Oracle Launches Blockchain Apps to Increase Supply Chain Trust & Transparency

Mary Hall
Director, Oracle Blockchain Product Marketing

Oracle has announced four new Blockchain mobile apps that are specifically designed for business use to enhance collaboration with trading partners, customers and supply chain parties by providing reliable, immutable information on the digital ledger of Blockchain.  The announcement of the new Blockchain apps was made at the Oracle OpenWorld conference this week in San Francisco.

Oracle Blockchain Applications enable customers to track products through the supply chain on a distributed ledger to increase trust in business transactions, get better visibility across a multi-tier supply chain, accelerate product delivery and contract execution, and improve customer satisfaction.  One early adopter of the Oracle Blockchain applications is Alpha Acid Brewery in the Bay area.  Alpha Acid Brewery is using Oracle Blockchain to authenticate the ingredients in their unique beer blend.

Beer Ingredients Verified by Blockchain

“Consumers are better informed than ever before and are increasingly interested in what is in the products they consume,” said Kyle Bozicevic, owner and brewer at Alpha Acid Brewing in Belmont, California. “We can now track materials and premium ingredients from our suppliers and analyze sensor data from the production process for each batch. Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace blockchain application helps ensure that we are getting the highest quality hops, malt, and yeast, and enables us to create a strong narrative around our products for customers.”

Oracle Blockchain Applications include:

Intelligent Track and Trace – Enables end-to-end traceability of goods and transactions in supply chains to reduce delays and automate record keeping. The application creates a digital trail of each step in the business network, during procurement, manufacturing, and transportation. It provides better visibility for easier root-cause analysis and faster dispute resolution. This helps customers execute targeted product recalls, resolve disputes, reduce counterfeits, improve regulatory compliance, and protect against fraud.

Lot Lineage and Provenance – Enables product genealogy, serialization, and provenance by managing the lifecycle of hierarchical serial numbers, recording origin and authenticity of product components, and tracking all transformations of the product. It helps in regulatory compliance, targeted recalls, and preventing counterfeit components.

Intelligent Cold Chain – Helps monitor and track the temperature-controlled supply chain, creating recommendations to optimize processes and ensure the quality and safety of refrigerated products in pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

Warranty and Usage Tracking – Removes paper-based processes and automates usage tracking for high-value assets. An auditable and verifiable log for warranty, liability claims, and insurance helps expedite settlements and claim processing and prevents abuse of assets.

All four of the are applications are built with Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service which launched in July 2018. 

To see a video demo of how Oracle Blockchain can be used to guarantee food safety, watch here:

To learn more about Oracle Blockchain visit our Blockchain web page. 

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