Oracle BPM 12c now GA!!

Oracle BPM Suite 12c is now GA! We are pleased to announce that as of today (June 27, 2014) Oracle BPM Suite version 12.1.3, unified platform for both BPM and Adaptive Case Management is Generally Available. With the Oracle BPM 12.1.3 release, we are offering a comprehensive, unified and robust platform to build intelligent business processes (both structured automated flows as well as dynamic collaborative cases) that are flexible,adaptive and aligned with business objectives....

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Innovation Springs to Life! Award Nominations Now Open!

2014 Oracle Excellence Awards: Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Oracle is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2014 Oracle Excellence Awards: Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation.  The Oracle Excellence Awards for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation honor organizations using Oracle Fusion Middleware to deliver unique business value.  This year, the awards will recognize customers across nine distinct categories: Customersmay submit separate nominations forms...

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The Top 5 Business Challenges in Financial Services. Oracle Process Accelerators as a Solution

Here at Oracle, we continue to release Process Accelerators for additional solutions.  These Accelerators help achieve process excellence faster with end-to-end implementations of common business processes.  They are Ready-to-use and extensible, and include industry specific best practices.  One common industry where Process Accelerators are used to speed the delivery of business process management solutions is Financial Services.  We've recently produced a whitepaper that ...

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Oracle Process Accelerators now available on OTN

Oracle Process Accelerators is now available on OTN. This new release has been focused on improving PAs with most customer demand while building solutions that showcase new BPM functionality, including Adaptive Case Management, and Oracle apps extensibility. The portfolio of Oracle Process Accelerators now serves additional industries like Insurance. This release also increases the value of BPM out-of-the-box solutions for Financial Services and the Public Sector. Th...

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Process of Process Management

In some of the past discussions, we have talked about the Six Business Process Management best practices to start BPM journey. They are as follows: 1. Find the right process (Business Impact vs. Frequency of change vs. complexity) 2. Identify KPIs and define success 3. Involve business users 4. Put governance in place 5. Get executive sponsorship 6. Achieve quick early wins These are good pointers for a healthy start,but what next? How can we make sure that the BPM practice in...

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A Primer on Process Accelerators

Author: Tanu Sood, Principal Product Director In yesterday's post, Ajay Khanna, Senior Principal Product Director at Oracle, discussed the merits of abstracting out processes from applications into the middleware layer with Business Process Management. That's Oracle AppAdvantage, the advantage of using Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies strategically with Oracle and other enterprise applications to extend and enhance business value. By abstracting process management out...

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