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    February 27, 2014

Sometimes a new skin is not enough

Guest Author

I often have the opportunity to present about Oracle's mobile technologies. In those presentations, I usually explain to the audience that building and maintaining a mobile application will force them to make their software development processes more agile. The reason for this is simple. Mobile technologies evolve at consumer speed. Mobile operating systems are updated frequently, and applications must follow suit. The best proof I can give is the evolution of ADF Mobile itself. The initial version of the framework has been released in October 2012. Between that date and January 2014, we published one new version and five distinct patch sets for it; that's one update every 11 weeks on average. Such frequent releases are unusual for Oracle. In the mobile space, they're the norm

Recently, I installed ADF Mobile Patch 5. This version includes a new skin which brings an iOS 7 look and feel for Apple devices as well as a native look and feel for Android devices. In addition, JDeveloper now supports version 5 of XCode to package and deploy iOS applications. After the update, my applications didn't look right when I deployed and ran them. It turns out you must update the skin-family in adfmf-config.xml from this


to this


In addition, I suggest you perform a clean all (Build > Clean All) before deploying your applications. Mine would not pick up the new skin otherwise. 

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