Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

SunMD, CeBIT, and the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Data Center

Hanover, Germany hosted CeBIT and the 495,000 attendees that made there way through exhibitions and the entire conference.

Continuing the eco-friendly theme of SunMD stops, the CeBIT installation had the power generator on the semi replaced with a transformer that attached to Solar power. Yupp, a Solar-powered SunMD unit!

The first day of CeBIT (March 4th) featured a little snow and time a Breakfast TV segment. The local and national news carried a second spot filmed on Thursday.

Companies from cars (Volkswagon) to planes (Lufthansa) stopped by to see SunMD.

SunSpots continue to be a huge draw to Sun's demonstrations (despite their tiny stature). The coupling of SunMD and SunSpots are definitely a 1-2 punch. Keep in mind the SunSpot developer kits are available and are, of course, open source.

Tuesday Dec 04, 2007

Saludos desde Mexico

Buenos días mis amigos,
Todo va bien en la Ciudad de México.
Giddyup caballos...
Tener un gran día,

Dan Campbell, on tour with Project Blackbox, started forwarding pictures from our stop in Mexico City this week (as well as fragments of Spanish...). This is our third country on the North American tour with Brazil coming up early next year.

Here is a picture from the early look session before the tours started:

Today is the last day in Mexico City, the truck gets bundled up this evening for a 600 mile journey North to Monterrey, Mexico. Monterrey is the second largest population center in Mexico.

Buenos dias mis amigos.

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

Wrap-up from Germany

This is, perhaps, one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip (and there are hundreds of very, very good pictures if you go through the various galleries). I think this picture pretty much sums it up:

Now, you can choose from one of the following two of what this actually "sums up":

  • Sun's commitment to lowering costs (which we have been obviously very successful at) by having employees rent the super-economy rentals at Avis
  • Sun's commitment to helping improve the world with eco-opportunities like Project Blackbox which represents a substantial opportunity for power and cost savings, both at the same time.

The picture itself is from Munich, Germany. The car is known as the "Eco Rider", here is a Blog link, and another, and a sales site. The Project Blackbox Tour had a very successful pass through Germany between June 20th and June 28th with stops in Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Heimstetten and Stuttgart. I've been to Stuttgart and in Germany a few times and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful and interesting places, so much history.

I went through the reports from Germany (from Robert, Alex and Gabrielle) and the events went exceptionally well. The truck arrived early from Austria (perhaps due to the Autobahn?), so the team was able to squeeze in tours for Sun employees in Munich. The next day, the truck was positioned in front of the IT and Mathematics Department of the University of Technology in Munich. The tour proceeded to the HPC Consortium Meeting in Dresden where Bob Schilmoeller presented Project Blackbox followed by our own Andy B, luminary extraordinairre. For those interested in some Sun trivia, Andy Bechtolsheim holds SunID #1 (numero uno, Mr. 1, the lead off man, oh...sorry). Who owns SunID #3?

The team didn't keep track of the number of students that visited the Project Blackbox, but the estimates for Dresden are around 300! There is something unique and innovative about touring Project Blackbox that makes it a great draw for the student and intellectual crowd.

In Berlin, the Project Blackbox Tour stopped outside the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz, in the middle of Berlin (if you have to know, I own a Nintendo Wii...but would buy a Sony Playstation 3 if it were ... oh ... about $300 less and I could bowl from my living room).

In addition to many of the details covered above, the Germany team sent this fine quote in to cover the stay in Germany:

"Im Rahmen der weltweiten Tour hat die Blackbox auch die Deutschland
Station gemacht. Vom 20. bis zum 28. Juni 2007 konnte das erste
Rechenzentrum im Container in München, Dresden und Berlin besucht
werden. Mehr als 500 Kunden, Interessenten und Neugierige haben die
Blackbox besichtigt und waren beeindruckt, wie viel Leistung auf
kleinstem Raum energiesparend zur Verfügung steht!"

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Thursday Jun 21, 2007

A week in Austria

The tour spent time in Austria this past week (June 12th in Graz and June 18th in Vienna). Here is an entry from Johannes Dobretsberger, Marketing Manager Austria & Slovakia.

