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Applying changes to an in-memory graph snapshot

Alan Wu

A little while ago, I got a question on how to apply changes to an existing in-memory graph snapshot and generate an updated graph. The following Groovy code snippet shows how. Note that I am using Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph (BDSG) v2.4.

// First, read the graph data out of an Oracle NoSQL Database

cfg = GraphConfigBuilder.forPropertyGraphNosql()             \
  .setName("connections").setStoreName("kvstore")            \
  .setHosts(server)                                          \
  .addVertexProperty("name", PropertyType.STRING, "null") \
  .addEdgeProperty("weight", PropertyType.DOUBLE, "1000000") \

// Get an instance of OraclePropertyGraph which is a key Java
// class to manage property graph data
opg = OraclePropertyGraph.getInstance(cfg);

// assume there is a vertex (ID = 1) with name="John" in this graph

// read this graph into in-memory snapshot
pgxGraph = session.readGraphWithProperties(opg.getConfig(), true);

// We can inspect vertex 1


opg-nosql> pgxVertex1.getProperty("name")


// Start to make changes 

changeSet = pgxGraph.createChangeSet()

vm = changeSet.updateVertex(pgxVertex1.getId())
vm.setProperty("name", "Hey a new name")

pgxGraphNew = changeSet.build("new")
pgxVertexNew1 = pgxGraphNew.getVertex(1)

opg-nosql> pgxVertexNew1.getProperty("name")
==>Hey a new name

// The original vertex in the old graph still has name="John"
opg-nosql> pgxGraph.getVertex(1).getProperty("name")




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