rules inside the process are used for policy enforcement, governance, decision management, operations efficiency etc.

Following are some basic types of rules that can be a part of your process.

1. Process conditions:  These are defined as the process gateways that determine a path process will take depending on the process parameters. For Example, if discount >10% go to approval path : if discount < 10% auto-approve order.

2. Data rules: These business rules are defined as facts in decision table or knowledge base. The process captures all required parameters and submits those to RETE based rules engine. Rules engine processes the data and returns the result back. For example, rules determining your insurance eligibility.

3. Event rules: Here the system is monitoring the various events and events patterns that are emerging inside the process or external to the process. You can define actions or alerts to be triggered when a certain pattern of events emerges over a specified time period. Such types of rules need Complex Event Processing and are used in applications like Credit Card Fraud detection or Utility Demand Response.

4. User Interface Rules: In order to add dynamic behavior to UI or to keep users from making mistakes and enforcing policy, another mechanism available is UI rules. They are evaluated as the end user is filling out the web forms. These may include enabling and disabling of UI as per business policy. An example could be, if the age of a user is less than 13 years, disable credit card field and enable parental approval required checkbox.

Your process may include many of such rule types.

Oracle OpenWorld provides a unique opportunity to listen to Oracle Business Process Management Experts and Customers.  We will discuss business rules during various sessions in Oracle OpenWorld. Two of the sessions specifically focused on business rules are listed below:

Accelerating an Implementation of Complex Worldwide Business Approval Rules

Wednesday, Oct 3, 10:15 AM

Moscone South – 305

Oracle Business Rules Use Cases Design and Testing
Wednesday, Oct 3, 3:30 PM

Marriott Marquis - Golden Gate C3


Oracle Business Process Management Track covers a variety of topics, and speakers covering technology, methodology and best practices. You can see the list of Business process Management sessions here.

Come back to this blog for more coverage from Oracle OpenWorld!

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

Business Success with BPM: Customer Experiences

Oracle OpenWorld provides a unique opportunity to listen to Oracle Business Process Management Customers. This year we have many customers including Novartis, University of Melbourne, McAfee, Nagravision, Amadeus among others speaking at various sessions.

One of such session is the customer panel hosted by Manas Deb from Oracle Product Management team. In this session, you will hear your peers discuss how they have overcome technical and organizational challenges; delivered success; and brought improved efficiency, visibility, and business agility to their companies.

If you are interested in hearing more about how our customers use Oracle Business Process Management Suite, join us for the following session:

Business Success with BPM: Customer Experiences

Monday, Oct 1, 4:45 PM - 5:45

Moscone South - 308

Oracle Business Process Management Track covers a variety of topics, and speakers covering technology, methodology and best practices. You can see the list of Business process Management sessions here.

Come back to this blog for more coverage from Oracle OpenWorld!

Thursday Sep 13, 2012

Focus On SOA & BPM for Oracle OpenWorld Now Available

To help our valued customers & partners make the most of time spent at Oracle Openworld, please check out the Focus On Oracle Fusion Middleware documents.  Over the years, we've learned that these provide a great roadmap to must-attend sessions, demos, partner exhibits, and networking events during Oracle OpenWorld.

In addition to those “Focus On..” documents, session details (speakers, abstracts) can be found in the Content Catalog at:

We strongly recommend our customers to attend the following sessions:

  • Service Integration (SOA) & BPM: “Using the Right Tools, Techniques, and Technologies for Integration Projects” 
    • Monday, 10/1/2012; 3:15 PM; Moscone South - 308
  • BPM Suite: “Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite 11g Overview and Roadmap”
    • Monday, 10/1/ 2012; 12:15 PM; Moscone South – 308
  • SOA Suite:“Oracle SOA Suite, the Most Capable Tool for Every Possible Integration Challenge”
    • Monday, 10/1/2012; 10:45 AM; Moscone South - 102
  • Foundation Pack: “Jump-starting Integration Projects with Oracle AIA Foundation Pack”
    • Tuesday, 10/2/2012; 1:15 PM; Marriott Marquis - Salon 7
  • Oracle Enterprise Repository: “Gaining Victory over SOA and Application Integration Complexity”
    • Tuesday, 10/2/2012; 1:15 PM; Moscone South - 310

See you in San Francisco!

Not attending the show?  Some of the general and key sessions will be available online - so please stay tuned for those announcements as Oracle OpenWorld gets closer.


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