Wednesday Feb 24, 2010

The Art of Leaving ...

I hope I don't let it sound too emotional, but I don't want to let it feel untrue as well. Yes, after working for Sun Microsystems for more than nine wonderful years and Oracle Inc. for a few days, I have decided to leave. This is my last blog-post and today is my last day.

Valedictory function speeches, parting conversations etc. have always been a challenge for me. This blog-post is no different. There is one Sanskrit verse though that captures how I feel very succinctly and it is as follows

      गुणवद्वस्तु संसर्गाद् याति स्वल्पोपि गौरवम् |
      पुष्पमालानुषङ्गेण सूत्रं शिरसि धार्यते || 
This blog-post states the meaning correctly. In other words,
Any small, ordinary thing gets crowning glory if it associates itself with a great entity, just like a common thread gets honoured because of its association, vicinity with the garland it holds!
My tenure at Sun Microsystems has been a testimony of the above. It's this place that made my stay a memorable one. There are things that I could have done differently and I regret not having done so, but the Sunny atmosphere here is simply unforgettable. I mean where else does a programmer get an opportunity to have a Bill-Joy- Number of 2? Where does a programmer get an opportunity to see and experience amazing and wacky things being built by remarkable personalities? Of course, there are places elsewhere and this is a rhetoric, but that does not curtail my excitement one bit. Thank you, Sun Microsystems Inc. Individual colleagues, friends and well-wishers who influenced me are just too many to list here.

The culmination of my career at Sun was being a part of GlassFish team where I could contribute building one of the most loved open source enterprise products. I feel fortunate to be part of this team and since it's open source, I can contribute to it wherever I go. You can always reach me at and I will be hanging around in the GlassFish users'/developers' list.

Sunday Apr 26, 2009

Vim Tip: Copy and paste into the editor ...

How to make vim behave when copying text from elsewhere and pasting into it ...[Read More]

Sunday Apr 05, 2009

svn and cvs about default commit log ...

svn is a better cvs except this perhaps? ...[Read More]

Monday Dec 17, 2007

A strong case for <a seref="search string">?

This is of course a wacky idea and the one which search engines might/should jump on :). I checked the working draft for HTML 5 and could not find it there.

The idea is about search engines aiding all the HTML documents that are about a certain topic and want to intersperse hyper-links to certain terms that appear elsewhere on the web. Of course, I, as an author of a document that references such concepts or terms, don't want to waste time on finding the exact web-page that demonstrates it. The intent of such a link is to provide more information about that term anyway. Then, why not have a facility like:

  • <a seref="Effective Java">Effective Java</a>
which will bring the page from your favorite search engine with "Effective Java" as your query string.

This is useful for the author because when the author does not really want to be specific to point to a known document, s/he can always make use of search engines which are supposed to provide more up-to-date information on a topic of general interest. More importantly, it examines if search relevance that search engines tout about is any good!

I told ya -- it is wacky :), but I just implemented this in my previous post.

Thursday Nov 08, 2007

Gmail against Firebug ...

One of the things I like about Firefox is Firebug. I wonder why Gmail has started showing this ugly red flag recently ...



I think it is ugly because it does not make sense to have it as a red flag. People who run Firebug know that there is an overhead involved with it. 

But it's the G-muscle, what can you do?

Saturday Mar 10, 2007

submitting audio content on the Web?

I know this is a rather sensitive topic, but like "Video content", where can one upload "original", copyright-free audio content (e.g. a paragraph or two read by someone, to promote a good book) on the web? I could not find any sites, whereas for video, there are tons of sites.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2006

How can I download Firefox on a Windows box?

Can Firefox compete with IE?[Read More]

Monday May 29, 2006

Printers don't Come with USB Cables ...

Did you know that? I did not.[Read More]

Saturday May 20, 2006

JavaOne Impressions ...

Well, it feels good to be part of this yearly Techno-marketing(?) event. I am sure you'll read many reviews of the event from various angles. I am not really going to deep dive into the management aspects of it, for I really thought that the crew did an incredible job of handling the stress situations and keeping the show running. What follows has more to do with the sessions and what I thought it takes to present at the JavaOne.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 27, 2006

App Server and JConsole ...

There are several blogs and articles that tell you about how JConsole can connect to the Sun Java System Application Server. This blog tries to be extensive and provides an in depth coverage of the topic.[Read More]

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