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Wednesday Dec 02, 2015

BPM Blog Moving to WebCenter Blog!

We want to thank our valued readers for following along the Oracle BPM blog over the years! We wanted to let you all know that we will be decommissioning this Oracle BPM blog and utilizing the Oracle WebCenter blog moving forward. We encourage you to bookmark the Oracle WebCenter blog and be sure to follow us on our various other social media channels as well. Thanks!

Thursday Jul 16, 2015

Launch Webcast: Oracle Process Cloud Service

The Oracle Process Cloud Service launch webcast is now available for viewing. Join us so you can understand the value we can bring to your business with line of business empowerment.

Now you can hear from the experts on Oracle Process Cloud Service. Join us to listen to customer stories, see the product and consider the pros and cons of running process automation on the cloud.

Jump right on board with this sneak preview of our upcoming show:
Oracle Process Cloud Service Launch Webcast.

And register today: Oracle Cloud Platform Webcast Series

Friday Jun 19, 2015

Now Launching Oracle Process Cloud Service

Announcing Oracle Process Cloud Service
- Empowering Business Users with Process Automation

Oracle Process Cloud Service equips your line of business to deliver on digital automation of process applications - independent of IT. In a zero-code, cloud based infrastructure, Oracle Process Cloud Service empowers the business user to manage the entire lifecycle of business processes and gain actionable insight on process health and SLAs. This takes business empowerment to a new level of automation and efficiency.

Join us in Making History

We are excited Larry Ellison will be breaking ground with Oracle Process Cloud Service on Monday June 22. Join us online or on the web – we have an exciting lineup of customers, hands on demos, product experts and more.

[Event |Redwood Shores] Jun 22 Integrate, Accelerate, Lead with Oracle Cloud Platform (link
[Event |Webcast] Jun 22 Larry Ellison Unveils New Oracle Cloud Platform Services (link)

How to Learn More on Oracle Process Cloud Service?

[BPM-CON Webcast] Rapid Process Automation on the Cloud (link
[Solution Brief] A New Approach to Digital Transformation (link)
[Datasheet] Productive Work Management in the Cloud (link)
[Video] Introducing Oracle Process Cloud Service (link)
[Infographic] Empowering the Business to Deliver at Market Speed (link)
[eBook] Rapidly Design, Automate and Manage Processes on the Cloud (link)
[Video] Technical dive into Process Cloud Service (link)

Testimonials: PCS Customers and Partners in Action

[Video] Land O Lakes Extends SaaS with Oracle Process Cloud Service (link)
[Video] Flextronics Speeds up BPM with Oracle Process Cloud Service (link)
[Video] Avio Empowers Business with Oracle Process Cloud Service (link)
[Video] eProseed Digitizes with Oracle Process Cloud Service (link)
[Video] Sofbang Extends SOA with with Oracle Process Cloud Service (link)
[Video] Hitachi Manages Contracts with Oracle Process Cloud Service (link)


[Analyst Report] Ovum: Oracle Brings Process to the Cloud (link)
[Byline] Forbes: What IT Pros Must do to Survive, Thrive Amid Rapid Change (link)


[Event |Webcast] Jun 19 Oracle Public Cloud: Platform as a Service (link)
[Event |Webcast] Jun 22 Larry Ellison Unveils New Oracle Cloud Platform Services (link)
[Event |Redwood Shores] Jun 22 Integrate, Accelerate, Lead with Oracle Cloud Platform (link)
[More Events] BPM Events: Click here

To learn more join us at Follow us on twitter @OracleBPM


Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

Sneak Preview of Oracle Process Cloud Service

The secret is out - all of us here are heads down working on BPM as a PaaS. You may have already visited us at and like most BPM enthusiasts, perhaps you can barely wait to get your hands on the service and see how you can automate your turnkey business processes in a snap. A BPM PaaS solution, where all the maintenance and infrastructure is taken care of for you, allowing a true decoupling between IT and Business. Finally, a full blown BPM solution on the cloud, for end-to-end lifecycle management of your business processes. Now you can hit the ground running with your BPM - translating to faster time to market, lowered total cost of ownership and quicker return on your investment.

