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How Do I Find the Version of Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph (BDSG) Installed on My System?

Alan Wu

To find out the exact version information, please do the following three things:

 - Get BDSG version from the README

$ head -3 /opt/oracle/oracle-spatial-graph/README

An example output is as follows.

Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph Release 2 (2.1.0) README

- Get PGX version

ls -l /opt/oracle/oracle-spatial-graph/property_graph/lib/pgx-algo*.jar

The output may look like the following which indicates the version of PGX is 2.3.0.


- Get the Data Access Layer (DAL) timestamp

 $ unzip -l /opt/oracle/oracle-spatial-graph/property_graph/lib/sdopgda*.jar | tail -5 | grep -i timestam
        0  02-22-2017 18:50   timestamp_20170222-185027

In most cases, the BDSG version (from the README) is sufficient for bugs/issues/dependency triage. PGX version and DAL timestamp become useful if the BDSG has been patched.



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