Monday Aug 17, 2009

Use all the Tools in the Tool Box...

Ultimately it is the software application that most IT customers look toward solving their business problems.  However software applications have a lot of moving parts sitting logically under the stack that enables the given application.  Some of these parts include operating system components, hardware and usually a large amounts of data.

A car, like an IT solution, requires more than a few set of tools to complete the job. While companies share many common problems, as do car manufactures, company solutions ultimately need the entire tool box to be fully utilized.  This is necessary in order to get the right solution to a company's IT problem.

Healthy competition amongst vendors enables multiple degrees of freedom for application solutions, but more technologies in a given vendors tool box only enables the ability to build better IT solutions.  The same applies to those who are in the business of building cars.  From a business perspective it is absolutely critical that the technologies have to be articulated into a cohesive and complementary strategy for success.  For example Ford builds cars, trucks and hybrids.  Ford does not depend on putting a truck engine into a Ford Focus and vice versa for obvious reasons.  The same applies for technology.  No "one solution fits all" has ever been successful in any market. 

Venture Capitalists and public companies have been chasing "the" goal for many years that one given technology can satisfy all aspects of a given marketHowever when you combine and use multiple technologies in your portfolio and present the right business and sales focus the results can be pretty awesome.

Here is a good example of software technologies:

from the tool box combined with partner technology to produce an ultimate software application solution.

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Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

44th P.O.T.U.S. - Yes We Can

Today the 44th President of the Unites States of America is sworn into office. For me it signifies not only eliminated barriers but also the beginning of new horizons.  Horizons that parallel past frontiers that once seemed impossible to tame.  World wide economic woes have linked countries together.  It's ironic that this linkage also holds the solutions for the recession.  Some nations need to lead, but it will require more from the followers as well.  Don't expect one person to go about and fix it all.  "Yes we can" is about everybody, everywhere getting the inspiration to help change your nations situation as well as your own. 

As someone who is fond of history I'm currently reading the biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  His leadership and inspiration during the Great Depression was a catalyst.  FDR's personal ailments and struggles as a polio survivor were part of that catalyst.  While no nation's leader is ever lacking of critics, FDR included, he served during a very difficult period of time.  His New Deal programs and the struggles of that time have been told to me numerous times by my parents.  My parents watched my grandparents struggle through the Great Depression.  In some ways those stories have shaped me.  FDR's voice and words were his medium.  One did not see a man ravaged by polio in steel braces, but rather a leader who inspired many to solve problems. His famous quote, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" during his inauguration speech is so appropriate.

"Yes we can" is for all.

Monday Aug 04, 2008

Sun Grid Engine 6.2 - what opensource can do for you

If you are having problems managing your large HPC compute infrastructure or provisioning your cloud of computes a certain tool may be just what you may need.  Policy-based workload management and the dynamic provisioning of application workloads are two large problems facing industry and research institutions. 

Today Sun Grid Engine 6.2 raises the bar for scalability, performance and ease of management.  New features include:

  • Multi-clustering with Service Domain Manager - delivers built in elasticity of hosts

  • Advance Reservation - request and reserve grid resources in advance

  • Scalability - up to 63,000 core CPU's today and even higher tomorrow

  • Supports massivelly parallel jobs - across thousands of CPU cores

Sun Grid Engine is in use today for many production environments managing critical research, crash simulations and clouds of computing.  Sun Grid Engine is an opensource distribution that runs on solaris, linux and windows. 

Community members help drive and influence the features, content adn direction of the product.  Join today and become a community member.

What is really exciting is the new Service Domain Manager capability of Sun Grid Engine 6.2, click here to see a demo of managing elastic resources.  Totally applicable to your cloud including and other cloud resources.  Dynamic, on the fly and transparent to your workload.  Check it out! 


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