If you are now eager to find out more - you can watch this video below on the Oracle Process Cloud Service offering Rapid Business Process Automation in the Cloud. This was part of our Cloud Online Forum, now available for you to view directly and get a preview of Oracle Process Cloud Service. Enjoy, and keep your ear to the ground on the actual launch of Oracle Process Cloud Service.

Monday Jan 26, 2015

Cloud Online Forum: Scoop on Oracle Process Cloud Service

BPM on the Cloud! Are you eagerly awaiting the latest news on Oracle Process Cloud Service to understand how you can take your digital transformation to the next level? Join us at the Cloud Online Forum live on January 28, 2015 10am PST/1:00pm EST. You can attend live online sessions and hear what IDC Research, innovative clients, and Oracle's leading experts have to say about Platform as a Service and Cloud and in particular the Business User track has a session on Oracle Process Cloud Service you simply cannot afford to miss!

We will kick off the Forum on January 28 at 10AM PST with Robert P. Mahwold, IDC Research Program Vice President as he leads a “Cloud Platform Market Outlook” discussion with Rex Wang, Oracle Vice President.

They will provide useful tips and solid strategies you can consider as you drive your cloud platform initiatives. They will discuss how to decide whether public, private or hybrid cloud is best and how your organization might approach moving to the cloud. You’ll hear IDC and Oracle best practices to developing a roadmap that will get you on your way to cloud computing. Join us for this inspiring session.

The Middleware General Session begins at 11:30AM PST. 7 Eleven's, Greg Haertling, Chief Enterprise Architect and Sr. Director of Software Development will you how 7 Eleven “Accelerated their Digital Transformation with Oracle’s Platform as a Service.” He will be joined by Oracle’s Siddhartha Agarwal, Vice President, Product Management and Strategy.

They will discuss how Platform as a Service is driving efficiencies for development, operations and LOB, including highly scalable and cost efficient development & testing in the cloud, delivery of enterprise class cloud & mobile apps, rapid integration of cloud & on-premise investments, and seamless workload portability between on-premises & cloud.

Afterward, you can watch these additional Middleware Sessions in the following tracks. Of particular interest to you would be the "Rapid Business Process Automation in the Cloud" session in the Business User track to hear all about Oracle Process Cloud Service.

1) Application Developer Track: Build, Test, Extend Cloud Applications

· Java App Performance at the Speed of Cloud: Hot Tips for Successful Cloud Development

· Jazz Up Your SaaS with Oracle PaaS Solutions

· Mobile Development in the Cloud

2) Middleware IT Operations Track: Integrate, Secure, Manage your Cloud.

· Simplify SaaS and On-premises Integration

· Extend Your Identity Management Services to the Cloud

· Top Tips for Managing Your Application PaaS

3) Business User Track: Connect, Collaborate & Analyze in the Cloud

· Next-Gen Enterprise Content Management in the Cloud

· Rapid Business Process Automation in the Cloud

· Unlocking the Power of Business Analytics in Oracle Cloud

You can find the agenda for these sessions here.

There will also be a Database General Session and Database Cloud Platform sessions that you can attend as well.

I hope to see you online for this exciting Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum.  Don’t forget to REGISTER so you can discover the right strategies for your organization's journey to the cloud!

January 28th, 2015 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST
Register Today

Modern Business. Modern Cloud. 
Is Your PaaS Delivering the Agility Your Users Demand?

Thursday Nov 20, 2014

Oracle BPM's Role in Delivering on the Digital Experience

25% of businesses will lose competitive ranking by 2017 as a result of digital business incompetence.
86% of customers will stop doing business with an organization after one bad experience.
55% of consumers prefer automated self-service, doubling figures seen in the past five years.

