Predictions: What should happen in 2006?

I'm probably too much of an idealist to make accurate predictions. Some of my April 2005 predictions didn't hit the target. For instance, I would have thought that the U.S. auto industry, having been caught with its efficiency down during previous oil shocks, would have been better prepared for the inevitable rise in oil prices.

O.K. Here are my pseudo-random predictions for what I think should happen in 2006:

  1. \* There should be fewer earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanos, terrorists, diseases and wars. There should be better management of resources when inevitable disasters occur.
  2. \* Other companies should follow the lead of Sun and Intel (yes I can say nice things about one of our competitors!) and allow employees to telecommute.
  3. \* Investors should take some money out of the global housing bubble and put it back into the economy (e.g. R&D technology companies, medicine, charities...)
  4. \* Bubble surfers and easy money speculators should stop creating destructive manias and panics in technology stock and house prices. Instead they should invest money in other, mostly harmless forms of gambling.
  5. \* When the property speculators go home, Joe six-pack should actually be able to afford living near where he works. (The realist in me says that I won't be able to afford buying a home near Dublin in 2006 because: "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent." - John Maynard Keynes)
  6. \* Because of this desuburbanization and the already mentioned rise in telecommuting, billions of dollars worth of oil should stay under Saudi sand and Alaskan permafrost.
  7. \* It should become profitable to convert unused condos and subdivisions into farms and forests.
  8. \* Efficiency should become the buzzword for 2006. An independent agency should measure performance per watt and landfill footprint of every desktop workstation and server. This should be published and imprinted on the advertised specs for all such devices.
  9. \* SUVs should be required to meet the same safety and efficiency standards as ordinary cars.
  10. \* Irish ferries should stop fooling around with questionable reflagging and circumvention of labor laws and buy a fleet of wind-assisted (kite?) ferries. The money saved on oil should allow profitable first-class service. Ryan Air should see this and be inspired to consult with Burt Rutan about efficient solar (and pedal ;-) powered aircraft designs.
  11. \* Governments and corporations should unhitch themselves from dependence on the products of a single IT company.
  12. \* The internet, and all devices connected to it, should be based on secure and open standards. Identity fraud, spam, spyware, phishing and adware should leave the internet and enter the history books.
  13. \* I should be able to play an American "Finding Nemo" video, a British "Balamory" video and a French "Petit Ours Brun" video in the same player in the same room without running into intentional incompatibilities and international laws.
  14. \* Independent content creation artists should be able to make a living.
  15. \* I should figure out how to fix ordered list display in the canned CSS template for this blog.
  16. \* I should cut down on the chips at the company canteen.
  17. \* Citizens of the U.S. should learn more about what the rest of the world is doing right and vice versa.
  18. \* When jobs relocate, labor should be able to follow. The WTO should focus more on reducing labor protectionism and currency shenanigans and less on banana and steel tariffs.
  19. \* Existing technology should be used more efficiently to reduce poverty and our negative impact on the world.
  20. \* I should learn how to spell Light Emitting Polymer and ElectroCeramescent. U.S. businesses and homes should stop wasting 2 billion dollars per year illuminating the night sky. Irish businesses and governments should figure out how to install daylight sensors on outdoor lights so they don't burn 24hrs/day.
  21. \* The Irish government should use some of the enormous tax windfall from the property boom to fund the medical system and completely revamp the roads, public transportation system, driving education and testing system. The Irish road death rate should fall below one person per day.
  22. \* Given the size of the global property bubble's tax windfall, the streets should be paved with gold.
Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: My blog contains the opinions of a single individual (me). I don't claim to speak for Sun or anyone else.


...And I should whinge just a little bit less often than I did in 2005. ...And there should be less to whinge about.

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