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Using iPython Notebook and BDSG Property Graph

Alan Wu

This blog post is for users that are using python and Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph (BDSG). It shows how one can easily develop a demo flow with iPython Notebook and BDSG functions. As usual, we are using the famous Big Data Lite VM (version 4.5.0) and the demo flow is about building a Personalized Page Rank (PPR) based recommender system.

  •  Step 1: Start iPython Notebook (for brevity, setup of iPython is omitted) with "$ ipython notebook --no-mathjax"  Type in the following in the browser page (Notebook). These few lines set the UTF8 encoding and import several packages.


  • Step 2: Create a graph config. Note that the graph data is stored in Apache HBase. The graph name is "user_movie" and this property graph has two kinds of vertices: users and movies. If a user U clicked movie M, then there is an edge with label "click" from U to M. In addition, there is a reverse edge with label "clickedBy" from M to U.


  •  Step 3: Get an instance of OraclePropertyGraph, starts the in-memory analyst (PGX), and creates a session for running recommendation.


  •  Step 4: Read the property graph from Apache HBase into the in-memory analyst.


  •  Step 5: Use Text Search to find a vertex with a first_name starts with "nathan". Note that "first_name" is a property of vertices representing users in this graph.


  • Step 6: Say we want to recommend movies for this user "Nathaniel" we just found. Create a vertex set that includes this user "Nathaniel"


  • Step 7: Execute Personalized Page Rank to recommend movies (and also similar users) to Nathaniel


  •  Step 8: Prepare data for plotting a chart on top personalized page rank valuesstep10

  •  Step 9: Plot it out in iPython Notebook.




Acknowledgement: thanks Jay Banerjee for his input on this blog post.

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