 Here's an opportunity to understand how to improve your figures on these rankings leveraging the promise of the digital experience. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of what this promise is and BPM's role in delivering on this. Customer Panduit delivers on a very compelling story on how Oracle WebCenter and Oracle BPM were used to create a cutting edge solution.

Tuesday Nov 11, 2014

Straight from Engineering: Dive Into Oracle BPM 12c

Oracle BPM12c has a lot of great new features, which can transform your enterprise to be digital and gain a competitive edge. In this video, you can hear straight from the heart of engineering - Meera Srinivasan, Director of Product Management for BPM at Oracle on the four major guidelines that Oracle BPM12c was built based on, and the six main features that serve as a focus point. 

Four major guidelines of Oracle BPM 12c 

  • Business user empowerment
  • Single unified platform for all players - human, service, case, and others
  • Robust stable platform that meets current and future needs of customers
  • Deep, insightful process analytics for continuous process improvement

Here is a summary of the features in Oracle BPM12c that Meera outlines in this video: 

Six Major  Themes for Oracle BPM 12c
Process Modeling: Oracle BPM12c makes Business User and enables them for processes development to forms to rules to data and business indicators for process analytics. Agile process development lifecycle has now broadened to include modeling capabilities. So now there is support for moving from departmental to enterprise level - core, supporting and operational processes. There is support for cataloging and categorizing processes, allowing identifying bottlenecks as well as best BPM processes to achieve maximum ROI. Oracle BPM 12c allows creation of conceptual models for a lightweight business architecture and creation of  high level enterprise wide views to drill down to value chains to operational flows. It allows creation of business rules to objectives to strategies to operational business process support. In addition it allows KPIs to be defined at lower level process flows and allows roll up to higher level flows to generate a heat map so you can identify process candidates to maximize ROI.

Mobile: People want to productive anytime, anywhere, from any device. 12c ships with  special capabilities to optimize mobile capabilities. We recently shipped a mobile application for task approvals available in the apple iTunes store, requiring no custom development work. We also added support for REST APIs on top of BPM. With REST APIs and Oracle Mobile Platform framework, you can build and test your mobile applications and control access over a variety of devices. We are bringing a generic mobile application that can work across variety of operating systems and form factors. Oracle BPM Webforms can be displayed on the web, as well as different devices including tablets and mobile phones. You can approve tasks in bulk, you can attach pictures, and integrate  your business process with geolocation. Users can be productive offline or in disconnected mode. We allow you to work offline mode and then synchronize when online again empowering the mobile user.  

Developer Productivity: Oracle BPM12c has added significant features to increase developer productivity - introduced small memory foot print, and quick install. It is optimized for developer productivity and allows zero to minimal coding, being all wizard based and declarative. If you want to write code, we have first class support for Groovy scripting for all complex computations throughout the development. Oracle BPM 12c includes a complete debugger support to step in, step over, examine variables between peer processes, sub processes. Developers will now have a productive experience and enjoy building BPM processes.

Adaptive Case Management: Traditionally BPM has been leveraged for automating and optimizing structured business processes, resulting in increased visibility, agility,  transparency, and operational efficiency. Now customers want the same benefits for their high value, unstructured, highly unpredictable process flows. Most of these are document intensive, involve complex decision making by knowledge workers, resulting in unique instances for each run of the business process. The order of execution of steps is unique to every instance. Oracle BPM 12c is a single, unified platform for BPM and Case Management. We released a Case UI for a 360 degree view of case and data - allowing visibility into activities, milestones, outcome, audit trail, and allow collaboration across cases and take action across cases, dynamically at runtime.

Process Monitoring: Oracle BPM 12c enables operational managers and business leaders to manage process health and take action on the fly at runtime. Many BAM components have been added to allow business users to allow them to analyze business procssses on the fly and create reports and dashboards. BAM composer and Process Composer are available on the same stack. Oracle BPM 12c includes rich support for out of the box BAM dashboards - BPM process monitor dashboards to monitor real-time processes, tasks and resources.  It allows monitoring bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and drill down for root-cause analysis. This also allows realtime analysis against historical averages.

