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Some important Property Graph API Changes Introduced in v1.1

Alan Wu

The latest Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph Property Graph (v1.1) has made some important API changes as compared to the v1.0 release. Here are some highlights.

  • To create Graph config for Oracle NoSQL Database

     PgNosqlGraphConfig cfg = GraphConfigBuilder.forNosql()...

       is replaced with

     PgNosqlGraphConfig cfg =

  • To create Graph config for Apache HBase

     PgNosqlGraphConfig cfg = GraphConfigBuilder.forHbase()...

         is replaced with

     PgNosqlGraphConfig cfg = GraphConfigBuilder.forPropertyGraphHbase()...

  • To create in-memory analyst config

     Map<PgxConfig.Field, Object> confPgx = new
HashMap<PgxConfig.Field, Object>();


     confPgx.put(PgxConfig.Field.SESSION_TASK_TIMEOUT_SECS, 0); 
// no timeout set

     confPgx.put(PgxConfig.Field.SESSION_IDLE_TIMEOUT_SECS, 0); 
// no timeout set


       is replaced with

     Map<PgxConfig.Field, Object>  confPgx = new
HashMap<PgxConfig.Field, Object>();

0);// no timeout set

0);  // no timeout set

     ServerInstance instance = Pgx.getInstance()

  • To get in-memory analyst

     analyst = opg.getInMemAnalyst();

        is replaced with

     session =
Pgx.createSession("session-id-1");  // Put your session description here.

     analyst = session.createAnalyst();

  • To run analytical functions

       is replaced with

     pgxGraph = session.readGraphWithProperties(opg.getConfig());

     analyst.countTriangles(pgxGraph, false);


Zhe Wu 

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