Oracle Blockchain Platform Receives Widespread Recognition from the Analyst Community

Frank Xiong
Group VP, Blockchain Product Development

One of the true tests of any technology is the analyst community’s assessment of it, and leading analyst firms IDC, Constellation Research, Deep Analysis, and Everest Group have all recently published analyst briefs praising Oracle’s blockchain offerings. 

Considering the many years of hard work we’ve spent building Oracle Blockchain Platform – leading to the comprehensive, distributed ledger cloud platform and on-premises Oracle Blockchain Platform Enterprise Edition that our customers benefit from today – we see the massive potential of Oracle’s Blockchain solutions to grow businesses across a wide range of industries. 

The next step in underscoring the technology’s potential is gaining analyst validation, and beyond Oracle Blockchain’s cloud and on-premises solutions, the analysts noted the comprehensiveness of Oracle’s offerings including Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace – a prebuilt SaaS application for supply chain based on blockchain – and the addition of a new feature called “Blockchain Tables” in Oracle Database 20c. Blockchain table is a new, specialized table type that provides a highly tamper-resistant persistence option right within Oracle Database. It permits insert-only operations, with no updates and other modifications allowed, and restricts deletions. The blockchain tables bring the unique fraud protections inherent in blockchain technology to the database. 

The analyst reports (note: not sponsored by Oracle) examine Oracle’s blockchain strategy and technologies. All four firms have a very positive outlook on Oracle’s approach and offerings, with the various reports highlighting Oracle’s significant commitment to the technology – which supports the growth of not just customers and partners, but also the broader blockchain market.     

Summaries of Oracle Blockchain Analyst Briefs

But don’t take our word for it – here are brief summaries of the key insights and commentary from each firm’s report: 

•    IDC Market Note: Oracle OpenWorld: Blockchain in the Mix
o    An in-depth examination of Oracle’s blockchain strategy and technologies, with the report concluding that Oracle is committing significant muscle to its blockchain strategy, which bodes well for the blockchain market: “What Oracle's blockchain road map demonstrates, along with its inclusion of blockchain in its database and its initial steps toward developing blockchain applications, is a commitment to the technology. That is important for several reasons. First, it gives developers that are also beginning their blockchain journey some confidence that their platform vendor will be there to support them as their needs evolve and grow. In addition, that will contribute to the entire market's evolution.”


•    Constellation Research Shortlist: Blockchain Technology Services 
o    A quick-hit overview of the key vendors offering blockchain technology services, citing Oracle as one of the seven “leading services and labs able to help most enterprises evaluate and adopt blockchain responsibly.”  


•    Deep Analysis Vendor Vignette: Oracle Blockchain
o    An analysis of Oracle’s blockchain strategy and offerings, highlighting the accessibility of Oracle’s technologies: “The fullstack nature of Oracle’s SaaS offerings makes them ideal candidates to bundle blockchain functionality. In other words, though there will always be disruption when leveraging blockchain, Oracle’s approach makes it one of the simplest and least disruptive approaches to adoption.” There are two critical elements in Oracle’s enterprise blockchain strategy:Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) & Oracle SaaS Applications.

o    The report also determined that Oracle is poised to take a leadership position in the blockchain market: “Over the coming few years, Oracle may well set a benchmark for its competitors and will likely gain significant traction within the Oracle customer base.”

•    Everest Group BigTech Battle: Assessing Managed Blockchain Platform Readiness for Enterprise Use – Gearing Up for the Adoption Wave
o    An in-depth analysis of the major players in enterprise blockchain, positioning Oracle as one of the six industry leaders in managed blockchain platforms. Similar to Gartner Magic Quadrants, the report classifies leaders based on their capability maturity and market adoption.  

We’re thrilled to receive this invaluable third-party validation from the analyst community, and look forward to their ongoing feedback as Oracle Blockchain Platform continues to grow and evolve. Finally, two things distinguish the Oracle Blockchain Platform when I talk to our customers: the ease-of-use and deployment, and the excellence of our development and architecture teams. 

To learn more about Oracle’s Blockchain technologies, please visit the Oracle Blockchain Platform web page.

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  • Michael Hickins Wednesday, March 18, 2020
    Frank, it's so great to see your team's hard work be rewarded in this manner. The future will be increasingly bright for us and for our customers thanks to this excellent contribution to technology and business users.
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