Migration of BPM: You can now seamlessly migrate your 10g projects processes, organizational units, business objects to Oracle BPM 12c. Short running process instances may be best to finish running on the current platform, but long running instances can migrate to Oracle BPM 12c. You can suspend an instance of the process you are migrating in Oracle BPM 12c and migrate the data and process and then continue running the suspended processes on 12c.

To read more, download the white paper: What's new in Oracle BPM 12c 

And for customer case studies, white papers and more: Oracle BPM 12c Resource Kit

Monday Nov 10, 2014

Where do you learn more on Oracle BPM 12c?

Oracle BPM 12c has emerged as a leader with a complete, business oriented, solution driven offering. It can form the foundation of digital transformation for business processes with the following capabilities to help:

  • Optimize and automate processes, build connections that will drive engagement
  • Capitalize on disruptive technologies like mobile, social, big data and cloud
  • Transform your business and drive innovation

 In particular, with the 12c release, Oracle has taken intelligent BPMS to the next level with key capabilities. It provides dynamic case management technology to analyze business processes, detect events, and guide people to respond accordingly. It helps close the process "gaps" with interconnected, adaptive cases and workflows and streamline collaboration by facilitating real-time decision management.

To learn more on Oracle BPM12c  download the Oracle BPM12c resource kit today. It includes, white papers, webcasts, datasheets, customer case studies, and more.


Friday Nov 07, 2014

Meet the BPM Winners of 2014 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation

At Oracle Open World 2014 we had a special celebration, in an Oscar-like ceremony, where we announced the winners of the 2014 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation. You can find an overview of the Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards Ceremony and the full list of winners across all 12 categories in the following blog post: And The Winners Are....

In this blog post, I would like to introduce to you the 2014 Fusion Middleware Innovation Award winners in the Business Process Management category:

Here are a few highlights on State Revenue Office – Victoria & Partner Rubicon Red:

  • Public Sector tax collection agency in Victoria, Australia
  • The Sustainable Revenue Management System (SRMS) project will implement BPM process to administer all key business processes for public revenue flow
  • 5.8+ Million citizens now get their unclaimed monies with faster and service-centric design
  • Long term cost savings of 65% through incrementally transforming its legacy system into a modern day application
  • Won Victorian Government Digital Awards with better workflow processes that provides major productivity gains

And here are some highlights on Vertafore:

  • Software and solutions provider for the insurance industry
  • SaaS solution to deliver 60k uniquely customized business processes to 5000 insurance agency customers
  • Significantly improved operational efficiency
  • Right work to right people at right time: Achieved business agility by providing tools to adapt to changing business process and conditions
  • Power to act instead of react: Tapped into emerging business opportunities by providing actionable real-time insight
  • Delivered a truly secure and highly scalable multi-tenant BPM solution designed to support over 60,000 uniquely customized business processes for up to 5000 unique customers throughout the business process lifecycle

Congratulations to State Revenue Office of Victoria & Partner Rubicon, and Vertafore for winning this year's Oracle Excellence Awards for more information on these customers and more case studies, visit our Oracle BPM eBook

BPM-CON an Online Conference: Intelligent Adaptive Processes for a New Digital Era

Oracle recently participated in an online conference with BPM-CON on the topic of BPM & Case Management, as a means to build faster, smarter, dynamic apps. The message from Oracle was on delivering intelligent adaptive processes for a new digital era. This presentation is now available to view from BPM-CON. You can click on the image below to access this presentation and understand how you can transition your business processes for the digital transformation.