PBB in Austria was a great success. We had two stops in Austria: Graz and Vienna

At Graz we were sponsor at the traditional ACP Forum Partner Event. 500 attendees from all over Austria came to this conference to get an IT update of the local market. The Blackbox Truck was the absolute Highlight of this event. Neither IBM (coming with a nice little pick up) nor the other vendors were able to get attention like Sun from the attendees. At the end of the official program everybody was standing outside around the truck and talking about the innovation power of Sun. Even the marketing manager of ACP is coming to me with the statement: “ Most of the visitors thought that this was not an ACP but rather a Sun event.”

The Vienna event was the Sun event highlight of the year. Never before did more customers and partner attend a local Sun event. Over 250 (!) visitors became evidence of the innovative concept of a mobile data centre of Sun Microsystems. Starting the day with a press conference with 15 journalists from all MID Europe (including a press PBB tour) we afterwards presented to the audience project Blackbox and the future of the data centre. At the end of the conference our local experts invited all attendees to an exclusive PBB tour. The demand was incredible! Until 9pm people were taking the chance for a tour-visit. The event was finished with a great “25 Years of innovation” party!

I would like to thank the PBB Corp team, the conference speakers and our local engineers team (Alexander Kern, Bob Velkov, Reiner Schulz, Günter Hackl, Andreas Neuhold, Alexander F. Jenewein) for the great support.

Especially a big “thank you” to Barry our truck driver for his great job. The Vienna venue was a real challenge but Barry handled this situation with bravery!

Good luck for the coming stops.
Best regards

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Friday Jun 15, 2007


Vom 4. bis 7. Juni 2007 machte die Blackbox Station in der Schweiz.
Hoch oben über Zürich, bei wunderschönstem Sommerwetter, konnten
wir am 5. Juni 2007 über 110 Gäste im ehemaligen FIFA Hauptquartier

Die Blackbox ist ein Magnet - jeder, der sie zum ersten Mal sieht, wird
von ihr magisch angezogen. Eindrücklich, wie viel Leistung auf kleinstem
Raum energiesparend zur Verfügung steht!

In Genf erlebten wir am 7. Juni 2007 die gleiche Begeisterung bei
über 70 Kunden. In Mitten des Finanzdistrikts gehörte die Aufmerksamkeit
aller Passanten uneingeschränkt der Blackbox.

What a quote! This is from Nicole Tanner, Marketing lead for the events in Switzerland. Need a translation? Both AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation and Google's Language Tools work well. Personally, I remember the when I first discovered AltaVista's Babel Fish translator, it must have been 100s of years ago (Internet Time).

Keep in mind, any viewers from overseas can also use these engines to get a rough translation of my own articles as well! No guarantees on quality though.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2007

Anatomy of a Project Blackbox Tour Stop

Chris Hawver hitched a ride with the Project Blackbox Tour in Columbus, Ohio. He sent a great "on the spot" report to me in the evening yesterday (so the report is about the Tuesday stop in Detroit). The report really takes you through a brief start to finish tour stop. I did a bit of editing to expand acronyms and get the pictures that accompanied the note inline, but that is about it, here is the on the ground report that illustrates the anatomy of a tour stop.

If it's Tuesday, it must be Detroit. The Project Blackbox Tour was in two locations today. The first was at the Southfield [Sun] office and the Sun staff were ready for all 110 registered to arrive at 9:30am.

Before the tour the attendees had the opportunity to listen and learn from our own Bob S.

From the Southfield office we set up at the Palace, home of the Detroit Pistons. The game tonight was with Philly 76'ers and all Piston games for the last 6 years have been sold out.

[Note from Paul, the final score of the game was Detroit Pistons 96, Philly 76'ers 75...I guess having that compute power outside of the arena was helpful!]

Two pictures, one from the Palace, before the game

and one after all 22,000 parked for the game.

Here is part of our smiling crew, ready to give a tour. Lori Roscoe (pictured) is a Regional Marketing Manager and responsible for the visits to Detroit and Lansing.

Next stop is Lansing at Michigan State University. The tours begin at 10am. Next stop after Lansing is Chicago, where over 350 have registered to see the Project Blackbox Tour.

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