Enhance enterprise data security and trust: Must see Blockchain Technology sessions at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

August 21, 2023 | 3 minute read
Kiran Makarla
Product Management / GTM Leader, Oracle Blockchain Platform & Oracle NoSQL Database Services
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Oracle CloudWorld is coming to Las Vegas on September 18-21, 2023. Oracle Blockchain technology will be featured in multiple sessions, covering product innovations, customer implementations, and live demos. Register today for your access passes

Why blockchain matters to enterprises?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing businesses by offering a secure, transparent, and decentralized way to manage and share data and transactions among multiple parties. Unlike public blockchains (like Bitcoin or Ethereum), which are open to anyone, private blockchains are permissioned networks where participants are known entities, usually businesses, organizations, or stakeholders with a vested interest in collaborating within a specific ecosystem.

Here are some featured Oracle Blockchain sessions at CloudWorld

Supply Chain Management: 

Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO and Oracle Blockchain product leaders, will discuss Circulor experience in track and tracing of required critical mineral required in making of electric vehicle (EV) batteries and other data inputs necessary for the EU Battery Regulation and U.S. Clean Vehicle Tax Credit. Circulor’s traceability helps auto manufacturers drive improvement by gaining visibility into the supply chain boost recycling efforts to secure supplies and deliver on sustainability goals.

Illuminating Global Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chains Using OCI [LRN1893]  Thursday, Sep 21, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM PDT



Logistics and Transportation:

Join the Volvo Group Logivity CEO and Oracle Blockchain product leaders for an in-depth look at Volvo Group Logivity - driving sustainability and efficiency in the logistics industry through trust and collaboration. Volvo innovations through a blockchain-enabled trusted ecosystem is delivering Single Source of Truth, data integrity, control, and connectivity across the ecosystem of freight shippers and carriers, driving increased efficiency and sustainability in the logistics industry.

How Oracle Blockchain Platform Advances Innovation [LRN4209] Thursday, Sep 21, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM PDT

Oracle CEO and Volvo Logivity CEO

Digital Experience:

Blockchain's tamper resistance and traceability is critical for building trust within enterprise digital experience (DX) business. However, conventional consensus based blockchain technology often makes it difficult to reach businesses performance targets and Oracle Blockchain table in Oracle Database can be a solution. Join this knowledge sharing session with Oracle experts from Nomura Research Institute and Oracle product leaders for an in-depth look at Oracle Blockchain table for building carbon traceability system.

Oracle Database Blockchain Table Deep Dive - DX Use Case [LRN1422] Thursday, Sep 21, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM PDT

Evolution of Enterprise Blockchain - What's next:

The journey of blockchain technology has evolved from its cryptocurrency origins to becoming a transformative tool for businesses across various industries. The focus has shifted from public blockchains to more private and permissioned solutions tailored to enterprise needs. Join this panel discussion where our customers and Oracle leaders will discuss range of innovative solutions that examine how enterprise blockchains are extending from track-and-trace capabilities on shared ledger to cross-ecosystem transactions to incorporating tokenization of digital assets to NFTs that representing unique assets  to facilitating decentralized identities, and other Web3 capabilities.

Evolving Enterprise Blockchain: from Traceability to NFTs and Web3 [PAN4150]  Wednesday, Sep 20 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM PDT

Build your first Blockchain Application with ease using Low-Code Tools:

Wanted to create your blockchain app but couldn't due to percieved complexity of building, testing, deploying of smart contracts or building the REST APIs for invoking the smart contracts or scaling the network etc? We got you covered, with OCI Blockchain platform cloud service, you can do much more by taking advantage of two low-code tools: APEX for building your application user interface and integrated Blockchain AppBuilder for smart code / chaincode generation. Join Oracle Blockchain product leaders in this immersive hands-on exercise where you can explore creating your first blockchain application with ease.

Develop Low-Code Blockchain Applications Using APEX and Blockchain App Builder [HOL2514] Thursday, Sep 21 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM PDT


Oracle Blockchain Platform offers unique advantages by integrating seamlessly with Oracle services, providing pre-built business templates, ensuring scalability and security, supporting consortium networks, offering identity management, providing monitoring and analytics tools, and enabling hybrid deployment options. Its flexibility, interoperability, and ability to address diverse use cases make it a compelling choice for businesses looking to leverage blockchain technology.

On behalf of Oracle Blockchain Product Management team, we are excitied and extend you a warm welcome and look forward to seeing you at Oracle CloudWorld 2023.

Kiran Makarla

Product Management / GTM Leader, Oracle Blockchain Platform & Oracle NoSQL Database Services

Kiran Makarla is currently GTM leader and product manager for Oracle Blockchain Platform and Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Services. He and has been in business technology industry for over 20+ years in multiple roles ranging from lead engineer, architect to product and marketing management.

He is passionate about developing, managing, and marketing products and solutions that solve the unique challenges for customers. In his role, he often partners with senior technology executives to analyze trends, evaluate product categories, and identify market opportunities - all with a relentless focus on helping developers, practitioners, and end users within customer organizations.

Kiran is an avid reader and is a frequent speaker at various technology groups and industry events across the country/world

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