Title: Intelligent Adaptive Processes for a New Digital Era

Abstract: It’s time for a new kind of BPM platform. Most businesses run on applications built for a pre-digital era, but the world has undergone a digital transformation with the cloud, mobile, and fast data requiring modern capabilities. Strategic business architecture modeling, real-time analytics, adaptive case management, integrated content management, mobile and SaaS connectivity are at the core of Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite. In this session, you will hear from Oracle on how you can travel the path to process excellence by scaling BPM across the organization for a new digital age.

Available Now: BPM-CON an Online Conference

And to learn more on this topic, you can download the latest Oracle BPM12c Resource Kit and access the new BPM eBook on Bridging the Gap between Vision and Execution.

Wednesday Nov 05, 2014

BPM 12c Makes a Splash at Oracle Open World 2014

This year's Oracle Open World found us filling a new leadership position - CTO by an unbridled Larry Ellison who showed off hands-on demos to move on-prem to the cloud. Outstanding customer and partner presentations, had a packed audience of more than 60,000 people sitting on the edge of their seats, grasping the immensity and reality of cloud, mobile, and the internet of things, making digital business a reality. Oracle seems committed to the Cloud more than ever and it seems a matter of when rather than if a customer will move to the cloud. And across the board the repeat message that resonated was that moving to the cloud was going to be possible with a few pushes of a button rather than hiring experts and rewriting code

Oracle BPM 12c made a splash at Oracle Open World 2014. Oracle's unique BPM offering gathered resounding attention for setting itself apart as a global leader. The following messages were the underlying theme of Oracle BPM this year that established it as a complete, business driven, and solutions based offering that can transform organizations to deliver on the digital vision:

- Mature BPM Solution with Adaptive Case Management integrated on the same stack
- Making the business user the focus with Business Driven Rapid Process Automation
- Multi-channel suport with mobile, built into every stage of BPM lifecycle management 
- Real-time process analytics and predictive analysis
- Developer productivity enhancements
- Cloud integration to leverage business process management across cloud and on-premise
- Combined solution with Webcenter for content and social management supporting the digital enterprise
- Prebuilt BPM solutions with Oracle Process Accelerators
- Sneak preview into Oracle Process Cloud

This year's conference was bigger than ever with 25+ sessions for Oracle BPM Suite, including both Oracle-led, and external submissions. There were an unprecedented number of customers and partners speaking in our sessions: including McAfee, Dutch Judiciary, 7-Eleven, Sherwin Williams, Ricoh Americas,  National Academy of Sciences,  Flextronics, State Revenue Office of Victoria, State of Alaska, Engineers Australia, US Foods, spir-it, eProseed, Avion, and many more. The BPM sessions included four live product demos; 3 hands-on labs including a preview of Oracle Process Cloud Service, 25 exhibits, and a well attended customer reception.

The two customers who took the limelight at the BPM Innovation Award Winners were State Revenue Office of Victoria and Vertafore with their cutting edge enterprise wide BPM solutions. 

One session of note was on Managing Unstructured Processes with Oracle Business Process Management: Lessons from the Field. Where the discussion on adaptive case management at the Dutch Judiciary led us to understand that not all business processes are well structured and therefore not easy to automate with just BPM. Less structured processes typically are left out of BPM adoption but tend to be high-value processes performed by knowledge workers/experts. Oracle BPM not only provides excellent support for efficiecntly and effectively managing structured processes but also support knowledge-driven, unstructured and ad hoc processes by using adaptive case management.

Other sessions that were of interest:

Oracle Business Process Management Strategy and Vision
Oracle Webcenter and Oracle Business Process Management Enabling the Digital Business 
Best Practices learned from Process Accelerator Solutions
Oracle Process Cloud Service (Preview); Rapid Process Automation
Customer Panel: The Path to Process Excellence, Notes from the Trenches

To look at the list of sessions held at Oracle Open World 2014 and access presentations: Focus On BPM at Oracle Open World 2014 and I hope to meet you at next year's conference: Oracle Open World 2015. Overall Oracle Open World 2014 was a mindblowing event with outstanding teamwork and exceptional delivery on every front from the customer, partner, and employee base of the organization. To continue learning about Oracle BPM, access our BPM 12c eBook: Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Execution and read more on our website:

And if you missed Oracle Open World 2014, no problem, just find an Oracle Day 2014 in a city near you to meet our experts locally.

