Access External Data Sources from Oracle Database

  • November 8, 2012


Welcome to the Oracle Big Data Connectors blog, which will
focus on posts related to integrating data on a Hadoop cluster with Oracle

In particular the blog will focus on best practices, usage
notes, and performance tips for using Oracle Loader for Hadoop and Oracle
Direct Connector for HDFS, which are part of Oracle Big Data Connectors. Oracle Big Data Connectors 1.0 also includes
Oracle R Connector for Hadoop and Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapters
for Hadoop.

Oracle Loader for Hadoop: Oracle Loader for Hadoop loads data from
Hadoop to Oracle Database. It runs as a
MapReduce job on Hadoop to partition, sort, and convert the data into an
Oracle-ready format, offloading to Hadoop the processing that is typically done
using database CPUs. The data is thenloaded
to the database by the Oracle Loader for Hadoop job (online load) or written
out as Oracle Data Pump files for load and access later (offline load) with
Oracle Direct Connector for HDFS.

Oracle Direct Connector for HDFS: Oracle Direct Connector
for HDFS is a connector for high speed access of data on HDFS from Oracle Database. With this connector Oracle SQL can be used to
directly query data on HDFS. The data
can be Oracle Data Pump files generated by Oracle Loader for Hadoop or
delimited text files. The connector can
also be used to load data into the database using SQL.

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  • subramanian Friday, November 9, 2012

    Where can I find more information on this?

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