Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

VirtualBox 4.2 Release Candidate 1 is available for testing

Release Candidate 1 of VirtualBox 4.2 is now available for testing. This release is made available for testers and early adopters, and should not be used on production or critical systems.

Version 4.2 will be a major update and contains the following new features.

  • Improved Windows 8 support, in particular many 3D-related fixes
  • Ability to group virtual machines
  • Expert mode for wizards
  • Allow more settings to be modified while a guest is running
  • Support for up to 36 network cards
  • Limiting network IO bandwidth
  • Ability to start VMs during system boot on Linux, OS X and Solaris
  • New experimental support for Drag'n'drop from the host to Linux guests. Support for more guests and for guest-to-host is planned. (bug #81)
  • Host parallel port pass through on Windows platform

    In addition to the new functionality, the following bugs have been fixed since the last beta release.

  • Mac OS X hosts: sign application and installer to avoid warnings on Mountain Lion
  • VMM: improved VM context switch performance for Intel CPUs using nested paging
  • VMM: added support for FlushByASID features of AMD CPUs (Bulldozer and newer)
  • VMM: fixed unreal mode handling on older CPUs with VT-x (gPXE, Solaris 7/8/9; bug #9941)
  • VMM: fixed MP tables fixes for I/O APIC interrupt routing relevant for ancient SMP guests (e.g. old OS/2 releases)
  • VMM: support recent VIA CPUs (bug #10005)
  • GUI: network operations manager
  • GUI: allow taking screenshots of the current VM window content
  • GUI: allow automatically sorting of the VM list
  • GUI: allow starting of headless VMs from the GUI
  • GUI: allow reset, shutdown and poweroff from the Manager window
  • GUI: allow to globally limit the maximum screen resolution for guests
  • GUI: show the full medium part on hovering the list of recently used ISO images
  • GUI: do not create additional folders when a new machine has a separator character in its name (bug #6541)
  • GUI: don't crash on terminate if the settings dialog is still open (bug #9973)
  • Snapshots: fixed a crash when restoring an old snapshot when powering off a VM (bug #10491)
  • Settings: sanitise the name of VM folders and settings file (bug #10549)
  • Settings: allow to store the iSCSI initiator secret encrypted
  • E1000: 802.1q VLAN support
  • Storage: implemented burning of audio CDs in passthrough mode
  • Storage: implemented support for discarding unused image blocks through TRIM for SATA and IDE and UNMAP for SCSI when using VDI images
  • Storage: added support for QED images
  • Storage: added support for QCOW (full support for v1 and readonly support for v2 images)
  • Storage: added readonly support for VHDX images
  • Solaris additions: added support for X.org Server 1.11 and 1.12
  • Windows hosts: no need to recreate host-only adapters after a VirtualBox update
  • Windows hosts: updated toolchain; make the source code compatible to VC 2010 and enable some security-related compiler options

    Please refer to the VirtualBox 4.2 Release Candidate 1 Changelog for a complete list of changes and enhancements.

    Binaries for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Solaris can be downloaded here.

    Important Note: Please do not use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Release Candidate should be used for early evaluation and testing purposes.

    Report problems or issues at the VirtualBox Beta Forum.

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  • VirtualBox 4.1.20 is now available

    VirtualBox 4.1.20 has been released and is now available. This is a maintenance release for version 4.1 and contains the following fixes.

  • VMM: fixed a crash under rare circumstances for VMs running without hardware virtualization
  • VMM: fixed a code analysis bug for certain displacement instructions for VMs running without hardware virtualization
  • VMM: fixed an interpretion bug for TPR read instructions under rare conditions (AMD-V only)
  • Snapshots: fixed a crash when restoring an old snapshot when powering off a VM (bugs #9604, #10491)
  • VBoxSVC: be more tolerant against environment variables with strange encodings (bug #8780)
  • VGA: fixed wrong access check which might cause a crash under certain conditions
  • NAT: final fix for crashes under rare conditions (bug #10513)
  • Virtio-net: fixed the problem with receiving of GSO packets in Windows XP guests causing packet loss in host-to-VM transfers
  • HPET: several fixes (bugs #10170, #10306)
  • Clipboard: disable the clipboard by default for new VMs
  • BIOS: the PCI BIOS was not properly detected with the chipset type set to ICH9 (bugs #9301, #10327)
  • Mac OS X hosts: adaptions to Mountain Lion
  • Linux Installer: fixes for Gentoo Linux (bug #10642)
  • Linux guests: fixed mouse integration on Fedora 17 guests (bug #2306)
  • Linux Additions: compile fixes for RHEL/CentOS 6.3 (bug #10756)
  • Linux Additions: compile fixes for Linux 3.5-rc1 and Linux 3.6-rc1 (bug #10709)
  • Solaris host: fixed a guru meditation while allocating large pages (bug #10600)
  • Solaris host: fixed possible kernel panics while freeing memory
  • Solaris Installer: fixed missing icon for menu and desktop shortcuts

    The full changelog can be found here.

    You can download binaries for Windows, OS X (Intel Mac), Linux and Solaris hosts at

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