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  • August 16, 2013

Steps to create a new domain on Weblogic Server

Puneeth Prakash
Principal Software Engineer

Note :

- Prior to running the Configuration Wizard to create a domain on a UNIX or Linux operating system, if you have not already done so, set the CONFIG_JVM_ARGS environment variable to the following value:

    " -Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/urandom "

This decreases the amount of time it takes for the Configuration Wizard to create or update a domain.

- Quick Start Configuration Wizard can be used only to configure the various sample domains, such as MedRec and the Examples Server, in your WebLogic Server installation.

The Quick Start Configuration Wizard supports only the Derby (JavaDB) database driver. If you are using another database, you cannot use the Quick Start Configuration Wizard to create your domain. 

- You can start Quick Start Configuration Wizard in two ways :

1. Select the Automatically Launch Quick Start Configuration Wizard option on the Installation Complete screen of the WebLogic Server installer.

2. Run the config.cmd / config.sh script located in ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin as follows : " config.cmd -target=config-oneclick " in windows and " config.sh -target=config-oneclick " in Linux.

- Prior to manually running the Configuration Wizard in Quick Start mode, you must set the CONFIG_JVM_ARGS environment variable to specify the full path and JAR file name for each template that you want to use for the domain.

To set CONFIG_JVM_ARGS on a Windows system:

set CONFIG_JVM_ARGS="-DuserTemplates=C:/Oracle/Middleware/wlserver/common/


export CONFIG_JVM_ARGS="-DuserTemplates=/Oracle/Middleware/wlserver/common/

Steps to create a new WLS domain :

Step 1 :

- After installing Weblogic server, you can check/select " Automatically Launch the Configuration Wizard " and finish the installation. This would automatically start the configuration Wizard. 

- You can also start the Configuration Wizard using config script located at :

On Windows: <MWHOME>\oracle_common\common\bin\config.cmd  ( OR " choose Start > All Programs > Oracle > Oracle Home > WebLogic Server version > Tools > Configuration Wizard. " )

On UNIX: <MWHOME>/oracle_common/common/bin/config.sh

Note :

- If you have a WLS zip installer then you need to use the configure.sh script to create a basic domain instead of the config.sh script.

Even though the config.sh script is present it will not work.

- When you run the config.cmd or config.sh command, the following error message might be displayed to indicate that the default cache directory is not valid:

*sys-package-mgr*: can't create package cache dir

You can change the cache directory by including the -Dpython.cachedir=valid_directory option in the command line.

To create a log file of the Configuration Wizard session, include the -log=config.log -log_priority=debug parameter in the command. You can specify any file name for the log file, such as config_today.log. The log file is stored in the logs directory of the Oracle Middleware home directory.

- If you cannot use GUI mode then Oracle recommends to use WLST to create a new or extended domain. 

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

- There are three template categories that you can choose from :

* All Templates ( Default )

* Oracle

* Oracle weblogic Server and Coherence 

Step 4 :

Step 5 :

Step 6 :

- You now have an option to configure nodemanager in the configuration wizard.

- Nodemanager can be configured at the domain level or machine level.

- By default nodemanager would be configured at the domain level.

Step 7 :

Step 8 :

Step 9 :

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