Monday Feb 21, 2011

New SunSPOTs have arrived - faster, and with more memory!

The new batch of SunSPOTs are available to purchase at the Oracle Store! The changes are not just to the box color, but include a major upgrade to the Sun SPOT Hardware. The new "rev 8" Sun SPOTs includes:

  • 400 MHz ARM 926ej-S Processor
  • 8Mbytes Flash Memory
  • 1Mbytes SRAM Memory

The new demo board includes changes such as:

  • IR emitter/detector
  • Speaker
  • RGB color sensor
  • Updated accelerometer

Check out for updated information.

Tuesday Oct 05, 2010

Sun SPOT Hands-on labs posted

David Simmons has posted the presentations and exercises from the hands-on labs given at JavaOne 2010 and 2008 (among other places) to Look for the "Learning" tab on the left.

 ps. Thanks for the spelling corrections...

Monday Jan 12, 2009

Terminal to Serial/USB Devices From a Mac

How to get a terminal window on a Mac to a USB device or a serial device connected using a USB-to-Serial adapter (like a Keyspan) using the screen command. Useful for talking to Sun SPOTs, FIRST Robotics Competition controllers (cRIO), etc...
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Thursday Dec 04, 2008

SunSPOT Channel on YouTube

There are over a hundred videos on that deal with Sun SPOTS. At least that we know about! We've been asking users to tag any videos that relate to Sun SPOTs with "spaughts" (apparently there's some other well known meaning to the term "sun spot").

Although you can simply search YouTube for "spaughts", I started experimenting with creating a Sun SPOT Channel that will list all of these videos along with some editorial content, like links to and favorites. The channel is up an running at:


I'd also like to give "javapda" a Lifetime Achievement Award for Sun SPOT videos, and recommend "One Person's year with Sun SPOTs" for a frenetic sample of his work.

BTW, this channel is a YouTube play list. I thought that there would be an automatic way to create a playlist from search results, but I haven't found one yet. Also, I haven't found a way to organize the playlist. If you have any suggestions, please comment here.

About Me

I'm Derek White. I work for Oracle Labs in Burlington, Massachusetts. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

Currently I'm working on the Squawk project - an open source virtual machine for Java written almost entirely in Java. Squawk is a Java ME (CLDC + IMP) system designed for small embedded devices. A cell phone is big for us. The funny thing is that in the past I've worked on getting Java to scale up to large CMT systems, but now I'm getting Java to scale down to machines as small (or smaller) than the ones I first started programming on.

I work with a lot of good people here at Sun, and will link to those that blog off to the right somewhere ->

Other things I've worked on in the past include:

  • Java simulation and performance analysis for Niagara processors (the short answer is "NOPs are bad").
  • Garbage collection and JVM performance issues at Sun Labs (the "Exact VM").
  • A JVM for an unnamed 64-bit OS at Novell.
  • The Dylan programming language and development environment at Apple.
  • The Object Pascal compiler at Apple.

There is more information on my Oracle Labs Bio Page.

This is my first blog post - often when I read a blog for the first time I ask myself "Who is this guy?". Well now you now in this case.

In the future look for posts on Java VM design, Squawk, porting, performance analysis and tuning, debugging, Sun SPOTs, programming, robots, too many parenthetical remarks (a side-effect of working with the Dylan (lisp) hackers),  and obscure cultural references.

Now I wonder where Ruth is?....

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Out of the fog... of bits, bytes, and really small Java Virtual Machines, by Derek White. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.


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