Tuesday Nov 04, 2014

Oracle at Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2014

Oracle is Proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at Gartner Business Process Managament Summit 2014

Business processes are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business and in today’s digital age, capitalizing on disruptive technologies like mobile, social, big data, cloud and internet of things (IOT) to transform your business and drive innovation will be the key to differentiating yourself from the competition. Oracle BPM is leading this transformation in the new digital era with a unified, business focused platform that accelerates time-to-value of structured and unstructured business processes. This forms the foundation of your business, automating turnkey business processes across systems, humans, decisions, documents, and events to deliver across multi-channels.

Oracle Booth
Meet with Oracle experts and discuss how Oracle Business Process Management enables you to make impactful changes.

Oracle Demos will Showcase:

Oracle Process Cloud Service: Hit the Ground Running with BPM on the Cloud
Get a peak into Oracle Process Cloud Service – faster time to market, lowered startup costs, quick return on investment, and reduced maintenance costs on your next BPM project. Full lifecycle BPM environment including development, testing, and production – from process design, execution, monitoring, and optimization with BPM on the cloud.

Oracle Adaptive Case Management: 
Enable Unstructured Processes, Empower Knowledge Workers
Explore Oracle’s unique and comprehensive case management solution that is seamlessly integrated with a full BPM stack. Now handle unstructured ad-hoc processes that are flexible and data-intensive. Focus on knowledge workers and automation irrespective of structure of the business processes. 

Oracle Session

Intelligent Adaptive Processes for a New Digital Era
The world has undergone a digital transformation with cloud, mobile, social, and the internet of things. Businesses that don’t capitalize on this wave of innovation will soon be left behind. Adaptive case management, real-time analytics, strategic business architecture, mobile and SaaS connectivity are a requirement of the new BPM foundation. Join Oracle and customer in traveling this renewed path to process excellence by scaling BPM across the organization for a new digital age.


Gangadhar Konduri
VP of Product Management, BPM and Webcenter

Rakesh Gujjarlapudi
Enterprise Architect

Oracle Session Schedule
Thursday, December 11, 2014
9:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Augustus III

For additional information about Oracle BPM Suite 12c click here.

Tuesday Oct 28, 2014

Oracle's View of Intelligent Business Process Management

Abstract from New White Paper:
Create end-to-end business processes on top of existing applications and deliver unique, important capabilities
Executive Summary
Digital businesses embrace technology to optimize business operations, fuel innovation, and
ultimately increase profit margins and service levels. They design information systems that
empower customers, partners, and employees to interact more efficiently and productively. A
big part of this effort entails re-engineering business processes so that workers can avail
themselves of current information to increase service levels and become more responsive,
while reducing cost and risk. Change is inevitable and nimble organizations use intelligent
business process management (BPM) systems to automate operations, make better decisions,
exploit opportunities, and react to changes in the marketplace.
With the impact of new business paradigms that leverage mobile, social, and cloud
technologies, a new approach is needed to bring enterprise applications into the modern age.
This paper explains how to create “intelligent” business processes that automate operations
and boost productivity. It describes the key capabilities of an intelligent BPM system and offers
examples of how such systems improve business operations. The featured product is Oracle
Business Process Management Suite 12c (Oracle BPM Suite 12c), a comprehensive solution
for modeling, analyzing, executing, and optimizing business processes across divisions,
systems, and applications.
Intelligent BPM systems use dynamic case management technology to analyze business
processes, detect events, and guide people to respond accordingly. These systems help close
process “gaps” with interconnected, adaptive cases and workflows, and streamline
collaboration by facilitating real-time decision management.
To read more download the white paper today: Deliver on Intelligent Business Process Management

Hear from the experts in Product Marketing and Management


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