Announcing: Availability of Oracle Blockchain Platform Enterprise Edition 19.3 for On-premise Deployment

August 13, 2019 | 1 minute read
Mark Rakhmilevich
Vice President, Blockchain Product Management
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Blockchain team is excited to announce that our on-premise edition is now GA and available for customers and partners.  You can download it from eDelivery - just login to and search for Oracle Blockchain Platform Enterprise Edition, then add it to the shopping cart and use checkout button to review the license and get to the Download screen.  And online documentation is available at  The OTN page with download link, documentation, datasheet and lots more is available at

This OBP edition is ideal for customers who, because of various data sovereignty or data residence issues, can not deploy in Oracle Cloud.  It gives them an independently-installable version of Oracle Blockchain Platform built on Docker containers and delivered as a pre-built VM image for multiple virtualization options:

The Enterprise Edition is based on HL Fabric 1.4.1 (just like the current cloud version) and provides feature parity with the cloud version, with the same APIs for application portability and improved REST support (see documentation for some REST API v2 changes.)  It also supports hybrid and multi-cloud networks via interoperability with OBP Cloud PaaS in Oracle Cloud and Hyperledger Fabric on-premise or in 3rd party clouds.


Blockchain PM and Engineering Team

Mark Rakhmilevich

Vice President, Blockchain Product Management

Mark is responsible for Blockchain strategy and products. He focuses on evolving Oracle Blockchain Platform and Oracle Database Blockchain Tables in the cloud and on-premises to meet the needs of customers and partners for scalable, secure, production-ready platform to support blockchain solutions. He helps to guide customers and partners around the world in applying blockchain technology to deliver on key business outcomes – accelerating growth, reducing costs and friction in business ecosystems, reducing risk and fraud, and bringing to market innovative solutions that solve real-world societal challenges. Mark facilitates customers’ journey from rapid experimentation to live production through discovery, sharing industry use cases and best practices, and advising on solution architecture.

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