Technology spending? Economic growth? Have you heard of UAE?

Recent news of increased economic stability in the world is comforting.  However how much of it is based on sound fundamentals?  If you are an investor or run a business where in the world do you want to invest for growth and equityUnited Arab Emerates may be a place of interest.  The UAE growth rate in GDP is astounding.  While not all economic indicators are objectively sound, you have to speculate where can you find a better risk/reward ratio. 

Western based banks have recovered their share price as well as balance sheets, but new credit lending is still tight.  Loan losses are still surging in the West.  In my opinion there remains too many toxic, complex, leveraged, convoluted, imaginary assets out there that have not been exposed to date.  In order for the world economy to move forward the majority of bad credit instruments need to be exposed and liquidated.  Otherwise we will continue to regain the false sense of consumer comfort that eventually got us into trouble. 

Most world economies are driven by consumer spending, but consumer savings is the buffer from repeating what we are seeing today.  One issue is where (globally) to place your assets into safe saving instruments with a secure and viable return. 

I'm not sure anyone out there has all the answers...

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