Friday Nov 01, 2013

So long Oracle

This Friday (November 1, 2013) is my last day at Oracle.

  • Publishing almost 150 Java Spotlight Podcasts with over 800,000 downloads plus another 95 Mobile and Embedded Podcasts
  • Being a founding member of Java.Net with the Desktop Community
  • Starting and founding 3 separate Java.Net Communities.
  • Visiting every continent save one and several cities around the world
  • Traveling to more cities in Brazil than most Brazilians.
  • Speaking at all major Java conferences and lots of Java User Groups
  • Being the longest serving JavaOne Track Lead
  • Meeting, working, and interviewing the best of the best in the Java community
  • Creating JavaHelp the online help system for the Java Platform
  • Most importantly having lots of fun (who else played hickory golf in 6 continents in one year)

Its time for me to move on!

I'll now be publishing content at now onwards. Read my new blog to learn about my new adventures!

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

First JavaOne 2013 Embedded Java Talk Accepted @gertbrettlecker

The first round of accepted talks are now published and I'm pleased to announce that the Embedded Track has accepted Anja Kroll and Dr.
Gert Brettlecker's case study Industrial Product Development: Modular Design in Multiple Dimensions with Java.[Read More]

Looking for a Few Good Embedded Java Talks for JavaOne 2013

The JavaOne 2013 Call for Papers closes April 12, but as the Embedded Track Lead I'm still looking for a few good Embedded Java talks.[Read More]

Thursday Mar 14, 2013

JavaSE 7 Try-with-Resources Refactoring Hints

I have recently just finished an upgrade of the JavaSE 7 hands on labs that we conduct at Oracle Technical Network Java Developer Days. One of the objectives of the lab is to teach the attendees about the new features in JavaSE 7 found in Project Coin and NIO2. The other, somewhat subtle objective, is to introduce the NetBeans IDE and it's refactoring capabilities. Additionally, with the recent JavaSE 6 end of updates announcement it is a good time to share some refactoring hints to others that might be thinking of upgrading their code when as they upgrade to JavaSE 7.

[Read More]

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

JDK 8 (with JavaFX) Early Access Release for ARM

In an effort to get ARM developers testing Java SE 8 before the scheduled release later this year a Java SE 8 Developer Preview Release for ARM has been made available. This release has been tested on the Raspberry PI but should work on other ARM platforms. In addition to the new Java SE features, this release provides specific support of hard float GPU on the Raspberry PI. The support for hard float GPU has been anticipated by a number of developers. Additionally, this release includes support of an optimized JavaFX.[Read More]

Monday Nov 19, 2012

A Look Inside JSR 360 - CLDC 8

If you didn't notice during JavaOne the Java Micro Edition took a major step forward in its consolidation with Java Standard Edition when JSR 360 was proposed to the JCP community. Over the last couple of years there has been a focus to move Java ME back in line with it's big brother Java SE. We see evidence of this in JCP itself which just recently merged the ME and SE/EE Executive Committees into a single Java Executive Committee. But just before that occurred JSR 360 was proposed and approved for development on October 29. So let's take a look at what changes are now being proposed.

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Wednesday Oct 17, 2012

Community Outreach - Where Should I Go

A few days ago I was talking to a person new to community development and they asked me what guidelines I used to determine the worthiness of a particular event. After our conversation was over I thought about it a little bit more and figured out there are three ways to determine if any event (be it conference, blog, podcast or other social medias) is worth doing: Transferability, Multiplication, and Impact.[Read More]

Thursday Sep 27, 2012

10 Reasons Why Java is the Top Embedded Platform

With the release of Oracle ME Embedded 3.2 and Oracle Java Embedded Suite, Java is now ready to fully move into the embedded developer space, what many have called the "Internet of Things". Here are 10 reasons why Java is the top embedded platform.[Read More]

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

Security in Robots and Automated Systems

Alex Dropplinger posted a Freescale blog on Securing Robotics and Automated Systems where she asks the question,“How should we secure robotics and automated systems?”. My first thought on this was duh, make sure your robot is running Java.[Read More]

Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Java Embedded @ JavaOne Attendee Toolkit

The upcoming Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference organizers have created a set of attendee tools for reporters, bloggers, user group leaders, speakers, technology thought leaders and influencers, and social media mavens of every kind. If you or your group will be speaking or presenting at Java Embedded @ JavaOne, these tools will help generate awareness, enthusiasm, and participation. If you follow or report on specific technology solutions or trends, you can bring focus to the workshops or sessions focused on that technology.[Read More]

Java Embedded Device Catalog at the Java Embedded Community

Looking for just the right single board computer for that java embedded hobby or work project? The Java Embedded Community has just added a Java Embedded Device Catalog as a resource on the Java Embedded Community web page. The catalog is listing of single board computers with information on SoC, CPU, GPU, RAM, Nand Flash, Video outputs, Audio, USB, Storage, Ethernet, Wireless, Other ports, Power, Power source, Size, Weight, OS included, and Supported OS, and price.

[Read More]

Embedded Community Toolkit Assets

Java Embedded Community Banner

As part of the relaunch of the Java Embedded Community on Java.Net we've made available a variety thumbnails and the community banner that embedded developers can include in the blogs, presentations, email signature, and other social media. The thumbnails come in 125x125, 160x160, 200x200, and 250x250 and banner is 798x90.

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Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Embedded Community Launched on Java.Net

The new Embedded Community has been launched on Java.Net. Originally started as the Mobile & Embedded Community the Embedded Community will focus on Java embedded development for the Java Platform. It is a gathering place that enables and empowers developers to collaborate and innovate, driving the evolution and adoption of the Java platform, both JavaSE and JavaME, for embedded devices.

[Read More]

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

Oracle Java Embedded Client 1.1 Released

Yesterday the release of Oracle Java Embedded Client (OJEC) 1.1 quietly slipped out door for general availability. Until last year it was pretty difficult to get your hands on either a Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) for small devices or a Connected Device Configuration (CDC) for medium devices java implementation without a substantial initial commitment. But with the the release of OJWC (CLDC) and OJEC (CDC) last year that has changed[Read More]

Wednesday May 23, 2012

SonOfAnException Handling in Try Multi-Catch?

I while back I was doing a presentation when someone in the audience asked me a question about try multi-catch syntax. The initial question was what is the order of processing of exceptions, but the underlying question was what happens if one the exception is a subclass of another exception? Or put another way can the multi-catch handle a Son of an Exception?

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