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A few useful options when starting in-memory analyst in BDSG

Alan Wu

When using the in-memory analyst, aka Parallel Graph Analytics (PGX), one has a choice to deploy PGX in an embedded fashion or remotely. A simple way to start a remote PGX is to use the start-server command in the following directory (assume your have BDSG v2.0+ installed on your system).

cd /opt/oracle/oracle-spatial-graph/property_graph/pgx/bin/


 A few very useful options can be set (before you kick off the above command) include number of worker threads for IO, max off heap size, number of worker threads for analysis, and of course Java heap size. The following setting will instruct PGX server to allocate 8 threads for IO related work, 16 threads for analytics, allow a max of 32000M for off heap use, and 31000M for Java heap. Note that this particular setting is, quite obviously, for a decent server box.

export _JAVA_OPTIONS="-Dpgx.num_workers_io=8
-Dpgx.max_off_heap_size=32000 -Dpgx.num_workers_analysis=16 -Xmx31000m "

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  • Karin Monday, June 11, 2018
    Definitely very helpful
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